Come and Join Tun M and YEG Academy To Discuss Work and the Current Trend

Come and Join Tun M and YEG Academy To Discuss Work and the Current Trend | When Tun M (Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) agrees to spend some time online and share tips with the youngsters, especially the recent school-leavers, Your Education Guidance Academy (YEG) was more than head over heels and couldn't contained their happiness to welcome the prolific leader figure.

In the upcoming 'Educareer Pasca COVID-19 Bootcamp' that will take place on August 22, 2021, Tun M will have a casual chat with the host, Tengku Izwan Fareed on the topic 'Revolusi Pendidikan Tinggi Supaya Relevan Dengan Pasaran Kerja', starting at 10:30 am on all YEG Academy's social media platforms.

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Information about YEG Academy

Aiming to be the largest education and career platform in Asia by 2023, Your Education Guidance Academy (YEG) is wholly owned by YEG Academy (M) Sdn Bhd.

Officially started operating in 2018, YEG Academy helps and connects young students from M40 and B40 economic class to further their studies at the well-known and well-established public and private higher education institutions.

The company also consistently ensures young people are accessible to a complete education ecosystem which include to study and secure a job after graduation.

YEG Academy, based in Kota Damansara, Selangor, also guarantees that the additional learning syllabus related to digital economics is always updated and in sync to the current world circulation. 

EduCareer Pasca Covid 19 Bootcamp, YEG Academy, Fully Paid Industrial Training, Your Education Guidance Academy, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle

The YEG Academy hopes that the ex-Minister of Education could shed some light and tips with the participants of the boot camp. Based on a survey, some 90% students are regretting the major they chose in the higher education institution and the figure could share enlightening tips in facing the future.

The session will also be joined by Caprice (the famous entrepreneur and rapper) who will open the session by sharing his life ambitions and pursuing them. Some other famous personalities and celebrities that will be joining the bootcamp are Ernie Zakri, Wani Kayrie, Faiz Dickie, PU Amin and many more.

YEG Academy is the first online education and career platform in Malaysia to host such program.

Since August 2, 2021, YEG started live broadcasts on their program and received tremendous encouraging feedbacks about their sharing such as they are now able to consider about the accurate choice of majors, recognize their potentials, know the needs of the industry and much more.

According to the directors of YEG Academy, Mr. Hasan bin Ithnin and Mr. Azizulhakim bin Suhaimi, the purpose of this program is to help school and university leavers the right career that's relevant with the current industry. Thus, in return, will also reduce the country's unemployment rate.

"The bootcamp is to help the young school-leavers and those interested making the right choice while choosing their higher education institutions. And YEG has successfully assisted a total of 400 young people from 2018 till 2020 in continuing their study and building their career," says Hasan.

YEG Academy has also held this ‘virtual’ live broadcast session for free on its instagram page. In addition, this program also receives support from Tabung Haji, Fully Paid Industrial Training (LIBP), Innovative School of Management (ISM) and Aviation Career Malaysia.

"Considering that the current situation has left many young school and university leavers with no job and no reputable reference, YEG Academy decided to hold the session to share ideas and views for the first time with many famous figures, for free. The 21-day program is priced at RM1999 but we are hosting is FOC this year," added Azizulhakim.

With such great lineups and successful figures attending and sharing their life stories and their success journeys, YEG Academy certainly aims to further motivate the young ones in achieving their dreams.

"Their drive to success and their journeys to where they are now are the main reasons why we are having all these celebrities for the program. For example, Wani Kayrie has managed to get excellent results in SPM and Faiz Dickie has been a lecturer. Now with the title as famous figures on their belts, we believe we can inspire the young people who watch this talk session to go after their dreams. Not to be forgotten, Tun M who is indeed known to the world as one of the respected leaders. And we are sure that Tun M will be sharing lots of anecdotes with the young ones. They even get to ask Tun M during the program too" said Hasan again.

Interested to know more about the program? View their social media platforms now. 

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