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Nowadays, almost everything can be tailor-made to one's needs and satisfaction. Car plate number, clothing, food/ diet and even the sex of one's baby. 

So, why not customize/ personalize your daily supplement intake? 
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When I listened to Pick Juan's backstory of how he came up with the idea of Vitamine, I remembered the hassle of my own parents and grandparents to remember which supplement to take and when to take them. And then you have to sort which med to take too. Let's call Pick Juan as PJ from now onwards.

Often times, my grandfather will pretend to forget to take his supplement if my mum is not around. And my mum also finds it is hard to keep on reminding everyone to take their daily supplements, on time and the right ones too.

And I do agree with PJ's explanation about asking for a pharmacist's opinion on the best supplements for oneself. If you ask 10 times, you'll get 10 different suggestions for the best supplement for oneself (heck! the pharmacist meets with hundreds of people daily and they will never remember the exact best-suited supplement for a customer).

Being a practicing pharmacist himself, he also finds it hard to remember the combination of supplements and the right time to take each supplement. Taking all these ques, he came up with Vitamine - the solution to the dilemma of taking the right supplement at the right time.
Vitamine, personalised daily supplement, Health by Rawlins, easy daily supplement management, Rawlins GLAM,
Vitamine Web
Address: LC-22-3a, Empire Damansara Soho 1, Jalan PJU 8/8A, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: +60176617127; +60123571690
To ensure that all clients have the safe and best possible supplements, Vitamine went through all sorts of websites and sourced from the approved government suppliers to ensure the supplements are of top quality. As Vitamine is serious about the quality of the supplements, Vitamine is also as serious about its quality control. There are operating procedures in place to make sure that the packing is done in a clean environment and all subscriptions are checked at least twice by two different personnel prior to sealing the individual packs.
Vitamine, personalised daily supplement, Health by Rawlins, easy daily supplement management, Rawlins GLAM,

So, how do one start with Vitamine?
  1. You can either share with Vitamine your comprehensive blood test result and Vitamine will consult you on the suggested supplement. 
  2. Or, you may book a comprehensive blood test and consultation session with Vitamine at a very low price (it certainly the most competitive price at the market).
  3. You can also sign for your parents too. Just share with Vitamine their comprehensive blood test result.
  4. Vitamine will vet through the supplements and make sure that everything is safe (i.e no interactions between supplements, medications, and conditions). 
  5. The Vitamine Pack will be sent to you a few days before the subscription start date and will continue to repack the supplements every 28 days.

What if one wants to change or cancel the subscription?
  • One may change the subscription by just logging into the dashboard of the website or contact Vitamine directly, the latest by 10 days prior to the next delivery date.
  • No long-term commitment to Vitamine. One can cancel one's subscription anytime, preferably 10 days prior to the next delivery date.
Vitamine, personalised daily supplement, Health by Rawlins, easy daily supplement management, Rawlins GLAM,

My Review of Vitamine
  • Hassle-free for parents and children taking care of their parents. Easier to remember which supplements to take in the morning and at night.
  • No need for you to haunt several pharmacies to hunt for the supplements (to check its availability and to get the best price).
  • Vitamine offers a very competitive price for a comprehensive blood test and consultation session. 
  • No delivery charge, only a service charge. Sadly, for now, the service is only available for KL and Selangor. 
  • The price for a subscription is much cheaper than actually buying individual supplements
  • I love the simplicity of the box design, one side for the day and another side for night supplements. I was told that Vitamine will design a more durable box and a refillable box is in the pipeline too. And Vitamine will have the packs in two colours only, one color for the day and another color for the night.
So guys, if you take your daily supplements seriously, be sure to check out Vitamine and start saving on your cash and time. Vitamine will be your personal assistant to ensure that you take your supplement daily, on time.
Vitamine, personalised daily supplement, Health by Rawlins, easy daily supplement management, Rawlins GLAM,

Rawlins GLAM

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  1. Taking vitamins is indeed good but honestly I never took any vitamins be it prescribe or not cause i believe in just consuming what i like hihi

  2. oh ni rahsia glam sentiasa awet muka. amal vitamin vitamine rupanya. boleh la BBL cuba sendiri mana tahu sesuai dengan kulit muka

  3. kreatifnya. tak payah pening nak ambil capsule mana. lagi senang sebab koyakkan dan terus makan. boleh diketengahkan lagi.

  4. Macam best je vitamine ni. Marina pon suka amalkan vitamin untuk cantikkan kulit

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  6. Menariknyaa. Sesuailah untuk saya yang biasanya akan selalu buat-buat lupa nak makan sbb malas. Hehe.

  7. wahh.. nk contact glam direct ke kalau nak beli ? serius packaging nampak cantik and ikut trend terkini. boleh tarik anak2 muda utk consume vitamine

  8. Woww.. Sgt mudah n menyenangkan servis yg ditawarkan.. Jadi AM boleh kenali permasalahan dlm tubuh badan.. Box nya sgt comel la..

  9. rawlinssss........bagusnya vitamin ni..aku ingat nak try jugakla...sebab lately ni esihatan merosot hahahahha.demam dan selsema memanjang aishh..btw packaging dia cantek


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