ecoBrown's Introduces PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink

ecoBrown's Introduces PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink | In 2017, I challenged myself to lose weight and registered myself into a weight-loss boot-camp, similar to the Biggest Loser, minus the staying indoor and training all day. The group were given talks and to a 3-hour training for 3 days in a week and the program lasted for six weeks. By the end of the program, I was among the top 10 biggest losers and I was so happy about it (and now I think it is time for me to repeat that loss again - been gaining weight like nobody business during the MCO).

My secret to losing weight? I ate according to the meal plans provided and I trained daily, minimum of 3 hours and I diversified my training regimes being three days of cardio, two days of weight and two days of swimming.

I took ecoBrown's brown rice for my daily rice intake (Asians cannot live without rice) and as shared by the instructor, ecoBrown's brown rice is the best. So, thank you ecoBrown's for assisting me losing my weight then.

ecoBrown’s has recently launched a brand new product range - ecoBrown’s PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink which comes in three delicious flavour variants, Cereal PLUS (Original), Cocoa PLUS & Coffee PLUS. This first-of-its-kind in Malaysia cereal drink is packed with the goodness of unpolished brown, red and black rice, bringing the best of the fields to families all over Malaysia!

With many Malaysians slowly adopting healthier diets to live a more balanced and wholesome life, the ecoBrown's PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink has been created to encourage and inspire them to follow through with this lifestyle by promoting health and overall well-being. With this in mind and in conjunction with the launch of the new product range, ecoBrown’s PLUS has also launched its #BeWholeWithecoBrowns campaign to champion a wholesome and well-balanced lifestyle. 

“It can be challenging trying to juggle an active life, a fulfilling career, and quality relationships. Which is why when we created the ecoBrown’s PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink, we prioritised three key pillars of a wholesome life - family, bonding and an active lifestyle. Furthermore, with the convenience and nutritional benefits of ecoBrown’s PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink, we are one step closer to achieving the well-balanced life we deserve, anytime anywhere,” said Zishi Low, General Manager, Serba Wangi.

The ecoBrown’s PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink incorporates a mixture of high quality, unpolished brown, red and black rice with a unique natural flavor and smooth taste. It is a perfect source of Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6 and is also trans fat free so Malaysians can now enjoy a healthy yet tasty drink without guilt. Packed with vitamins and minerals, ecoBrown’s PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink is certainly a convenient, healthier and tasty alternative, making it the better beverage choice for you and your family.

The brand new ecoBrown’s PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink is now available at all supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide at only RRP13.50 or shop on to enjoy an exclusive 20% discount when using the promo code ECOPLUS20. ecoBrown’s PLUS Series is also available on Shopee and Lazada. To learn more about the PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink, do follow ecoBrown’s on Facebook and Instagram.

Let's become healthier in a 'wholesome' new way with ecoBrown's PLUS Series Rice Drink.

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  1. banyak khasiat brown rice untuk kesihatan. menarik juga bila boleh dijadikan minuman. i nak try juga produk ni :)

  2. Eh dah ada drinks plak ek. Dulu beras je yg i tau sbb pernah makan masa zaman rajin diet dulu hahaha

  3. wah dah ada minuman ecobrown.. menarik ni.. rasa nanti nak cubalah heheheh

  4. Serius Rawlins gantikan nasi dengan minuman ni aje? Nak try jugalah. Ruby hari-hari makan nasi. Memang takleh say no. Siap nasi tambah. Comel gak sekarang. Hahahahaha.

  5. Ooo ada minuman rupenye. Yang Marina tahu EcoBrown ni ada nasi perang je. Nampak macam best je minuman dia

  6. Aduh, kalau Sis jujurnya mungkin Sis tak boleh nak telan kot hahahaha.. sedangkan beras perang tu je pun Sis kurang nak masuk tekak.. tapi baguskan untuk kesihatan...

  7. Ecobrowns dah ada koleksi minuman. Akak mesti beli punyalah sebab akak suka jenis minuman kesihatan macam ni.

  8. Wahhh... Dah ada dalam bentuk minumam pula ya. Femes juga brand ni. Nak try lah nanti.

  9. Wah best! now they also have instant drinks, i want to try their Brown Rice Drink

  10. I think i need this ecoBrown’s PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink. Same like you, i was in programming lose weight also. Lucky me i loss 7,2kg for two month. i just doing exercise/running 1 hour per day, yoga light 30 minutes every morning. I'm not diet, just counting calories. Minimum 300-400 kcal deficit per day. hehe


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