The Possession of Hannah Grace [Movie Review]

Hello peeps. So here is another review of a horror story. Sorry, I am a horror-freak like that.
The Possession of Hannah Grace, Horror Movie, Movie Review by Rawlins, WeTix
Thanks to WeTix for extending the invitation to me for the premiere.

'I know one thing for sure - when you're dead, you're dead. Nothing.' The sentence uttered by Megan when she got the job at the morgue. 

Megan, a reformed alcoholic and addict accepts the job at the morgue as a part of her effort to keep herself from turning back to the bottles and the pills. And she gets the graveyard shift. Oh. So predictable. 
The Possession of Hannah Grace, Horror Movie, Movie Review by Rawlins, WeTix
After this, you should try out to become an astronaut
But before that, the movie starts with a scene from an ongoing exorcism of Hannah Grace. Two man of faith tries to exorcise the demon out of her. The first one fails miserable (and ends up dead after being lifted in the air and thrown to the walls by unseen hands). The second one was in the middle of choking himself to death when Hannah's father decides that to end the misery is to kill his only child by suffocating her with the pillow while she is tied up to the bed.

The Possession of Hannah Grace Trivia
  • Directed by: Diederik Van Rooijen
  • Produced by: Todd Garner, Sean Robbins
  • Production company: Broken Road Productions
  • Distributed by: Screen Gems
  • Running time: 85 minutes
  • Budget: $9.5 million
  • The film was originally entitled Cadaver 
Back to Megan. Her first night went well except for a stupid prank from Dave, one of the guards that are on the same shift as she is. 

On her second night, a 'homeless' man tries to enter the morgue via the body drop-off entrance but Megan denies him. Not soon after, a new body comes in. She was asked to assist in transferring the body from the ambulance into the morgue. Despite the warning about her not leaving the room, she helps with the transfer of the body. Inspecting the body, she is mortified that the body has burnt marks and extreme cuts everywhere. All the electronics burnt while she tries to take the pictures of the body and the thumbprints. 
The Possession of Hannah Grace, Horror Movie, Movie Review by Rawlins, WeTix
Sorry. I overdid the bloody part while doing my Halloween make up
The Possession of Hannah Grace, Horror Movie, Movie Review by Rawlins, WeTix
If only my wardrobe is this big.
Not soon after, bizarre and violent things start happening at the hand of the entity within the corpse. And slowly, she notices that people around her start to disappear and the wounds on the body start to disappear too.

Then she realizes, the dead will not stay dead. 

Will Megan be able to 'kill' Hannah?

Plot: 4.5/5.0. I think the plot is nicely written and the director has done a good job directing the horror piece. Hannah running and climbing around the morgue is pretty believable and actually gives me the creeps. Jump scare scenes? Quite a few but the first one actually made the whole audience in the hall screaming. 

Cast: 4.5/5.0. No complaint here too. Everyone did their part justice. 

Will I watch it again:  I will, at the comfort of my room, with the curtains all drawn shut!

All pictures are taken from Google. Thank you.
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  1. Cepat nya keluar review hehehe cite ni paling serap part awal jer hehehehe nak tahu kena tonton tapi jangan bawa popcorn nanti terabur hehehehe

  2. sha tengok poster dia dah rasa seram haha sebab sha bukan peminat cerita seram! nak tengok keseluruhan movie? kena pikir banyak kali jugak ni tapi ala nak tau kesudahan dia macam mana, review you bagi pun macam ok je, nak kena gi tengok jugak lah nanti kalau macam ni

  3. scarynya poster dia ! airah suka tengok cerita hantu tapi lepastu semua orang kena paksa teman pergi toilet,dapur.siap masuk dalam mimpi okay -.-

  4. Alaaa...tengok muka terbaring dalam peti mayat tu pun SA dah takut giler...Rawlins tak takut ke yang oiii....kalau upah akak 200 pi tengok pun akak x berani nak tengok...

  5. Alaaa tak suka cerita-cerita macam ni. Baca review pun dah seram. Inikan pula baca sinopsis. Nak tengok lagi lah jauh sekali. Huhuhu

  6. omg woww thanks Rawlin for this review, now this movie definitely goes on to my to be watch list! I love the mystery already and dying to know what happen! haha this movie sounds interesting enough to watch and yes i believe you when u said u’ll watch it again, it must be great to watch! 😃

  7. Tengok gambar pun dah rasa seram. Memang saya tak tengok la cite ni. Baca review je cukup la hahahaa

  8. Movie mcm ni dulu mmg layan gila.. Tp skg mcm takut2 nk tgk haha.. Tapi memang nak kena tgk jgk lah nanti sbb mmg minat dgn jalan ceritanya

  9. Serious tengok gambar pun dah seram. Ntahlah lia berani tak nak tengok kat wayang. Takut menjerit je lah . Kalau pergi dengan kawan ramai2 berani juga

  10. Alamak..ada cerita seram!! My fav movie!!! Hahaha.. Wawa mmg suka tgk genre horror ni.. Kalau nk ke wyg ajk husband tgk seram2 dia xnk surrender.. Last2 xpi tgk.. Tp hannah Grace ni mcm best je scene dia.. Ok msuk list dulu..hihi

  11. Ni hantu kt bilik mayat ke. Ala mmg tkot sikit cerita hantu kt bilik mayat sebab tang die gerak tu. Hahaha. Nak kene tgok ni mcm best. Tak puas baca review. hehehe. Sbb suke membayangkn mcm mana cerita tu. hehehe

  12. Alamak cerita seram ke, kinah ni minat jugak layan cerita seram macam ni padahal penakut huhu. Nak tengok cerita ni, tapi tunggu keluar tv la. Tak sesuai nak bawak anak kecik ni. Nak tinggalkan takde orang jaga huhu

  13. Taknak la tengok cerita macam ni dekat wayang. tengok gambar poster pon scary teruk hahaha nanti nak tengok bila dah keluar tv or online. tengok siang2 hahaha

  14. Cerita seram ke.. Suka tengok cerita seram tapi nak kene ade teman yang berani.. Kalau kat rumah anak la yang tikang teman mak nak tengok cerita hantu. .hehehe

  15. Tengok movie ni mmg seram. Apatah lagi cerita kat rumah mayat. Takleh imagine in reality orang keje kat sini. Mesti ada byk cerita

  16. wahh.. nampak best je jalan ceritanya.. TB suka juga tengok cerita seram.. tapi tak boleh tengok sorang2.. kena berteman.. kalau sorang-sorang mau TB menjerit dan malam2 tidur mengingauu.. hahaha.. tapi rawlin pun ayat yang last tu.. boleh tahan kelakar jugak.. kekekekeke.. --> I will, at the comfort of my room, with the curtains all drawn shut!

  17. Best tengok cerita seram ni sebab boleh menjerit release tension. Tapi nanti confirm terbayang-bayang je hihi. Means memang seram sangat la ye da satu hall menjerit dekat scene yg Rawlins highlight tu. Ada tak yg tercampak popcorn masa tu? Hahaha

  18. Uwaa citer hantu... Huhu.. Dulu kan, Bella suka sangat tengok horror movie siap dajal kawan2 sekali bila tengok ramai2, termasuk si Mani tu. Tapi lately ni jantungku tidak kuat untuk menonton movie2 horror sudah. Hahaha

  19. Aduhai cerita seram mcm ni mmg x berani nk p tengok kat wayang wlupun berteman. Tapi baca pada review rowlin ni mcm best cerita ni


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