Healing Power of Premium Beautiful

I have been writing a lot on Premium Beautiful corset of late.
Its benefits and such.

And today, I will be sharing the technology embedded inside this amazing piece of human invention that enable all the wondrous miracles.

With a special technology, F.I.R (far infrared rays) is carefully sewn into the fabric of Premium Beautiful and thus causes the magical effect to its owner.

What is F.I.R?

  • The sunray can be divided to Visible Ray and Invisible Ray. Infrared ray, a type of invisible ray is very useful to the human body and can also be further divided into near infrared ray (NIR), mid infrafred ray (MIR) and far infrared ray (FIR)
  • FIR is a light that has a long wavelength and is the most helpful to the human body. This ray does absolutely no damage to the human body but only palpates the activity of the organism, which the miracle of such rays that amplify the power of the sun, which in turn gives life to many organisms and their growth.
  • FIR when absorbed into a body, changes into activation energy and especially it helps to increase the action of the living creature. 
  • FIR is a light that is between the NIR and Micro wave, which has a characteristic of self-heating by the molecule and resonance purification and palpation of molecule movement in which is the consistence of the body cell by filtrating almost 40mm into the skin of the body. FIR have the ability to penetrate deeply (up to 1.5 inches) and permeate thoroughly into the hypodermic layer of a person's skin. Thus, it is possible to revitalize human cells and tissue by warming the body from the inside.

The Effect of FIR on the Human Body
  • The function of maintenance of heat
    • It properly preserves temperature of the human body
  • The function of precocious
    • It hastens growth of the human body
  • The function of self-cleaning action
    • It provides the human body with nutriments and maintains the balance of the human body
  • The function of drying
    • It hastens the evacuation of effete matters and makes a function of neutralizing the human body
  • The function of resonance
    • It disintegrates every nutriment and maintains the balance of the nutriment and enhances metabolism

Imagine having such goodness wrap around your body for 8 hours daily.
You will be looking and feeling good from inside out!
And yes girls, by Raya, you will be looking damn fine too in your new attire!

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