ASTRO ON-THE-GO Party : Simply Marvellous

Me on Astro On-The-Go
Last Saturday, Churp Churp telah invite ials and another friend to the Astro On-The-Go Party di The Pool, Ampang

You guys did not know about the Astro On The go?
Wanna know all about it?
Here's my link
I have written the whole lot about the app in my last entry 
or just visit  

Tema dia adalah Jersey, bersempena EURO 2012 kan
Ials kan suka part-party yang dress up gini
Punyalah rajin ials study pasal Euro 2012
Lastly ials settled for Spain and jersey no. 6, which belongs to Xavi Alonso
*coincidently he scored the only goal for Spain that nite* 
Sentiasa meneman ke mana sahaja sebab dia seumpama GPS, takde dia, sesat la jadinya
Tunggu giliran nak mendaftar
Erk, Jae tengok sapa?
 The Pool is a very nice place to hang out with friends and the staff are friendly too
As always, the party is always filled with games, laughter, meeting friends and of course, product briefing
Not forgetting the lovely food spread!
Adam C doing the briefing
The ever helpful Suzy
Ramainya kengkawan blogger, all dressed up in Jersey 
Me and Yuyu Zulikha. Nice meeting you girl. You memang suka gelak! Kawaii!
Mikaela, Thanks a lot for everything!
With Lily Putih. Kami nie berjiran rupanya kat Kajang. Ahaks!
Anne, thanks to you too

For games, we have to make up a team of 5 bloggers, so we teamed up with these 2 lovely girls and Simon and Jae too
And of course, we chose Spain as our country!
There were 5 games in total and we were placed 2nd, with Germany won the 1st place

As the new iPad was the grand prize for the best dressed, as usual, I would go all out in dressing up
When the finalists were announced, there were yours truly, Me, Myself and I
We have to strut our stuff on the runway above the pool and got the crowd went wild and crazy
The hair Siamese twin?
Harimau Malaya + Amuk?
And the proud owner of the new iPad is
Redmummy. *Jangan lupa ye, kalau rasa cam banyak, bagi kat saya hadiah tu*

The other three contenders!
This is Adam C, the ever cheerful emcee *aww, the flash was too bright*
Better now. Jae and Adam C
All in all
I had a very great time and fun and met new friends during the party

So long peeps
Going to register for Astro On-The-Go so that I could watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians at the office too
*Don't tell nobody*
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  1. hai..
    singgah bace kejap..
    memang happening ur catwalk haritu.

  2. Owh btw love suzy... Siap tlg jagakn beg lg... Bestttt


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