Insanely True Facts About Fat

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People do a lot of things just to lose the fat around their body - literally anything!
Easy breezy
There is simply no such thing as removing fat from specific problem areas because fats are not localized. Thus, no matter what type of exercise gadget you're using and no matter what type of exercise is prescribed, you will never be able to spot reduction.
Dang!! That is why I am still voluptuous - some of you might say.
Here are facts about the fat, so that you will know more about your body;
  • Fat is hereditary. It is deposited around your body based on your genetic meaning you are how you are because of your parents.
  • Fat cannot be turned into muscle, and vice-versa.
  • Fat cannot be reduced by area-spotting. It has been proven scientifically. So, no matter what gadget you buy online, you will never lose that bulging tummy.
  • Focus on the problematic area/s during workout. Start with weight training so that you can burn Carbohydrate without the presence of oxygen. Then, enjoy the aerobic classes that will burn carbohydrate then fat.
  • You can build or tone muscle in localized areas but not fat.
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Exercise while wearing Premium Beautiful corset will help you to burn more calories.
Trust me, it is worth it.
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Beautiful transformation
Haiqal Rawlins
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24 GLAM People

  1. oh yeah! heard a lot about this product. many said its effective too.

  2. I think heredity is matter how i try to lose fat, it is difficult because of genes haha

  3. yes! build more muscles for more fat burning. my dad eats more than me, but still slimmer than me because of his muscles.

  4. Of course to slim down, you may need the mental strength to keep you going. But im not too sure if exercising with a corset would be comfy :p

  5. Heredity could be partially true. But I guess it all boils down to you eating healthy and exercising :)

  6. I've not heard of this product before but it sounds impressive. Dang, I was just thinking about the tummy belt.

  7. totally can relate to the facts you pointed out. toning down fatty has always been the major challenge for me!

  8. Wont exercising with a corset be quite uncomfortable with the vigorous movements and sweat?

  9. Always laugh by my family cause I have little tummy. It's not easy to "remove" it. :(

  10. I want this corset too... but it is too pricey for me... you tempt me with this everyday Rawlins..... you so jahat....

  11. True facts. You can removing fat from specific area.

  12. Hard truth! But but, I only want to remove the fats on my tummy though. Or else, I'll be fat less. >.<"

  13. I think I have heard about this before. Though the truths about fat is spot on. Cheers to the share Rawlins.

  14. I will never be thin because all my family members are bigger than me. But funny the ad with the lady losing from 80 to 71 kg. She could just stuff something in her clothes. I'm kinda skeptic about this but apparently one my friends here uses this product and swore to this, so yeah.

  15. yeah I find that I after 30s will gain weight even faster.
    So better take care health now, lots exercise also important.

  16. thanks for sharing!!! but my keep fit method is do more exercise~~~

  17. can see the obvious result after the lady wearing the corset. A healthy lifestyle and exercise also important.

  18. Can see the drastic change of the weight with corset. I really need this since CNY coming soon.

  19. i agree with you some of the facts there.. however, we still need to workout to reduce the fat in our body.

  20. diet and workout still the most important when it comes to losing weight for me.

  21. Wow, you can see the difference too even though wearing baju kuring, impressive :)

  22. good idea to wear a corset. :)
    I see what you did here, utilising your blog to complement your products :D good luck bro!

  23. lol ... ctrl alt delete my fat = =
    actually i need ctrl alt + my fat ...

  24. wah! It seems really effective!
    Maybe I should get one too .. LOL


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