Sempalit Outing

Hye all
Today is Sunday
And this entry is posted a wee bit late...Hahaha...I know. My Bad!
So damn tired today.

Just got back from Air Terjun Sg. Gabai with fellow Sempalit
What is Sempalit?
It is a group of Sempalit's nut lover....
Basically, it is a group of gym goers that are crazy to the core!
We are cRaaazyyy!
And we are loving it and not afraid of showing it.
Mind you, the members are not only singles but also mums and dads too!

We went there as early as 645am today as we wanted to be first people to park our cars and be the first to book the picnic site.
We did it!
As usual, everything must start with food presentation and what a feast that we have. We have
1) Bihun goreng (dah malas guna BI, bleh?)
2) Nuggets
3) Ayam goreng
4) Karipap
5) Potato salad
6) Jajans
7) Cream puff
8) Sambal udang
9) Air manis

Terbaik lah makanan!!!

Mandi start from 8am until 1pm. Itu pun sebab ujan. Kalau tak ujan tak balik nyer!
Sliding on the waterfall is the best!
And you know what, ada insan yang sangat kecian sebab mandi pakai his little undie sahaja!
Ok, dia pakai undie renoma. Kelas!
Tapi yang dah worn-out and koyak on the site. Skimpy plak tu!
Itu menjadi tajuk perbualan harian ketika mandi manda.
Tau la baru kahwin kan (dia mai ngan wife dia and tangan diorang masih merah inai, that's how we know)
tapi please ganti undie...
Ada gak guys lain yang pakai undie mandi tapi not as skimpy, as worn-out as his
Ada yang pakai agak ketat tapi pakai baju kat atas...
Kalau badan ketak2 tak le komplen sangat kan
Dah le a bit roi boi...pastu ada operation scar plak kat perut tu..camne?

But all in all, the outing was a success! Will update later with pics!
Got few scars from waterfall sliding all over the body!
But still yeee haaaa!!!!

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