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Do you know what GLAM at the end of my name means?
  • GLAM as I love to do everything glamorously
  • GLAM also started with the business that I currently and actively involved with. GLAM was originally mean "Green Leaders Academy Malaysia" - an online GLAMpreneur community that supports each other especially in the aspect of social media platforms. 
Friends used to ask me why I joined GLAM in the very first place as I have my stable day job.
Well, firstly, in a modern and challenging world as per now, there is no such thing as ENOUGH - there is always insufficiency everywhere. So, that's why I look for my extra income as I need more to give more to those that I love as they deserve better. I am thankful when I joined GLAM as the community will assist you from the start, they will support you with technicalities and also in creating your own brand online and alhamdulillah, the assistance is still available until today.

I stumbled upon this informative yet relaxed message from Caprice that ring bells inside all of us.
The truth about finding a job is simple - there is no such thing as a dream - you gotta create one!

Just head online - find the job as everything is available online nowadays, right?
Now, being online is never been more relevant as we are already in our Fourth Industrial Revolution which needs you to be online, tech-savvy and relevant all the time! So, don't get left behind as you will get nothing.

Not a tech-savvy person?
Worry not as MDEC is available to assist you with #YouCanDuit!
MDEC, eUsahawan, eRezeki, TEVT, earn more online, Extra Income by Rawlins, #YouCanDuit, crowdsourcing
Facts about #YouCanDuit
  • A campaign that trains the young entrepreneurs and low-income households to earn extra income, digitally via the initiatives, eRezeki and eUsahawan. The campaign also welcome vocational students and micro-entrepreneurs as the campaign will assist in setting up online businesses that will generate the extra income for all. 
  • From 2015 - 2017, a total of over 300K individuals has been trained
  • Almost half of the individuals have earned extra income amounted to a total of RM340 million!
That's a huge achievement, bearing in mind that the campaign still in its infant stage and also that huge income is the extra $$$ earned!

What is eRezeki

  1. A program where the low-income individuals (BR1M recipients are welcome too) are given the chance to earn extra by leveraging on the digital technology and digital income generation. 
  2. Opens to varsity grads, in between jobs grads and individuals and the retirees.
  3. Also opens to the disabled community as MDEC also collaborates with associations such as Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled and thus created OKUJobs.com.my, an online job platform for the disabled and has so far a member of 4,000 disabled individuals.
  4. To know more about eRezeki, head here [eRezeki]. 
MDEC, eUsahawan, eRezeki, TEVT, earn more online, Extra Income by Rawlins, #YouCanDuit, crowdsourcing

So, what is eUsahawan

  1. eUsahawan aims to get more young SME entrepreneurs earning more via the digital platform. 
  2. It also aims to increase the economic stability of the young SME entrepreneurs on various digital platforms with the assistance of e-commerce ecosystem, Digital maker Movement and Malaysian Digital Hub. 
  3. Thus, eUsahawan offers a world of entrepreneurial knowledge to be explored by everyone who dares to change. 
  4. Since its conception, eUsahawan has trained 156K TVEt students and micro-entrepreneurs and recorded a total of RM227 million online sales!
  5. Head on to [eUsahawan] for details on the matter.

MDEC, eUsahawan, eRezeki, TEVT, earn more online, Extra Income by Rawlins, #YouCanDuit, crowdsourcing
So, what are you waiting for?
Let's start earning online and earn more so we could give more to our loved ones.

Don't be the last to know! Join the bandwagon.
#YouCanDuit |FB:YouCanDuit | IG:YouCanDuit
Rawlins GLAM

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  1. I love to join. Can make a saving for future! Thanks for the info Rawlins.

  2. dah join juga.Ada dapat sms dari Mdec tu,untuk seminar..Tapi sayangnya,ada hal lain..

  3. Looking forward to join too. Very promising.

  4. wow bagusnya program youcanduit ni.. tertarik pulak TB nak join.. kena daftar ni.. baru boleh extra income melalui program ni..

  5. its a good program. maybe i need more knowledge about it before i can join..


  7. wow very exciting..maybe i can learn more in business,, a very good program

  8. Zaman sekarang memang senang nak buat duit. Paling penting usaha dan jangan malas je.

  9. This is amazing! Is it also available outside Malaysia? Promoting micro entrepreneurs could help Malaysia's economy to boom more.

  10. Very relevant programmes for the new generation of technology age. Everything is online now and income is not difficult to be generated online. Question is how. The answer lies here.

  11. OMG i watched the same video by caprice too! haha. yes, it was some what a moment of an eyeopener, but you really wonder at times, is it THAT hard to find a job? I guess not! With the eusahawan and erezeki, i believe that people only need to try harder to find an actual job that suits them :)

  12. It was a interesting program to join! I don't mind earning some extra cash. Nowadays digital field is really earning too.


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