My Fish or My Kids?

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Did you know that you are drinking deadly water?
And we think that deadly water is referring to the sea that is infested with sharks and other killer animals.
Our water is deadly as it contains heavy metals that poison people slowly.
Can you believe that these are the contents that we have been consuming all this time?

"It is ok. I have installed a water filter in my house. I bought it from the supermarket - easy and very cheap" one might say.

Let's us all make a comparison between fishes and kids.
Bio Evolve, Bio EvolveTM Water Purification System, water filter, penuras air, air selamat diminum, penapis air murah, penapis air selamat, penapis air jimat tenaga, byrawlins
Beautiful aquarium
Saiful loves fishkeeping and he doesn't mind spending quite a huge amount of his salary to buy the fish species that he likes. He keeps them in the aquariums in his house and also in his office room.

He changes the filters regularly, buys only the best quality of substrate, nutrients and minerals and keeps a very close eye on the pH level of the water in the containment. One small blister on one of the fishes and he will try his best to keep the fish alive.

When his wife wants to buy a water purification system for the house, Saiful was stunned by the price of the system. It was thousands of ringgit and he would rather use that money to enhance his collection.

"Just buy the ones at the supermarket - cheaper and works the same too. You can always boil the water to make sure it is safe for us to drink" he said to his wife.

  • Boiling the water will sterilize it against micro-organisms. However, the toxic byproducts produced by the micro-organisms might still remain.
  • Boiling the water also, will not remove rock sediments, heavy metals or any metals for that matter, motor oil contamination, etc.
Heavy metals inside the water will not kill a human instantly (unless it reaches the toxic level). Their accumulation over time in the bodies of living organisms can cause serious illness or genetic diseases.

Heavy metals disrupt metabolic functions in two ways (Source:NCBI):
  • They accumulate and disrupt the function in vital organs and gland such as the heart, brain, kidneys, bone, liver etc
  • They displace the vital nutritional minerals from their original place thereby hindering their biological function.
Imagine giving the polluted/ contaminated water to your children from a very tender age. They might not be sick but they might be contaminated and the effect could be passed on to their children.

Why do we give less to our children (unknowingly) but care more about our hobby?
Bio Evolve, Bio EvolveTM Water Purification System, water filter, penuras air, air selamat diminum, penapis air murah, penapis air selamat, penapis air jimat tenaga, byrawlins
Bio Evolve - a health investment for the whole family
With health investment in mind, Sahajiddah Hai-O Marketing introduces Bio Evolve - a water purification system that combines the breakthrough Advanced Nano Technology and innovative High-Density Advanced Carbon Block in a compact, lightweight ad attractive purification system that delivers excellent water filtration performance for the whole family.
What is great about Bio EvolveTM Water Purification System?
  • 1) Breakthrough Advanced Nano Technology
  • 2) Innovative High Density Advanced Carbon Block
  • 3) Excellent water filtration performance
  • 4) Pure and cleaner water
  • 5) Better-tasting water right from your tap
  • 6) Improved water quality
  • 7) Simple “Do-It-Yourself” installation
  • 8) Great savings! Does not require electricity
  • 9) Low maintenance cost
  • 10) High durability
  • 11) Easy to use
Bio EvolveTM Water Purification System has received 8 international certifications so far and is the best water purification system on the market.
Bio Evolve, Bio EvolveTM Water Purification System, water filter, penuras air, air selamat diminum, penapis air murah, penapis air selamat, penapis air jimat tenaga, byrawlins
8 International Certifications
It is gonna be a bit technical here onwards but keep on reading as our lives (and children's too) depend on it.

Bio EvolveTM Water Purification System has a meticulously designed 4-phase innovative filtration system.  Each filter is tasked to execute specific yet important filtering roles to provide pure and clean water at your convenience. In short, it is the perfect way to enjoy high quality water!

Pre-Filter A: Ceramic
The ceramic absolute dense distribution of pores measuring less than 0.9-micron size ensures all impurities like rust, sand silt and bacteria are filtered out to ensure 99.999% cleanliness.

Filter B: Energized Converter
  • Bio Balls
  • Activated Carbon
  • KDF
  • Bio Balls
It provides a broad spectrum of energy rays that regulate, activate cells and balance body fluid function. Water with high energy will promote cells activeness and mobility.
Activated Carbon removes chlorine, color and unpleasant odor.
KDF removes heavy metals such as lead, copper, and cadmium.

Filter C: Ionised Converter
  • Ion Balls
  • Nano Balls
  • Bio Balls
Using the Ionised Conversion Technology, the combination of Ion Balls, Nano Balls, and Bio Balls will enhance and stabilize energy in the water to keep water molecules clusters at the smallest size for a prolonged period of time.
Additionally, it boosts energy up to a higher level, as well as to regulate the alkaline water which is good to our human body. It helps to promote metabolism and activate cells to enhance the immune system and detoxification function.

Filter D: High-Density Advanced Carbon Block
The unique optimizes surface area for better contaminant absorption like harmful chemical, bleach, any unpleasant smell, chlorine, color and allow beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, and tooth decay fighting fluoride to pass through the carbon block filter and remain in the water.
In the next post, I will share the benefits of using Bio EvolveTM Water Purification System. Stay tuned!
Haiqal Rawlins
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  1. interesting, don't know of this brand until I read here.
    yeah water is important for us too.

  2. i use a Water Purification System at home too, but different brands. but it is definitely a healthier choice than normal water

  3. this water purifier was so canggih .all the latest technology to better , healthier life.

  4. I remember my mom used to have a water purifier back at kampung. Dont remember the brand but I think it's the cheap one. At the end of the day, the water purifier only can stand for a year. Then kiok~ But I have heard so much great things about bioevolve. wouldnt mind trying it later

  5. Looks like I found a suitable water filter for my home. Getting it this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  6. oh gosh.. loving that aquarium you chose there.. sooo pretty... and yes, nowadays to much toxic, chemicals in our fish and other things....

  7. I buy bottled water for myself at home. I dont trust tap water :D

  8. Now you also promote water filter. I think we should have a water filter at home because sometime the water from the pipe is murky plus chemicles.

  9. My friend is looking for water purification system for his new home, will share your post with him :)

  10. Agree..nowadays water are not very clean..need to well clean it before use it..if someone want water filter, will inform them about this...

  11. i think everyone should have Water Purification System at home. water nowadays are not not clean.

  12. Folks always emphasise on the importance of drinking enough water but what many fail to realise is the equally important factor that we drink clean water!


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