Men's Health Month in November

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It is called Movember - Men's Health Month.
Movember is about facing the health problems faced by men all over the world and November is the month that is dedicated to the cause [read more on Movember].
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What health problems do men face? Among others are Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer and Mental Health (not forgetting relationships problems).

Prostate cancer occurs in the prostate gland. It is located at the base of the bladder surrounding the first part of the urethra, which carries urine from the bladder. In Malaysia it is the sixth most frequent cancer and it accounts for 5.7 per cent of cancer cases in males. 

Very few prostate cancers occur in men under 50 years of age. The rate increases sharply with age and is highest in the oldest age group. 

In Malaysia, the Chinese record the highest incidence of prostate cancer compared to Malays and Indians. Research is being conducted to identify genes that may predispose people to develop the disease. 

There is also evidence that a diet high in fat increases one’s risk, possible because such a diet may have an impact on the male sex hormone, testosterone, which controls the growth and function of the prostate. 

Source: Malaysian Oncology Society
Min Kaffe, Prostate Cancer, Coffee Drinkers, Coffee for health, Coffee Addict, Rawlins GLAM, Coffee prevents cancer, Hanis Haizi Protege
The Annual Movember Campaign - Results we seek to achieve 
Movember will get men to grow moustaches and the community to support them by creating an innovative, fun and engaging annual Movember campaign, that results in:
  • Funding for the Movember Foundation’s men’s health programs
  • Conversations about men’s health that lead to:
    • Awareness and understanding of the health risks men face
    • Men taking action to remain well
Prostate and Testicular Cancer - Results we seek to achieve 
  • Men living with prostate or testicular cancer have the treatment and care needed to be physically and mentally well
Mental Health - Results we seek to achieve
  • Men and boys are mentally healthy and take action to remain so
  • When men and boys experience mental health problems they take action early 
  • Men and boys with mental health problems are not discriminated against
Guys, do take a very good care of yourself so that you could care for your loved ones.
And drink more coffee (read: Min Kaffe) to be healthy.

More on Min Kaffe here.
Rawlins GLAM

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25 GLAM People

  1. Nice info rawlins. Thanks for sharing

    Nauzubillah. Semoga kita semua dijauhkan dari penyakit yang tak diingini

  2. Good info. My father doesn't drink coffee, perhaps its time to make him drink it.

  3. We are always exposed to gynecology. The fact that men health is also important.

  4. This is alarming and important information. Glad you are raising awareness about this Prostate Cancer. Everyone should be aware of this, thanks for the information.

  5. This is a very good reading about prostate. When I was in nutritionist business, I really enjoy learning all this so that I can help more people


  6. So, I probably should not stop my husband from drinking coffee now haha. Good to know about this. Thanks!

  7. Betul ker ni u oll kita bukan peminum kopi yang tegar tau macam mana ni tapi kita minum air kosong jer boleh kena juga ker tapi good info lah u oll risau lak kita..

  8. Waa! This is something new to me, I don't mind sharing this to my husband to read it =)

  9. this is scary, i have heard about it, but didn't know its so prevalent. Stay safe.

  10. enjagaan prostat ni sememangnya perlu bermula sejak awal lagi. Tapi ramai masih kurang sedar kepentingannya. So, I'm glad for this. Nice article!

  11. Jika bagi wanita jenis kanser yang kerap adalah Kanser Payudara dan servik. Ini pula perkongsian bagi Lelaki, orang lelaki juga tidak terlepas dari risiko ini. Perlu sentiasa buat screening terutamanya yang telah berumur dan mereka yang berisiko tinggi.
    Baru tahu November adalah bulab kesihatan lelaki.

  12. Learned something new today!
    A very informative post.
    And its amazing how coffee can help.

  13. Nowadays cancer is not only happend to woman..but guys also possible can get cancer...any cancer especially prostate cancer..Rawlins please take care of yourself ya..

  14. thanks sebab share dekat blog. baru tahu bulan ni bulan Men's Health Month

  15. Dapat luaskan ilmu pengetahuan baca posting ni,tak pernah tahu ada bulan Men's health selama ni

  16. like seriously? coffee can help men? wow.. new info! will persuade my brothers to drink coffee after this. thanks for sharing! hehe

  17. Eh rasanya dah komen haritu tapi tak adalah pulak. Did i missed komen kat sini? Huhu. Btw kanser prostat merupakan kanser utama untk lelaki. Jgalah suami anda.hehe

  18. Seram..kalau women kena selalu check breast to detect any nk kena check dis..but how?

  19. Thank you for sharing info about this! Just like Women's health care, Men also have to take care of their own health too.

  20. risau pulak bila baca ni. Tapi itula, better amik knowledge dengan benda2 camni supaya berguna di kemudian hari. kalau ada msalah nak kencing or ada sympton2 tu better check cepat2. nice sharing

  21. if im not mistaken, during Movember they will keep a mustache too right!


  22. Good info. Boleh share dengan en hubby. Thanks for sharing.

  23. bagus perkongsian ni, lelaki pun wajib jaga dan amek tahu pasal ni

  24. Asyik produk keaihatan pompuan je kan...lelaki pun nk gak sihat ya tak? Bagus ada produk sesiapa ada ayah, adik abg boyfren laki..haaa leh lah suh depa ambik produk ni

  25. Infor yang berguna, jarang ada blogger blog about mens health. Terutama blogger lelaki. Maybe mereka segan kot. Well done Rawlins!


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