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Hello lovelies

Tengah buat apa tu? 
Tengok Astro ke? Apa cerita best sekarang nie?
Mesti uals takleh nak lekang dari depan TV kan kalau cerita kegemaran uals tengah ditayangkan
Kalau my mum, siap lambatkan masa makan malam 
Tukar to 8 pm instead of 6:30 pm sebab nak tengok sinetron kegemaran dia
The whole family kena redha 

Now, she tak perlu dah
Bawa je iPad, letak kat tepi dia, and watch the sinetron while cooking the dinner
*Pray that she wouldn't mistake salt from sugar*
Now, with Astro On-The-Go, she can watch the sinetron practically anywhere, and I do mean anywhere

Dah le ada 11 channels to choose from, I hope that she will not too caught up in it sampai lupa masak dinner
Lagi pun sekarang, Astro dah ada Pay Per View yakni mum boleh choose a movie that likes and stores it in the library, jadi Video-On-Demand

Luckily, mum tak crazy about Euro 2012 sebab ada live telecast of 31 Matches
Tapi kalau mum crazy over it pun, she can always watch them on Catch Up Videos
Lepas nie mum senang la, apa saja live events, boleh tengok je anywhere

Lupa plak nak bagitau
Mum, FREE TRIAL until 31 August 2012

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