Breakfast Rules for Weight Loss: YEAH!

Breakfast Rules for Weight Loss: YEAH! | When I started to gain weight uncontrollably and without me noticing, I then turned to the old saying of 'Take breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper' just so I could start losing weight.
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Then I learnt that I need to exercise too. 

And now, people all over the world is obsessed with intermittent fasting. And believe me, I have had considered of joining the bandwagon but then, I decided against it. I will stick to cutting calories and exercising. 

Then I learnt from MyFitnessPal Blog about all these new rules of taking breakfast to loss weight. After all, our metabolism will be boosted from eating in the morning and a nutritious choice will set the pace for the rest of the day.

RULE #1: Sweet is a big NO
Eating too mush sugar-heavy breakfast will result in elevating the insulin levels and lead to energy crash. Eating oatmeal with honey and smoothies may seem healthy but not the best choice for weight loss as it often leads to sugar cravings throughout the day.

Take savory food instead - veggie hash with sausage, for example. 
myfitness pal, Weight Loss, How to eat health breakfast, Rawlins GLAM, breakfast, Cara menurunkan berat badan
RULE #2: Protein first
Eating more protein will signal the brain that you're full as protein is the most satiating macronutrient.  And having told by the brain that you are full, you'l eat less during lunch time.

Also, consuming protein helps avoid muscle loss, that comes together with weight loss. Myfitness Pal suggests at least 20 gm of protein for breakfast will do you good.

RULE #3: More please!
Add more foods that are high in volume compared to their calories such as high fiber and higher water content food such as fruits, vegetables, boiled potatoes and cooked whole grains into your breakfast menu.

All these food will keep you fuller for longer time, thus you could maintain and sustain the calorie need and goals. 
myfitness pal, Weight Loss, How to eat health breakfast, Rawlins GLAM, breakfast, Cara menurunkan berat badan
RULE #4: Don't drink your calories
As an avid coffee drinker, a cuppa is a must for me in the morning. A cuppa is enough to get me through the day, just to jerk my mood for the day.

But some of us love to have all those flavored creamers, sugar, oils or butter to add some flavors to the morning coffee. Guess what? With all those additional flavors, you have just turned your coffee into a full-fledged dessert!

And that's where you are sabotaging your own calorie goal!

RULE #5: Eat breakfast on a plate
Sit down while you are having breakfast. Put them on a plate and your eyes will tell you that you are having a meal. With eyes focusing on the food, you'll enjoy them more rather than having eating your breakfast while driving. With your eyes and mind are distracted with the traffic, it is very easy to overeat as you do not feel/ have the satisfaction of enjoying the meal. 

Let your eyes eat and you'll get more satisfaction eating the breakfast.

Which one of these rules are you currently following?
As for me, I managed to follow #1, #4 and #5. Now have to start practising #2 and #3 to lose more weight.

Rawlins GLAM

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  1. Saya pulak mmg akan amik heavy bfast.nasi lemak + mee goreng atau any pair of food.. yg penting,wajib breakfast!

    Tapi..itulah..lunch mesti nak makan nasi juga.punah diet.hahah

  2. Siapa yang dah amalkan amalan di atas mesti dah rasa berdosa. Hahahah. Kita rakyat Malaysia memang mencabar bab makanan dan berat badan. Tapi bagus bila dah timbul banyak kesedaran utk menurunkan berat badan. All d beat Rawlins.

  3. Thank you Rawlins for such good tips. There are true indeed. To loose weight, not just to control our eating habit, but to control what is right to eat :)

  4. Sangat betul. Yang utama ZEROKAN GUla DI DALAM Kehidupan. Cari stevia bro., hehe.

  5. Glad that u can discipline yourself with the rules. Nit sure whether I could follow the rulea but for sure i stick to a good breakfas.

  6. Last time I gained tremendously after taking too much sweet desert. Tak sedar sampai laa weight myself. Tekejut nampak scale tu keep adding. So I decided exercise smpai laa rasa bebas dari worries. Paling susah nak elakkan diri dari makanan ni, selalu rasa guilty nak tolak especially when it’s free. Skg ni dah kurang ambl manis2. Kalau tak mesti end up like my old habits lagi 😂

  7. Coolnya! Thanks for these tips, Rawlins! Tapi saya sendiri ada problem yang mana selalu skip breakfast which i know is VERY not good. I hope I can follow cara Rawlins juga. Phew... Kena lebih hati-hati ni.

  8. Jenis saya pula tak suka makan sarapan pagi,tapi bila tengahri saya akan makan banyak dan mungkin dari situ berat badan saya susah nak turun.Saya nak cuba amalkan sarapan pagi baru saya akan pilih yang mane sesuai untuk turunkan berat hihihi

  9. kalau breakfast dekat mamak akan makan tosei tapi fav sy tosei rawa sedap tau makan dengan kari dan kelapa pedas, tapi kalau free tak banyak kerja bolehlah minum dekat mamak, kalau bz kadang tu breakfast lewat branch terus he he he

  10. You know what I baru je start my diet this week and thank you, you share this informative rules. I should take note

  11. Bgus sangat cdangan awak..kita ni kadang pagi2 tak boleh ambil makanan berat sangat selalu..kene balnace..lagi yang nak weight loss semua..

  12. YESSS!!! Thank you Rawlins for this post. I usually go big for breakfast sebab nanti kurang sikit nak mengunyah sementara nak tunggu lunch. HAHA... Tapi lately ni I macam addicted dengan protein shakes in the morning, campur dengan susu dengan pisang. Sedapnyaaa... Tapi problem dia, still rasa nak snacking. LOL... Macam mana nak kurus ni?

  13. Nak diet kenalah ikut rules yang ditetapkan. Betul tak? Mcm i sekarang ni kan diet control sebab pregnant. Memang kena diwt dan tahu jumlah kalori dan karbohidrat yang di ambil. Sarapan kena ambil berapa banyak. Makan tengahari pun sama.

  14. Nice post again from you. Hehehe I love this post bcs I need to diet right now. Will follow on these tips.

  15. OK nice sharing rawlin... I'm on IF n fasting every Monday n Thursday.. But on my cheat day I will breakfast.. But still will look what I'm having...
    While on IF I still consider what kind of food I will be taking.. Yeah considering the calories too.. All in moderation mode... If strict mode.. Memang kejap ja la dengan I.. Lpas tu ke laut kang

  16. Wahh nice tips rawlins... Thanks for the sharing... I kadang2 lenjan je. Tp breakfast mmg tak boleh skip. No skip for breakfast.. Sugar is NO. Yess.. Kurgkan pengambilan gula i buat skrg. Tp kdg2 de juga cheat.. Ohh damn. Haha

  17. best tips. Sugar tu patut kena elak makan.

  18. Say No to Sugar, Mayonis and Sos. Bukan tak boleh langsung tapi cukuplah ambil sekadar perisa. Tapi kalau tak ambil terus lagi bagus. Mula-mula memang rasa tersiksa. Tapi bila dah terbiasa, air kosong sangat sedap rasanya. Hahaha...

  19. auuuu rawlins. thankyou for sharing. memang tengah amalkan diet macam ni. inch loss jugak. weight loss a bit je. takpela asalkan inch loss. hahah

  20. thanks rawlins for the tips :) hehe nampaknya kena ikut tips yg sama jugaklah. sebab macam makin besar je badan ni :)


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