Happy Death Day 2U [Movie Review]

Movie Review by Rawlins, Happy Death Day 2U, Comedy, Thrill, Universal Pictures
Remember the funny and somehow a bit horrific Happy Death Day in 2017?
The sequel was released just in time for the Valentine's Day this year.
Of course, I watched it as I wanna see the twists that they will be throwing in for this one.

Happy Death Day 2U Trivia
  • Directed by: Christopher Landon
  • Produced by: Jason Blum
  • Production company: Blumhouse Productions
  • Distributed by: Universal Pictures
  • Running time: 120 minutes
  • Rating: PG-13
  • Christopher Landon announced plans for a third film as soon as production wrapped.
  • Budget: $9 million
  • Box Office: $61.4 million
  • Metascore:57
  • IMDb: 6.5/ 10
  • Tomatometer: 67%
Tree is living her life happily with her boyfriend, Carter as they have managed to stop the death-loop that trapped Tree in the never-ending misery. 

Somehow, Carter's roommate, Ryan suddenly comes into the dorm and bursts Tree's bubble, claiming that he has been reliving the exact same day over and over again, being killed by a psychopath in the single-toothed baby-faced mask. 
Movie Review by Rawlins, Happy Death Day 2U, Comedy, Thrill, Universal Pictures
Peekaboo, I am behind you
Dismay that she has to relive the same day again, all three of them tries to track down the incident that causes the loop, again. They finally manage to single out an incident - a misfired science project of Ryan's group that causes the day to keep on replaying. 

When the killer tracks down Ryan again and almost kills Ryan, Tree manages to subdue the killer just to reveal that the killer is actually another Ryan, from another dimension. The second Ryan told them that in order to stop the loop, they have to kill the original killer. After which, Ryan mistakenly reactive the project again that knocks everyone unconscious.
Movie Review by Rawlins, Happy Death Day 2U, Comedy, Thrill, Universal Pictures
Shut up and let me order the toppings for my pizza
Movie Review by Rawlins, Happy Death Day 2U, Comedy, Thrill, Universal Pictures
It is a good day to sky-dive in my lingerie
When Tree wakes up, she finds herself in a totally different 'world' where Carter is not her boyfriend, her b*tchy friend is actually a very nice girl and is carter's girlfriend, Lori (the killer in the Happy Death Day, 2017) is not the killer and her mother is still alive.

What will Tree do?
Track down the original killer and return to her original world where her mother is no longer around?
Or should she cancel out everything and live happily ever after with her mother in this dimension?

Plot: 4.3/ 5.0 Be ready for several twists in this sequel. And don't blink, or you will lose track of what's coming. It is not a masterpiece but this sequel is interesting to watch, as Tree has to be creative in killing herself. Some are pretty gross, most are funny. And be prepared for lovey-dovey scenes, which I  thought was a bit cheesy and long too.

Cast: 4.7/ 5.0 All original casts are around and additional new characters that you'll find crucial to this new twist of a tale. 

Will I watch it again: I don't mind watching it at home, not in the cinema.
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  1. Alamak. Dah ada Happy Death Day part 2 ke? Happy Death Day nombo 1 pun i tak tengok lagi. Kihkih. Adehh.. Kalau banding yang first dengan second ni, mana lagi thrill?

  2. erm..macam seram je movie ni. BBL dah la tak berapa suka menjerit dalam hall..tak nak kacau orang sebelah makan popcorn.. kalu ada orang nak belanja tengok movie ni apa salahnya tengok jugak hahaha

  3. scary movie? the scene looks not too scary though.. hahahahah~~ enjoy movie... it's been sometimes since i last go to cinema..

  4. Uish! Menarik ni. I never watch Happy Death one yet. Hahah this time has come the second one. I should marathon watching the first series to continue the next one. The review looks great and interesting to know the whole story

  5. Sebelum nak tengok part 2 ni, kena tengok part 1 dulu, kang terblur blur pulak sis dibuatnya. Nampak macam menarik je cite ni, bila free nanti nak tengok lah

  6. Ni part 2 eh.. Part 1 pun tak pernah tengok. Haha
    Kalau cerita seram seram ni syok juga sesekali layan kan..
    Bila la nak ajak husband tgk movie ni. Hehe

  7. Mmg kena tgk part 1 dulu ke sebelum tgk yang ini. Dapt preview dia hr tu to x sempat nak og huhuh

  8. Rawlin ni mmg suka betul cerita seram kan. Hahaha. Kita kalau cerita seram ni mau 90% tutup mata. SO macam x tgk apa apa je haha

  9. From ur review, i find this movie interesting. I havent watch the first one. So i need to watch that one first before this sequel. So cant bring kids to watch this movie lah kan. Got lovey dovey scenes

  10. Tak sempat lagi layan yang no 1, dah ada sequel no 2. plot movie menarik, boleh la masuk list movie yang wajib tengok hujung minggu nanti. Thanks for the nice review!

  11. Cerita seram ke. .kalaubpatung2 mcm tu mesti seram. .huhuhu. .Mcm ni kena tgk ramai-ramai. .Baru syok. .Hahhaa

  12. oops I have not watched Happy Death Day movie before. I like the creative poster of Happy Death Day 2U Trivia. Looks like gonna go watch it in the cinema

  13. wahh.. rawlins ni saja je buat TB nak cari filem ni.. hahaha.. nak tonton jugak lah.. sebab yang macam ni kelakar kan rawlins.. bukan hantu seram kan rawlins.. kan? kan? huhu..

  14. Wah the rating is so high must be thrilling la but i m afraid to watch horror movie.

  15. Minggu lepas nak tengok dah cerita ni tapi malas nak tunggu dua jam waktu tayangan dia. Sayang pulak tak tengok kali ni sebab yang pertama dulu Qiss da tengok. Tunggu hujung minggu la gini.

  16. Alaaa teringin sgt nak pergi tengok tapi tak berkesempatan sbb bz sgt dgn biz & hal lain. Sebab dah tengok yg pertama mmg best!


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