Host [Movie Review]

Host [Movie Review] | I was directed to the movie 'Host' by an FB friend. I thought 'well, a movie about zoom meeting - there is nothing scary about that.'.

Did I make the right decision to watch Host?

Host, Horror, Mystery, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle


Host (2020) Trivia

  • Starring: Haley Bishop, Jemma Moore, Emma Louise Webb, Radina Drandova, Caroline Ward
  • Directed by: Rob Savage
  • Produced by: Douglas Cox, Craig Engler, Emily Gotto, Samuel Zimmerman
  • Production companies: Shadowhouse Films
  • Distributed by: Vertigo Releasing
  • Release date: July 30, 2020
  • Running time: 56 minutes
  • Rating: NA
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • Tomatometer: 100%
  • Metascore: 73%
  • IMDb: 6.5/ 10
  • Based on a prank short film by Rob Savage during a zoom chat. The prank went viral and later he approached Shudder about making a feature length version.
  • Film entirely using Zoom during C-19 lockdown.
  • The cast and crew set up their own cameras, lighting and stunts. 
  • Parts of the scripts were redacted to get their genuine reactions. Although scripted, the cast was allowed to improvise - for instance when Haley sneezes and the whole cast reacts to it.

Host, Horror, Mystery, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle

Like what the rest of the world is doing for the past two years now, a group of friends hold their weekly zoom meeting to stay in touch with each other. 

For this particular week, Haley decides to hire a medium to lead an online seance, just to 'stay in touch' with their loved ones that are gone. Seylan, the medium, tells them the dos and don'ts during a seance, including to not intentionally leave the 'circle'.

Seylan's internet line was bad and she disconnects a few times from the group. Jemma admits that she seems to have make a contact with her friend, Jack who committed suicide. 

When Seylan gets disconnected from the group again, Jemma reveals that she lied about Jack, that she just made that up. 

Host, Horror, Mystery, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle
Host, Horror, Mystery, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle

Then strange and terrifying things start to happen in their houses - Emma's glass breaks, Haley's chair being pulled by an unseen force and Caroline sees a hanging corpse in her attic. 

When Seylan manages to connect to the group again and was told about Jemma's prank and the terrifying incidents that has happened, the group was told that Jemma's little prank might have invited a demonic spirit in the guise of 'Jack'. She gives them instructions to close the seance but was interrupted when Seylan gets disconnected again.

The disturbance gets even more violent - Caroline being smashed head on onto her laptop by unseen force, Radina's boyfriend fell from the ceiling, Emma being chased by an unseen entity that leaves footprints on her flour-added floor and many more.

Jemma leaves her house to check on Haley. 

Will they survive this violent zoom meeting?

Host, Horror, Mystery, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle


Plot: 4.9/ 5.0 As the movie is entirely shot on zoom, the facial and body expressions play a crucial part in portraying their emotions. 

I made the right decision to watch this one - it is just one hour. Then later I also kinda regretted the decision to watch as I attend zoom meetings at night too. Now I make sure that I have my ringlight on and my flashlight behind me, just in case.  

Of all the movies I've watched, this is the only one that received 100% approval from Tomatometer.

Cast: 4.9/ 5.0 The cast were fantastic. Now I want to watch another movie by Rob Savage.

Will I watch it again: I wish that I get to watch this with my screamer friends.

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  1. Movie horror ni ye Rawlins? Penakut nak tengok tapi bila Rawlins review ni macam nak tengok pula.

  2. Tengok gambar pun macam dah penuh emosi . Belum lagi tengok movie .. sure dup dap giler rasa degupan jantung . Aissshhh Sal dah la penakut .. huhuhu

  3. Adoiii kat Zoom Meeting pun dah jd cerita horror. Hahahah. Takut nak tengok sebab kehidupan sekarang memang online conference je kan. Karang nampak camtu. Menjerit dan trauma lah Ruby. Huwaaaa.

  4. Ko tau tak, lepas tengok cite ni kan, terus bila kawan ajak zoom meeting ke apa kejadah meeting ke time malam dah jadi takut oii.. duk terbayang filem ni hahahaha

  5. macam best je! hahahah tapi nak tengok malam macam tak berani hahaha. dah la zoom pulak tu hahaha ni dalam netflix kan? malam ni leh la kot tengok

  6. Omg... seram nyer. Zoom meeting pun boleh jadi fatal, the storyline is fresh. I might want to check out.


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