OMG! There is Fake Min Kaffe Now!

Whether we want to admit it or not, imitation goods are an industry nowadays.
There are lots of items being imitated - designer bags and handbags, shoes, make-ups, fashion brands, smartphones and now, Min Kaffe too.
Min Kaffe, mineral coffee, Garam Buluh, Kopi Garam Buluh, Min Kaffe palsu, byrawlins, Fake Min Kaffe,
Fake is all around
I remember hearing this "These imitation lords love to copycat the best brands in the market as they know that it will sell like crazy".

It is a kind of acknowledgement in a way as these 'imitation overlords' recognized that Min Kaffe is the hottest coffee in town and sells like 'pisang goreng'.

But, it is bad to the reputation of Min Kaffe, if the customers consumed the who-knows-what is inside the fake Min Kaffe.

So, here is how to differentiate the Original Min Kaffe from the fake ones.
Min Kaffe, mineral coffee, Garam Buluh, Kopi Garam Buluh, Min Kaffe palsu, byrawlins, Fake Min Kaffe,
How to differentiate
  1. The wordings of Min Kaffe [Darker brown on the original Min Kaffe | Whereas it is much lighter shade of brown (caramel like) on the fake ones]
  2. The powder [Lots of darker grain and harsher grain on the original Min Kaffe | Very little darker grains and much finer grains on the fake ones]
  3. The edge of the packaging [The 'zig zag' edges are of uniform cut and small on the original Min Kaffe | The edges are either non-existence or it is very pronounced (big) on the fake ones]
To keep yourself from being deceived by the greedy and dishonest sellers, get your stock of Min Kaffe from me!

Only RM60 for two boxes!

Haiqal Rawlins

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  1. Incredible! How can coffee even be fake. There's more and more fake food around. We have to be cautious.

  2. Such a shame! Poor original brands, how can they fight with such a good imitation of their product. In some cases fake product might have devastating consequences for original brands! Too much of copycats!

  3. Like this also they wanna copy? Gosh! shame on them.

  4. Wow pretty identical! I haven't tried Min Kaffe yet but I'm appalled that someone would sell a copy of that product. A legal suit should be taken by the genuine sellers.

  5. Oh wow, there's even imitation coffee now? I didn't know about this prior to reading your post. Thanks for pointing out the discrepancies in the packaging.

  6. I will never eat fake stuff. Regardless of how cheap it is. Thanks for teaching us how to tell between the real and fake stuff.

  7. Oh my goodness - how can even this be an imitation? Cheers to pointing out the difference Rawlins- seriously this should be taken up with the suitable authorities soon.

  8. OMG fake instant coffee?? that's scary!

  9. Didn't know there is fake product! The original must be good, so people would want to fake it! will take care if i were to buy the products.

  10. Even now we have fake coffee in the market as well >.< Thanks for the heads up so that people can beware of this fake min kaffe!

  11. Thanks for always educate us. Now I know how to differentiate the fake and real Kaffe.

  12. Maaf ye...tu yg sachet 1 pcs... tp i beli kotak... so mcm mn nk tau tiruan dan ori dari kotak?


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