Love Thy Neighbour: TikTok MCO Version

Love Thy Neighbour: TikTok MCO Version | It was not until a friend of mine, Ms Paris highlighted my TikTok videos that I decided to compile the videos and share it with all, here on my blog. 
'Babe, your TikTok videos are your content and it is a shame that you did not share the videos on your blog.' she said and insisted that I shared the videos.

Like most of the people out there, I downloaded TikTok just to watch the funny and animal videos. And then MCO happened and the urge to record a video was too much to resist. 
I started out by just recording a series of videos about being nice and caring for your neighbours while practising social distancing during MCO. So, I lipsynced to the videos that I think resembled such sentiments and somehow, there were people who thought the videos are funny. Here are some of the videos of 'Love Thy Neighbour' series.
The truth was - I was so terribly lonely and bored. Hahaha.
Af first I was only using whatever that I have around to start filming the videos. No makeup or fancy equipment used.

Then I thought of indulging a bit more and started putting more effort into the videos - doing some makeup, changing new clothes and bought a better ring light. 

It was just for fun but the time it took to memorize the lines, sync the lips to the recorded audio, and to makeup (for some videos) was overwhelmingly tiring, but it was worth it. 

I recorded my videos on the weekend only, because that's when my schedule is quite accommodating.

I have compiled all the #TikTokbyRawlins videos in here [IG Stories].

Come and visit my Tik Tok (@rawlins_glam) and follow me. Drop some LOVE and comment yang baik-baik sahaja.
I am currently doing the 'Love Hurts' series. Can you guess which videos am I referring to?

What should I do next?

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  1. Memang TikTok ko menghiburkan Sis tau hahahaha..kadang dah tengok, Sis ko gelak, sampai lupa nak komen kat IG oi hahahaha haaa apa kabo jiran petir ko tu hahaha

  2. Hahaha. Adoii. Ko ni Rawlin 👏👏 Guna apa ada je kat sekeliling. Kreatif. Ber tik tok buat hilang boring time MCO

  3. Suka tgk tik tok rawlin. Semua kelakar especially yg neighbour tu. Hahahah. Mmg menjadi la.

  4. Hahahahhah. Comel jer. Rajin la ko buat tok tok.. aku malasla pulak

  5. Haahha kita mse mco kan panik dtg terjah... Bila ternampak tiktok rawlins tergelak kita tgok tau... Reda rse gementar dada ni... Tgok smpi lupa nk like2 video tiktok tu haha

  6. Selalu tgk tiktok yang rawlins sharing. Terhibur sangat rasanya. Cuma kita dh lama uninstall apps tiktok. Rajin rawlins update. Terhibur betul

  7. Suka sangat2 lah tengok Rawlins buat tik tok... Best!! U r so cute!!


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