KL Fabulous Food Hunt 2017

Combining food and sports is a very creative idea to unite Malaysians as we love our food and our sports. 
So when 
Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia F.T. Kuala Lumpur/ Putrajaya (MOTAC FT KL/Putrajaya) and the Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau comes up with "Kuala Lumpur Fabulous Food Hunt 2017" (KLFFH 2017), that is one great struck of genius.
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Join, Hunt and Eat
Happening tomorrow (7 October 2017), 
KLFFH 2017
 sees a huge response from the public whereby 
1120 participants representing 280 teams will be racing around F.T. Kuala Lumpur by public transport such as taxis, buses, LRT, commuters, monorails and MRTs.
The event is organised to support “Fabulous Food 1Malaysia” Citarasa campaign which was launched since 2009. 
The objective of this event is to promote and accelerate the tourism industry through "Food Tourism" especially for F.T. Kuala Lumpur; developing small-scale industries in the food sector including stalls, restaurants and food trucks; as well as to promote and nurture the interests of the community and tourists about the uniqueness of local foods. The event is to promote #SayangMalaysia and #VisitKL in order to attract more tourists to Kuala Lumpur.

"This "food hunt" event has received encouraging response from food enthusiasts due to the uniqueness of the event. Response received annually is encouraging where participation is not only among the local community but as well as participation from abroad and media partners " says 
En. Ahmad Alsraf Ahmad Mokhtar, Director, Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia F.T. Kuala Lumpur/Putrajaya Office.

This will be the seventh consecutive year for this exciting event and we will witness the participation of  They must complete the assignment at all 10 checkpoints and get stamps before completing all 
challenges. Among the challenges that need to be completed are eating the local popular dishes, questions & answers related to tourism in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur as well as locating selected restaurant locations and stalls in the fastest time.

KLFFH 2017
 will showcase the "signature" and popular foods around Kuala Lumpur from local food that represents multi-cultural to international delicacies. Among the selected foods including nasi campur, noodle soup (Chinese style), roti canai, Arabic rice, gourmet sandwich, pecel lele, and much more. While enjoying the varieties of Malaysian foods, participants will also have the opportunity to explore Kuala Lumpur and get to know new food place and restaurants. Hence participants will continue to enjoy these food places even after the event on their weekends, during public holidays or weekdays.
Kuala Lumpur Fabulous Food Hunt 2017, KLFFH 2017, Food Hunt, Kuala Lumpur, Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia, MOTAC FT KL/Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau, Rawlins GLAM,
Great prizes await
Attractive cash & lucky draw prizes offered to all categories. The first 45 teams from any category will bring home a total cash prize of up to RM 22,900.00. A total of 100 lucky draw prizes are up for grabs including flight tickets, latest gadgets, electrical items, outdoor equipment, food and hotel vouchers and much more.

En. Ahmad Alsraf Ahmad Mokhtar also hopes that strategic alliances with Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), KL Fun Expats (KLFE), IPTA/IPTS, private sectors, NGOs, sponsors, restaurants owners and media partners will continue to grow in the future. This will provide a more holistic and effective impact in developing the tourism and cultural industries and to be in line with the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS).

I know it is a bit too late for you to register, but you can still try and why not join all the participants, just to enjoy KL and what food it has to offer?
That will be such a 'fulfilling' weekend.
Rawlins GLAM

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  1. Uols join ke? Seronok jugak kan. Hadiah lumayan!!

    1. Best kan hadiah dia - cabutan bertuah tu menarik

  2. Mana tau antara yang bertuah kan..sambil tu kita happy²..

  3. definitely will attend if I have the time

  4. wow menarik ni, ada rezeki terasa nak pergi

  5. wow eat play win! i think i boleh menang! too bad in KL! haha

    Hwajing Royal High Tea

  6. Kalau tahun depan buat macam ni teringin sangat nak pergi sebab nampak seronok gila

  7. nampak bestlah program ni ... erm .. kalu ada lagi tahun depan nak dtglah ...

  8. Datang untuk lucky draw boleh... if makan2 nie.. risau, xmampu nak gerak balik rumah nanti

  9. Nanti tahun depan kita pula masuk yer u oll kita pergi makan sampai puas2 seperti mana kita buat pergi Perak hari tu hehehehehe...

  10. ah you had so much fun!!!! I wanted to join as well but tak ada kaki. Sedihnya!!!


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