AXE Anarchy Island Getaway

The good people at Nuffnang and AXE has come up with a contest that is SOOOOOO tempting

A holiday in paradise y'all!

Instruction given is as such :
Create a blog post titled “AXE Anarchy Island Getaway” and showcase your best efforts at being suave/ charming to the opposite sex. Also let us know why you deserve to be sent to Anarchy Island!
I am not much of a flirty type of guy

Despite that, I will try to come up with my handbook "Virgins in Dating Handbook"

I think regardless of your sex, one surely would love to be wined and dined to the finest
Somehow (you might think that I am a hopeless romantic), all these fine and exquisite gestures will make you feel like you matter to that dear someone

So, here goes my attempt to create a lil' handbook for y'all out there

1) Smile
Be generous with your smile. Smiling conveys confidence, a positive attitude and telling somebody that you are someone fun to be with. It also tells that you are not dangerous.
Too much smile will hurt your lips too!
Do not grin too much though. You might look like The Joker and The Joker is certainly spells Dangerous!

2) Be open and inviting
Don't you just wanna hug him?
Being open and inviting does not necessarily mean sensual body movement here (but if that what  works for you, by all means, just do it)

It means do not simply talk to people with arms crossed in front of you. It reads "BARRIER"
Talk to the other person with arms on either side, with palms possibly facing the other person.

3) Gaze into the eyes
Direct eye contact shows self-confidence. It shows that you are very interested in her and what she may have to say. 
It boosts physiological arousal, both of you, making you seem "un-boring".
And assuming you are talking to the person you are interested in, your pupil will dilate, thus making you more attractive (no need for large pupil contact lenses here). eyes are way up here, right above the racks!
Don't overdo it though. Too much of it will make people uncomfortable and you might be considered WEIRDO @ PERVERT!

4) Nod the head
Nod too much and you will become this figurine!
Ladies love to tell stories, right? 
Well, learn to nod at the right time and direction will ensure you a healthy relationship.
If you are interested in her, nod at the right story and she will perk up and will direct the conversation to where you want it to go to.
But if it is otherwise, do not nod and she will know that you are not interested.

Nodding tells someone that she/he is interesting, whatever she/he is saying is interesting and they have your undivided attention and you are not a self-centered individual.

Try listening to someone without nodding. The conversation will eventually dies and both will end up feeling uncomfortable.

Heard this somewhere : Learn to nod, people will nod with you. Forget to nod, you will be nodding alone.

5) Get a lil' closer
Too close perhaps?
By getting a little closer or leaning slightly toward her, you are telling her that you are interested in her and to what she has to say.
Getting a little closer is also obvious and helps to boost her arousal level slightly too.

6) Learn to touch
The keyword here is "appropriate". 
Some women will react very negatively if you touch them too soon, too much or even, to touch them at all.
Do it appropriately and you will divert disaster. 
Pay attention to the situation and the mood. Never force if it isn't right.

7) Be clean and smell good
Most of all, I think, be presentable.
Clean yourself good and spray on some body spray.

Use AXE body spray. They have tonnes to choose from that will certainly match your identity.
Unless you are dating a stray dog, then AXE will not be able to help you.

Why I should win this wonderful and luxurious 4D3N trip to a Heaven on Earth location?

So that I could try all the moves I have fore-mentioned and we will see whether it all works!

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    1. Same goes to you man
      Would love to make vid like your goodself, just do not have the know-how to do it

      Nice one bro!


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