Izzue Islam Wants to Meet You!

Shopee, the largest mobile-first marketplace in Southeast Asia and Taiwan is proud to announce its latest collaboration with Malaysian top celebrities; Izzue Islam, Yana Samsudin and Fouziah Gous who will launch their Official Shops on the Shopee platform
“Celebrities nowadays are keen to explore their entrepreneurial potential by launching their own brands,” said Ian Ho, Shopee’s Regional Managing Director. “After the successful celebrity collaborations during the recent Cahaya Raya Campaign, Izzue Islam, Yana Samsudin and Fouziah Gous are excited to work with us to promote their products on the Shopee platform as part of our July highlights”.
These celebrities will enjoy the same incentives that make Shopee the preferred online platform including Free Shipping Nationwide and Zero (0) Commissions to give all cost savings to both buyers and sellers. At the same time, they will continuously participate in Shopee’s flagship campaigns such as the Lowest Price Guaranteed and Shocking Sale with unique RM9 deals every 9th of the month.

Shopee X Izzue Islam

The Kelantan-born multi award-winning celebrity is proud to launch his contact lens brand, Lookalike which comes in 7 different colours to suit Malaysian fashionistas’ preferences. Each box of lens is priced at RM55. “I’m excited to launch my brand and products on Shopee because I’ve seen their commitment to bring the best deals through various campaigns since its official launch. I’d like to associate Lookalike to a trustworthy brand like Shopee,” said Izzue Islam.

Shopee X Yana Samsudin

Having established her name in the entertainment industry for more than 10 years, Yana Samsudin needs no more introduction. This  Southern Belle brings forth her own exclusive line of hijab, Ayana Hijab at affordable price. While offering her trendy designs to Muslimah fashionistas, Ayana Hijab promises exceptional comfort for long hours - day and night. “As a Muslimah fashion lover, I’d love to share my ideas and create something that defines my style. Thus, Ayana Hijab was born and now, I know that my ‘baby’ will be best represented by Shopee due to the massive growth in the local Muslimah fashion,” said Yana Samsudin. Ayana Hijab is available on Shopee at the range of between RM25 and RM189.

Shopee X Fouziah Gous

Another multi-talented celebrity who has come onboard with Shopee to promote her brand is Fouziah Gous. When most of her celebrity counterparts are promoting fashion items, Fouziah has taken another step by introducing her supplement product, FG Walet. FG Walet is made of locally harvested natural bird’s nest which is rich in minerals like zinc, copper, sodium, potassium, soluble glycoprotein and amino acid. “As I’m pregnant with my second child now, I’m more concerned about my wellbeing. Therefore, I chose to launch FG Walet, my own food supplement to raise awareness on health among Malaysians, especially pregnant mothers such as myself,” said Fouziah Gous. FG Walet is available on Shopee at RM168 per set of 6 boxes.
Meet & Greet with Izzue Islam
To celebrate this collaboration, Shopee is organizing a Meet & Greet with Izzue Islam on Saturday, 29 July 2017 at Zawara Coffee Setia Alam at 1:30 pm. Fans of Izzue Islam can stand a chance to win an invitation for 2 when they answer the question, “Why I want to meet Izzue Islam?” on Shopee website, app or Social Media. Participants can submit their entries before 23 July 2017.

During this event, fans can also learn tips and techniques on eye make-up to suit different occasions conducted by famous Hijabista, Zamrina Zamrin.

For Media RSVP to the Meet & Greet with Izzue Islam, please send in your name and details to Paris Ashiqin (Ms) via email: paris.ashiqin@shopeemobile.com /HP: +6010-4079948.

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  1. Alamak miss event ni... out if town on that day huhu

  2. Para peminat izzuee islam, yana samsudin dan fauziah gous bolehkan join event ni . CCL teringinnya nak face to face dengan yana samsudin . Zamzarina pengacara " apa kata wanita " pun aa juga kan . Yang berdekatan dengan zawara setia Alam boleh la pergi

  3. Wowwww.. Izzue islam ajak jumpa tue...

  4. Bestnya kalau dapat jumpa Yana Samsudin. Izzue Yaya dah pernah jumpa memang ramah dan ceria je orangnya. Suka artis yang merendah diri gitu. Kalau dapat join event ni kan best hee

  5. Wow Izzue Islam kita minat lakonannya jer.. Sekarang dah jadi businessman best lah dapat jumpa.....

  6. Nyesal pulak tak join event ni..huhuhu

  7. hahahaha...alaaa...abam izzue pun time org kat luar la dia sibuk nak ada meet and greet bagai...I is sedih chuoolss

  8. Banyak event yg terlepas huhuhu klau x boleh jumpa retis

  9. Bestnya dapat jumpa Izzue islam. Untung lah siapa yang pergi tu ☺

  10. Huiyooo dapat jumpa izzue islam. Best tu. tapi malam plak nak ke Shah Alam esok.

  11. I've not shopped at Shopee before but will check out the stores of these celebrities. Will also let my friend know about the hijab.

  12. Omg! What would it take for my "Ur Baby Store" in Shopee to be featured with so much fun! Shopee has been an amazing and contributing platform to my business! So grateful for it!

  13. Best la! cant wait for your update about the event.

  14. Kirim Salam kat Izzue Islam tauuu. Hehehehe


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