Mom [Movie Review]

Mom [Movie Review] | I watched this one after watching several other Bollywood movies online. And Sridevi is starring in it too!

I remembered reading reviews online comparing this movie to several other movies, that somehow I could only remember a few. One of them is M4m4, a Malaysian movie where Nabila Huda starred in it and I reviewed it too. Another one is Kidnap with Halle Berry in it. 

And this week is gonna be about India's movies.

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Mom (2017) Trivia
  • Starring: Sridevi, Sajal Ali, Adnan Siddiqui, Nawazuddin Siddiqui & Akshaye Khanna
  • Directed by: Ravi Udyawar
  • Produced by: Sunil Manchanda, Naresh Agarwal, Mukesh Talreja, Gautam Jain & Boney Kapoor
  • Production companies: MAD Films & Third Eye Pictures
  • Distributed by: Zee Studios & BSK Film Network
  • Release date: July 7, 2017
  • Running time: 146 minutes
  • Rating: TV-MA 
  • Country: India
  • Language: Hindi
  • Tomatometer: 67%
  • Metascore: NA
  • IMDb: 7.3/10
  • It hit the silver screen on July 7, the same date that Sridevi debuted in the industry with her first release in 1967. 
  • This is Sridevi's 300th film and was released in the 50th year of her film career. Sadly, this was also her final movie before her death in 2018 (she was 54)
  • In the movie, Arya (Sajal Ali) keeps a photo of her biological mother. Ironically, Sajal Ali's mother passed away due to cancer when she was shooting the film. 
  • This is the first time that A.R. Rahman has given music for a Sridevi film. 
Mom, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Family, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM #Rawlins Lifestyle, Netflix

Mrs Devki is a popular but strict biology teacher. In one incident, a student, Mohit sends an offensive and lewd video to Arya and caught Devki's attention. When she learns that Mohit shared a lewd video, she confiscates the phone and throws it out of the window. 

Arya is Devki's stepdaughter who is distant and cold to her stepmother as she still cannot accept the loss of her mother (possibly death, despite Devki's numerous effort to approach her. 

In order to win Arya's heart, she reluctantly allows Arya to attend a party with her friends during Valentine's Day at a farmhouse called Zodiac Farms. At the party, Mohit tries again to court Arya but Arya's heart is set on another boy. Charles, Mohit's cousin tries to show Mohit how it is done by drugging a drink that he offers to Arya but was snatched by her friend. 

Hurt and embarrassed that Arya rejected him, Charles along with Mohit and two other guys, Joginder and Babu Ram (the security guard at Zodiac Farm), kidnaps Arya as she leaves the party. They rape her inside a car and dumps her in a drain, leaving her for dead. 

Meanwhile, Devki is frantic as Arya is not home after calling in a few hours earlier and her phone cannot be reached. She goes to the farm but couldn't find Arya and when she reports Arya's missing at the police station, it seems that nobody can do anything.

As she was leaving the station, a private detective, DK offers his service, to which Devki pays no mind. 

Arya was found by a passerby and brought to the hospital, barely alive. She undergoes various operations to save her life. When she finally comes to three days later, the police immediately takes her statement. 

Mom, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Family, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM #Rawlins Lifestyle, Netflix
Mom, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Family, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM #Rawlins Lifestyle, Netflix

Inspector Matthew quickly rounds up the attackers. However, the case falls apart when Asya was found to be drinking, according to the lab result, resulting in the argument that her memory is unreliable, the samples were recovered too late and were too weak to match the attackers. Thus, the acquaintance of the attackers. 

Devki loses her faith in the law and the police and seeks assistance from DK to get information about the attackers. 

One by one, the attackers get punished. 

Who is punishing the attackers? Will the law allows it?

Mom, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Family, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM #Rawlins Lifestyle, Netflix


Plot: 4.9/ 5.0 I was transfixed to the monitor the entire movie. I love the plot - how the mother devises her plan and execute them well. Be wary of mothers OK!

Man, I cried at the beginning of the movie when I saw how dedicated Devki is in winning Arya's love but Arya was literally being an ass towards her. 

Cast: 4.9/ 5.0 The cast was great - everyone including the attackers! 

Will I watch it again: Yes, and this time I wanna bring my crier-friends to watch it with me!

The pictures are taken from multiple sources on the Internet. Thank you.

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  1. Wow, interesting movie. Syu pun suka cerita bollywood

  2. Cite Bollywood pun ada yang best-best. Memang ralit je layan. Sedar-sedar dah sejam dua berlalu. Tapi rasa cepatnya habis.

  3. This movie I tau after M4M4 keluar kat Malaysia. Best tapi sedih. Lakonan Sridevi jarang-jarang mengecewakan. Tambah sedih sebab dahh tak dapat nak tengok lakonan terbaru dari beliau.

  4. Wow.....reading your review and your rating for this movie makes me want to watch it. This movie sounds interesting and intriguing. Thank you for sharing, Rawlins.

  5. Haaa movie macam ni sis suka kalau dapat menontonnya. Sridevi tu macam pelakon lama je. Pelakon hebat tu....

  6. ni bukan movie baru kan? rasanya i macam pernah tengok movie ni tapi tak ingat jalan ceritanya, yg ingat pelakon dia je..hehe

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Rawlins, Ruby dah tengok semalam. Sebab top 10 netflix. Hehehe. Cerita bollywood sekarang sinematografi dia hebat kan. Seimbang lah dengan jalan cerita. Cuma watak anak tiri dia tak dengar cakap dan trauma tu buat ruby menyampahhhhh. Dah la degil. Mak tiri tu punya risau pasal dia. Memang kau kau revenge sampai ganggu kerja polis. Haha. Last sekali tembak tiga das. Mampus pun penjahat tu. Fuhh satisfied!

  9. Ugh, I think this movie will make me furious over the injustice that so many rape victims have to go through. People discrediting them because they'd been drinking, wearing inappropriate attire, etc.

  10. Mula2 aku tgk cerita ni.. aku mmg dah rasa pompuan ni psycho.. okla cerita ni.. tapi ending mcm tu jer

  11. dah tengok movie ni. memang best yakmat. ini lah pengorbanan seorang ibu kan., tiada bandingannya.

  12. Yes, such an interesting movie but sadly Sridevi has gone early...

  13. Alahai Cantiknya Sridevi nie tengok mata dia tu menggoda ehhh..okay back to Mom movie review.. iena ade tgk movie nie kat top 10 netflix tapi tak tgk lagi. Bila baca review rawlin okay nanti ada masa boleh tgk.

  14. Baru tahu ini filem terkahir mendiang Sri Devi. Hari tu baru jer tengok cerita lakonan dia yang bertajuk Vinglish. Bestt , lakonan dia dalam cerita tu buat kita semanagat untuk tidak putus asa dan teruskan belajar biarpun kita akan dipandang rendah oleh ahli keluarga sendiri.

  15. Belum tengok, semalam layan dua movie sekaligus, The 8th tu dengan cite Hasneem tu, oaky malam ni boleh laa tengok walau banyak lagi tu list menunggu hahahaha

  16. okay nak tengok malam ni! hahaha harap tak tertidur sebab kalau ikutkan filem M4M4 memang sedih and best! nanti kite tag kalau tgok

  17. Interesting bah! Kena tengok ni. Sad to see girls been raped, etc and hopefully ada justice for them.. Nak find out the answer to ther case la..

  18. To my surprise this movie got high rating from you, the storyline looks interesting and i will check it out.


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