Jom mandi ramai-ramai

Kalau ada cubaan sebegini, mesti ramai yang nak pergi kan?

The UK has cleaned up with a new world record for the most people to shower simultaneously at a single venue.
Despite chilly conditions, 152 girls and boys got into their bikinis and swimming trunks on Bournemouth beach on Saturday, bathing their way towards the new benchmark.
Most people showering
The participants narrowly beat the previous record of 145 people that was set in Chicago, Illinois in 2009.
A 6 m (19 ft 8.16 in) high shower was specially built for the record attempt, which was organised by shower gel maker Lynx.
Most people showering
Guinness World Records adjudicator Anna Orford said: 'The people of Bournemouth have to be applauded for getting into the spirit of the day and taking a shower together.
'Their reward is a new record for the most people showering simultaneously at the same venue. Congratulations to everyone involved.'
Most people showering
Lynx now plan to take the shower on tour across European beaches and music festivals.

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  1. agak2 sapa pegang rekod yang paling lama tak mandi.... utk org tau bukan kambing...tau tak?

  2. ui bahayo ni. terangkat ketayap haa

  3. rajin betul org putih ni buat record yg pelik2... hhee..

  4. blogtilldrop : nanti saya cari ye..

  5. nurfauzi : terangkat ketayap je tak..jangan yang lain terangkat sama dah

  6. aimi & msredcheesecake : kan...tak terpikir dek akal kan

  7. menjerit la gak...
    penat cari msredcheesecake tapi tak nampak...
    lagipun banyak plak artis semalam kan...


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