I Need Vitamin Sea

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Urgently needed now - time, location and money to spend on this view! (Source)
It has been quite some time since I last soaked myself in the sun and absorbed some vitamin sea.
And I want to go with my friends - besties trip!!!!!
Trips are always greater and more fun with crazy friends!
I have had a few trips with them before and I have always enjoyed myself to the max, each and every time.

But, at times, monetary poses obstacles as I want to have the best of time with the most less money involved. Haha. Me being cheapskate me!

So, I started checking out the Traveloka website for amazing deals on accommodation.

After checking out some blogs and getting tips from reading them, I think booking Berjaya Tioman Resort would be the best place for my friends and me to stay.
Traveloka, Berjaya Tioman Resort, convenient hotel and flight booking online, Tioman, byrawlins, Rawlins GLAM,
Oh yes. The tranquility! (Source)
Why did I choose Tioman?
Here are some things to do while in Tioman that I have listed out aka my itinerary. Hopefully the besties will approve!
  • Great staff and service at Berjaya Tioman Resort – one of the most important factor that could affect one’s vacation! One bad service and I will feel that the whole vacation will go bad!
  • The rooms are well kept. So, I think Deluxe Triple Chalet at Berjaya Tioman Resort will be the perfect fit for our group. With basic amenities and a well-kept room, that is enough for me.
Traveloka, Berjaya Tioman Resort, convenient hotel and flight booking online, Tioman, byrawlins, Rawlins GLAM,
The Deluxe Triple Chalet (Source)

  • Beautiful beaches especially Paya Beach. Expect a lot of Instagram updates from me on the beach with my besties – on and off beach. We love to imagine that we are the Next Asia’s Top Model, like all the time, no matter where and when! Well, dreaming is free so dream all you want right?
  • Do my bits towards global conservation by visiting Juara Turtle Hatchery. Here I can learn more about conservation and then walk to one of the biggest waterfalls in Tioman which is Asah waterfall. Expect more pictures here too.
  • When you are near the sea, the trip would be useless if one doesn’t go diving, right? I read that there are many dive spots to choose from and there are also so many dive service providers that could assist us in diving. So, we will spoil for choices here. Of course I will be choosing the one that is value for money. Oh yes. Armed with my Go Pro, expect more beautiful pictures under the sea where we imagine we are the mer-people!
Traveloka, Berjaya Tioman Resort, convenient hotel and flight booking online, Tioman, byrawlins, Rawlins GLAM,
In case you are wondering, that's not me. (Source)

  • As if that is not enough, I read that there are a lot of activity counters at the hotel lobby, so friends, be prepared for the hectic schedule ahead! Hopefully we will be fit enough and have enough energy to do all.
  • And will your sea trip be complete without watching the sunset? Of course not! I read also that the sunset view is very beautiful there in Tioman!
  • Food! I read that Tioman has the best of Asia’s food served here too! I intend to get tanned and full by the end of my trip!
  • Last but not least (although I am a bit reluctant) is to try out fishing in Tioman. I am not a patient person and I know that fishing takes a lot out of someone. But, one has to try everything once right? So, might as well try it out. Haha.
Itineray- checked!
So, with all the things scheduled, should I go to a website to check on flights and open another one for accomodation? No silly you! I just open one single website for flights and hotel booking  – of course via Traveloka. So, the task of hotel and flight booking via Traveloka is easy and super-fast. The choices are endless and trust me that you will be spoilt for choices when browsing through Traveloka. Adn don't forget about the crazy promotions too! You will certainly get value for your money - my ultimate kind of promotion! With just 3 easy steps, I booked my crib and flight for the amazing besties trip ever at Berjaya Tioman Resort!

Oh yes. Another point worth mentioning about Traveloka – you can pay for your booking in whatever way you want – credit, debit, interbank and now even you can make payment at the nearest 7-eleven! Talk about being convenient and accommodating with Traveloka. How I wish all things are this easy in the world!

Wanna join me? Check out Traveloka!

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17 GLAM People

  1. This places looks really great! I wish to get vitamin sea with my friends as wellllll!

  2. Of all the many east coast islands I have been to, I have yet to set foot on Tioman. I have no idea why. Feels so jakun. Reading your post, I really want to go there soon. JOM!

  3. Husband ajak pi Pulau Tioman next year. Boleh buat entri Rawlins ni jadi rujukan. Wee

  4. Ah I need Vitamin Sea too! Berjaya Tioman Resort is nice one

  5. Yezaarr ! Tioman Island belum pijak lagi tapi memang dalam bucket list untuk diteroka ^^ Thanks untuk info-info yang menarik. :)

  6. Yes! and they have baby sitting services too! Super awesome! i love this place!

  7. Maybe Tioman my place to visit after raya? ;)

  8. Most of my bff is married. No geng to go travel. I'm thiking to go alone next year.

  9. Seriously i need to travel also !! Travel within malaysia also a good choice but now we have to pay extra for the hotel tax...huhu ~~

  10. Hey you should try to be a merman! That will be cool and add to your Vitamin Sea experience :)

  11. OMG I need a vacation too! Wish list! Thanks for sharing

  12. I have never been there to Tioman, thus a visit is really needed...would love to experience the vitamin sea there

  13. yes ... i need vitamin sea too ^^

  14. What a perfect place to relax! Thank you for sharing. I'm happy you had your dose of vitamin sea :D

  15. Wow! I would like to visit this place! Can't wait for my birthday trip next 2 weeks.

  16. I have never been to Tioman. But seems the accomodation in traveloka looks worthy. Gonna check them out soon.

  17. Me too!!! I need vitamin sea more often :D


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