Pusaka [Movie Review]

Pusaka [Movie Review] | When I read a few positive reviews about Pusaka, I know that I have to watch this movie for myself. Also, there's Ogy Ahmad Daud and Faisal Hussein in it. It should be good, right?
Pusaka, Syafiq Kyle, Ogy Ahmad Daud, Horror, Movie Review by Rawlins, Faizal Hussein, Mimi Lana, Rawlins GLAM
Sokong filem tempatan, tak gitu?

Pusaka Trivia
  • Directed by: Razaisyam Rashid 
  • Distributed by: Astro Shaw
  • Running time: 94 minutes
  • Rating: P13
  • IMDb: 8.0/ 10
Inspektor Nuar has just recently transferred to Ipoh (or somewhere in Perak, as Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge No.5  appears a few times in the movie) just so he could be near to his twin, Nur, a drug addict. 

When Nur escapes from the rehab, Nuar knows exactly where she will be and brings her back to the rehab center. As he drops Nur off at the center, a dispatch call comes in on his car radio requesting a unit to investigate a foul stench originating from an abandoned bungalow. He goes inside the house and encounters a few sightings and weird sounds (sound of a dropping marble on a floor), but he thinks nothing of it. On the second level, he finds a girl, being chained and holding a corpse.
Pusaka, Syafiq Kyle, Ogy Ahmad Daud, Horror, Movie Review by Rawlins, Faizal Hussein, Mimi Lana, Rawlins GLAM
I need better lighting in my room, this one has huge cast
Pusaka, Syafiq Kyle, Ogy Ahmad Daud, Horror, Movie Review by Rawlins, Faizal Hussein, Mimi Lana, Rawlins GLAM
Mother, please take care of your dental hygiene
Later, he learns that the survivor, Qistina, is a part of twin sisters and the deceased is Balqis (or is it the other way around, I can't remember which is which), and they are daughters of the late quarry owner. Nuar becomes more interested in the case as nobody ever reported the twins were abducted and leads to the death of one of the twins, which is quite weird.

When Nuar returns home, things started to feel weird - he hears and sees things. Up to a point that his hand was grabbed by a ghost and the marks turn blue. 
Pusaka, Syafiq Kyle, Ogy Ahmad Daud, Horror, Movie Review by Rawlins, Faizal Hussein, Mimi Lana, Rawlins GLAM
Should I just pose like this in this messy room?
His twin, Nur senses that there is something malice going after her twin and tries to warn him, but Nuar takes Nur's warning as a side effect of her addiction.

When Nuar investigates further into the case, he learns and unravels the truth that no one is prepared to face.

What is the real truth about the abduction?

Plot: 4.0/ 5.0. It was good, with such a twist at the end of the movie. But I think if the story of Balqis and Qistine, or the family's history is explained a bit detail, the movie could be a bit easy to understand. Nur could have been given a bigger role in the plot. Also, Faizal and Ogy's character could have been put into much better use in the movie - their scenes were little and dare I say, not to significant? In a 94 minutes movie, the best part was towards the end but it seems a bit rushed through. PUSAKA | PUAKA | SAKA

Cast: 4.3/ 5.0 Everybody gave their best. Syafiq was quite believable as a policeman. Mimi Lana's portrays a believable addict too. I still believe if Ogy and Faizal's characters been given bigger roles, it could take the movie into a different direction, much better than this one. 
Will I watch it again: I don't mind watching it again, but it has to be with the right people (the ones that scream a lot hahaha). 
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  1. Filem ini macam seram semacam ja. haha. Terima kasih bro sudi review terbaik sebegini. hehe

  2. I want to watch this movie but still didnt get a chance to go yet. But reading your review makes me think twice. Just wait at Astro Box Office je la kot. Hehe

  3. Perghhh lama tak tengok cerita seram, kena tunggu masuk astro first hihi anak takboleh bawak masuk panggung 🤭

  4. Belum tengok lagi movie ni. Inilah movue yg pada mula ingin sewa rumah kita kat Taiping tapi nasib baik tak jadi haha sbb tak suka tonton citer seram... tak nak rumah ku lak nanti ‘berhantu’ haha..

  5. Ramai kata best..tapi takut pulak nak tengok..kene tengok ramai2..hahaha..Bgus qistina ni berlakon..pelakon lelkai pun bgus..

  6. sebenarnya saya scroll laju2 pasal review ni. huhu saya ni penakut, memang tak tengokla movie seram2 atau buku cerita seram. anyway mesti best ceritanya bagi penggemar citer seram

  7. Tgk dia punya sesutan pun dah rasa suspen. Igt nak tgk tapi husband tak bg sbbnya dia yg taut hihihi. Tp liez rs cerita mesti best sbb ogy ahmad daud berlakon mmg power

  8. Wah. Tinggi jgk rating 8/10 tu. Try layan filem wira pulak. Boleh tahan best ceritA tu. Anyway filem pusaka, puaka, saka ni haha. Not bad. Boleh masuk level international

  9. Wah tinggi gak review yg rawlins kasi.. Am pun rasa nak tgk. Tapi Best tgk dgn kawan2 yg giler2.. Baru leh jerit secara berjemaah..

  10. Fuhhhh... Tengok trailer seram giler movie ni. Warna gambar dan jalan cerita menarik sekali. Tapi Kita ni penakut nak pi tonton. Nanti rugi dok tutup mata. Hahaa...

  11. cerita ni mek takkan tengok di panggung wayang. hahah. tkot mek pulak yang kena rasuk. tapi akan tengok jugak someday kat tv.

  12. Suka tengok cerita hantu sbb nak tahu misteri dia. Ramai kata cerit pusaka nie seram dan menakutkan. Banyak scene terkejut. Nanti nk tgok sendiri lah. Belum sempat tengok lg

  13. Bonda pun minggu lepas dh p tgk filem ni..mmg puas hati....filem seram terbaik setakat ini...dh boleh kalahkan cerita2 seram malaysia yang lain sbb jalan cerita yang sgt2 complicated membuatkan penonton nk tahu apa akan jadi lepas ni...lps ni apa...sapa mana...

  14. I pun ada baca banyak feedback positive movie ni. Tapi sampai sekarang tak tengok lagi hahaha busy sangat nak tengok movie pun tak ada free time


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