5 Video Buat Anda Ingin Ke Vienna

Mengambil inspirasi daripada blog leader saya +Hanis Haizi  berkenaan , so here are the videos yang membuatkan perasaan saya membuak-buak untuk ke Vienna.

Kenapa nak ke Vienna?
Sebab projek #JomEropah akan membawa saya dan rakan-rakan #GLAMpreneur ke #Vienna dan #Budapest secara #Free pada 2015 kelak.

Nak tahu cara saya mendapatkan #FOCTrip #FreeTrip bersama #GLAM?
Hubungi saya segera and saya boleh kongsi rahsianya dengan anda.


5) Vienna Coffee House
I am not a coffee lover, well, you can say that I am a social coffee drinker (is there such a word?).
But this video makes me longing to be in the cafe this instant!

4) Budapest & Vienna 2013

This video beautifully depicts the beauty of the two cities that we are going to visit. Would love to know the local culture and hangout places, which sometimes are not included in your regular and normal tourist itinerary.

3) Vienna : Austria - Salzburg - Hallstatt
Somehow, I have actually watched this video, way before the company announce the package for #JomEropah. And I loved the clip because it is what a normal tourist would do. Yeah! Hopefully will get to experience the same journey too.

2) Valentine's Weekend in Vienna
This a very lovely lovey dovey clip of the two lovers. Hurm... gives me some ideas of what to do while travelling! Nice moves for the upcoming videos! 

1) Vienna '10
A cute travelling video of these two lovers. Nicely done!

You wanna watch our videos when we travelled for #FREE?

Here is one of them #FOCTrip #FreeTrip

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