Should I Do Intermittent Fasting?

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Just like what Ellen Degeneres said in one of the episodes of her talk show, with the coming a new year, there will be a new regime of diet that will emerge.

The current craze of diet regime is 'intermittent fasting'.

Most would be a bit turn off when reading the word 'fasting' as it conveys the message of not eating/ taking anything and that will leave a person hungry or worse, starved.

But intermittent fasting (IF) is more about strategy and not starvation. Results may vary to each individual. That's why you will find so many variations on intermittent fasting as via the fasting, each individual will eventually find what works best for themselves.

IF doesn't involve specific foods but rather a strict schedule regarding when you eat.  And IF is actually not necessarily a diet but rather a dieting pattern of a lifestyle. Meaning - if you're disciplined enough and the body is able to function normally and optimally while IF, you can practice it regularly. IF is a cycle of a period of fasting and non-fasting designated between hours of the day. Meaning you'll have hours to eat and then hours to think about what to eat next. Unlike the Ramadhan fasting, one is allowed to drink plain water, tea or coffee with no sugar, sweetener or milk during IF. 

NOTE: For a beginner, you are advised to practise fasting for a few days in a week to introduce and ease the body and its system to IF.

Reading from blogs, here are some of the IF variations :
  1. 16:8. This one seems to be the most popular variation of IF. One is allowed to eat between 12 pm until 8 pm and you'll have to fast for 16 hours for a few days in a week.
  2. 24 hours where one is to stay away from all food and drink with calorie for the whole 24 hours, once or twice a week.
  3. 5:2 where one is allowed to eat as usual for 5 days a week. Whereas for the 2 days, one is allowed to eat within the calorie intake of 500  - 600 kcal only. 
Rawlins Eats, Healthy LIfetsyle, Intermittent Fasting, Kevin Zahri, Rawlins Exercises, Healthy Diet, Rawlins GLAM

Which one do you think will fit you? I will say that I would love to try No. 2 and No.3 first. 


Will IF helps to lose weight?
Here are some points taken from Kevin Zahri's blog on IF.
  1. Calorie: With limited food intake period, automatically you limit the total food intake for the day. When the calorie intake is less, you'll lose some weights too.
  2. Water: As our body is made of water, the majority of it. But the amount will fluctuate according to sugar intake and insulin hormone. As IF limits the food intake, thus it will limit the sugar intake too. This will lead to the stabilization of the blood glucose level and lower the level of the normal insulin hormone. The drop in the level of the insulin hormone will force our body to discard the excess body water due to the low sugar intake in our diet. 

Other benefits of IF?
  1. IF promotes stronger insulin sensitivity which means you have better blood sugar control
  2. If can reduce blood lipids ultimately leading to losing body fat. OH YAY!
  3. IF will improved inflammatory markers thus will reduce the risk of certain diseases caused by inflammation
  4. IF increases production of hormones in-charge of energy balance (ghrelin and leptin). Ghrelin causes hunger while leptin helps to stretch out the energy we get from food
As mentioned earlier, just try whichever variation and find out what food/ diet will fit you the best.
All the best to all.
Rawlins GLAM

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  1. wowww.. rawlinn.. u punya nak try IF ni gak ke.. kan dah kurusss.. nak kuruss macam mana lagi tu.. hehehe.. TB dah try tau.. tapi huwaaaaa.. my husband selalu buat TB terrrrr makan malam.. hancusss leburrr diet TB

  2. Saya takde la diet ni. Pergi exercise zumba. Kalau nak makan dengan kuantiti yang sederhana. Rawlins nak buat ke? Nanti share le pengalaman. Nasihat Dr tu penting supaya kita dapat makan dengan seimbang.

  3. hmm... i'm not sure about intermittent fasting.. but just do watever that's the best for u urself.. :)

  4. I hv read a lot of positive feedback about this IF. do it ! later after deliver I'll refer to your blog. I nak buat IF juga

  5. Cx is ongoing doing IF and my body effect the very positive one. I feel more energatic, my emotion also balance, my skin become more healthy and pretty. Hahahah looks younger. Huhu. Hey try lah! But if you are not sure better ask your doctor first okay. If also not suitable for some people. We need to find the best based on our body itself before implement the diet.

  6. Ikut tuan badan, kalau rasa ok nak buat, buat je.. Makanan tu nad piih nombor 1 dan 2..hehee. .Eh rasa swmuala. .Hahaha. .Sedap uii. .Cubalah buat.. Mana tau dapat selim melim

  7. Kaedah terbaru utk menurunkan berat badan....BC tertarik dengan kaedah ni....ini lah yg lisa surihani bwt utk turunkan berat badan dia....tgk hasilnya!!...menakjub kan....kaedah yg baik tetapi tidak memberi kesan n membuatkan seseorg itu kelaparan....good tips...tq for sharing

  8. one of my azam tahun ni nak kurussss... tapi kan tak mampu lagi nak buat IF ni sebab banyak sangat godaan. hehe. Tapi ada member yang dah try IF, not bad jugak result dia..

  9. Paling penting bila mengenakan diet tak kisah diet apapun termasuk IF ni, jangan lupa untuk minum air putih secukupnya dalam satu hari supaya bada tidak terhidrat dan good luck untuk rawlins, ramai dah onie perasan yg gunakan IF sebagai tujuan diet dorang 😊

  10. kebetulan saya sedang melakukan diet bukan untuk menurunkan berat badan tapi juga menjagaga kesehatan dan detokfikasi. nice informattion

  11. I setuju..actually IF mmg berkesan pun cuma u perlu consume banyak air masak je

  12. Oh myyyy are u serious? I think I could never do IF. I think if it's the 12 hours, maybe I could. but I know some do 24 hours, I think I'm gonna die lol

  13. sy pun masih membesar, nak cuba IF ni, ramai ckp mampu nak kurangkan berat badan.

  14. Hmmm masalahnya saya memang tak pandai nak diet. Tahun ni fikir-fikir nak jadi vegetarian tapi kena kaji dulu ok ke tak ok. hehe

  15. Intermittent fasting ni bukan macam lisa surihani amalkan juga kan. Boleh juga nak cubaa tak tahu berjaya ke tak. Hehehhe kita pantang tengok makanan.

  16. Teringin nak berdiet..tapi tapi selalu gak jadi..banyak sungguh godaan bila nak start diet. Sis ni pantang tau..pantang tengok makan..huhubu

  17. femes yg IF diet ni sekarang. one of my relative pun tgh try diet ni. nak cuba tgk kesan die dlu. haha. memang nk kne start diet sebab lepas dh anak 3 ni mcm cepat je nk gemuk.

  18. this way of diet has been around lama dahh.. but lately it has been a craze with lisa surihani n all doing it jugak kan.. hahhaa it's a ctually very doable la i think

  19. just do it bro! im doing 16/8 together with keto diet. lost 4kg within 2 weeks. more to go cause chinese new year is coming! huhu! but then remember must drink plenty of water and exercise too.

  20. kalau rasa macam nak sihat dari segi fizikal dan mental, i suggested u continue niat untuk IF, macam I tak sempat sebab macam macam planning lari.. ianya bagus sangat untuk yang ada masalah gdm or diabetes..i rasa i pun patut buat juga but need to push away all the excuses. :(

  21. This plan has been shown to help with weight loss, improve blood cholesterol and triglyceride (fat) levels, and improve markers for inflammation in the blood. intermittent fasting for weight loss


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