You Can Pay Using ShopeePay at Shell Now

You Can Pay Using ShopeePay at Shell Now | ShopeePay and Shell Malaysia officially announced today (July 23, 2021) that all motorists can start paying using ShopeePay mobile wallet at Shell stations nationwide for all transactions. 

ShopeePay, Shell, Shopee 8.8 Brands Festival, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle

YAHOOOOO! I am one of the loyal Shell users and now can get more savings and collect points too!

"Our site heroes continue to work on the frontlines, serving Malaysians' daily needs even during the lockdowns. Shell is committed to empower safe journeys for all Malaysians as they fuel up at our stations and enabling our customers to go the extra kilometre. Through our partnership with one of Malaysia's fastest growing mobile wallets, ShopeePay, we are adding an extra worry-free contactless payment experience at all participating Shell stations nationwide."said Shairan Huzani Hussain, the Managing Director of Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd and Shell Timur Sdn Bhd. 

I have fully converted all my shopping and paying for items, anywhere via contactless means and having ShopeePay in the list of the mobile wallets to enable contactless payment at my most favorite pump station, I am over the moon.

What's not to be excited about? 

First - it will be contactless - means less risk of exposing oneself to the cruel virus of Covid-19.

Second - using ShopeePay, I will get more savings if I were to explore Deals Near Me. And I get to collect more points, which later I get to spend on more items! Such a sweet deal, right?

ShopeePay, Shell, Shopee 8.8 Brands Festival, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle

"As Malaysians continue to stay vigilant, they are increasingly opting for contactless payment methods. We are seeing a growing adoption of our mobile wallet, ShopeePay which brings Malaysians a convenient, secure and rewarding payment experience both online and offline. On the Shopee app, ShopeePay users can also find the best offering in their vicinity from participating merchants through the location based feature, Deals Near Me where they can enjoy more savings while performing contactless payments." Alain Yee, the Head of ShopeePey further add on to the Shairan's statement. 

Yup. So very true that one gets to enjoy more savings while paying for items using ShopeePay. You can see that I have been enjoying and reaping the savings on Shopee via my instagram hightlights on Shopee Haul

ShopeePay, Shell, Shopee 8.8 Brands Festival, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle

To further sweeten the deal, from today till August 15, ShopeePay users will be rewarded with RM4 cashback when they spend a minimum of RM30 at any participating Shell stations.

And coinciding with the Shopee 8.8 Brands Festival, do visit Shell Lubes Official Store to grab Shell engine oils for motorcycles and mororcars at special prices.  

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  1. wah menarik ni boleh bayar guna shopee pay dekat shell..Mudah pakai e wallet macam ni. Lagi selamat time sekarang ni kan

  2. Waaa baru tau ni, bolehlah bagitau anak, sebab dia guna Shell, Sis guna Diesel euro5, Shell selalu takde.. but boleh guna dalam shop shell gak ek?

  3. Bagusnya ada ShopeePay kat stesen minyak. Harap lepas ni ada kat Petron pula. Ruby selalu top-up ShopeePay, bleh la guna dengan berhemah. Ahaha.

  4. yeayyyy, dah boles guna shopee pay di Shell, senang lah mcm ni, boleh reduce contact dan jaga penjarakan kan! makin kerap la i isi minyak di shell sahaja!

  5. Makin meluas dah penggunaan shopee pay ni ya. Senang lah bayar minyak pakai shopee pay je nanti.

  6. Thank you for sharing this!
    I am so going to share this with my family & hub! Save more!!

  7. Ohh wow...this is a good news as I always pump petrol at shell, now boleh guna shopee pay :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing


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