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Percy [Movie Review] | So, I just learned that the MCO is extended for another two weeks! So, here's to another two weeks of working from home. Yay!

I watched this movie because I saw Christopher Walken's name starring in it. I like his wise-old-man style of acting, so here goes. And this one is based on the true story of Percy Schmeiser, a Canadian farmer.
Percy, Percy VS Goliath, Biography, Drama, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle


Percy (2020) Trivia
  • Also known as Percy vs Goliath
  • Starring: Christopher Walken, Christina Ricci, Zach Braff, Luke Kirby, Adam Beach, Martin Donovan, Roberta Maxwell, Peter Stebbings
  • Directed by: Clark Johnson
  • Produced by: Daniel Bekerman, Ethan Lazar, Ian Dimerman, Garfield Lindsay Miller, Hilary Pryor & Brendon Sawatzky
  • Production companies: Deepak Kumar Films, Grasshopper + Marks Production, Mansa Productions, Productivity Media & Scythnia Films
  • Distributed by: Mongrel Media
  • Release date: Oct. 9, 2020
  • Running time: 99 minutes
  • Rating: PG13 (for some thematic elements)
  • Country: United States, Canada, India
  • Language: English
  • Tomatometer: 78%
  • Metascore: 56%
  • IMDb: 6.4/ 10
  • Christopher and Christine previously appeared together in Sleepy Hollow (1999).
  • Percy Schmeiser died on Oct. 13, 2020 - 4 days after the film's theatrical release. 
Percy, Percy VS Goliath, Biography, Drama, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle

Being a generation of farmers, Percy takes pride in his farm's yield yearly and cultivate his own seeds to ensure better yield each year. 

One day, he was served with a court order about unlicensed planting crops using Monsanto's patented genetically modified (GMO) canola. Confused by the accusations, he asked for assistance from almost everyone but nobody wants to assist him, in fear of the corporation ripping them apart. 

Jackson, an up-and-coming attorney in the town agrees to assist Percy in court, only to come out short after Monsanto presented proofs that Percy has been planting their seeds, without consent, for the past two seasons and now the corporation wants Percy to return the seed along with the sales of the yields for the past two seasons plus legal fees. It was stated in the corporation's legal statement that the usage of their GMO seeds, knowingly or unknowingly, will result in the yield's sales becoming the corporation's or facing being sued in court.

Percy, Percy VS Goliath, Biography, Drama, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle
Percy, Percy VS Goliath, Biography, Drama, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle

As Percy is positive that the seed might have fallen/ flown over from his neighbour's truck or farm, he insisted on facing the corporation on not giving in, despite Jackson's advice.

An environmental activist, Rebecca, comes to Jackson and Percy's aid with proofs that there are more farmers out there being 'scammed' by the corporation and lose their belongings, or worse, lives over the matter when the corporation presented the same claims.

In fact, there are farmers all over the world facing the same dilemma and hs no one to fight for their rights.

Can Percy's voice become big enough to bring down the giant?

Percy, Percy VS Goliath, Biography, Drama, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle


Plot: 4.4/ 5.0 It is a great story-telling that warms my heart when I learnt that Percy is actually facing a war that the farmers all over the world have been facing all this while with no one to defend them, or brave enough to be on their side.

And it teaches us to be extra careful and read the label when we buy items nowadays. 

Cast: 4.8/ 5.0 Splendid performance by Christopher and the rest of the cast. 

Will I watch it again: I don't mind watching it again. It is a good movie and it made me think 'what did I put in my mouth just now? Was it GMO?'

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  1. Memang ada konflik between petani dan petani lain di mana- mana ni nampak menarik dan semuanya tentang hati, tentang ditindas dan sebagainya kan...nak tgok la filem ni...akak suka citer2 macam ni

  2. menarik betul movie ni, kisah nya sama macam dunia realiti skrg. Antara petani pun ada yang bermasalah.

  3. Bila baca jalan cerita macam best je movie ni. Bila Rawlins bagi rate agak tinggi... Ok, memang kena tengok movie ni nampaknya. Nak tahu juga kesudahan nya macam mana.

  4. dari sinopsis dan review movie ni banyak moralnya so kena masuk dalam list untuk tengok.

  5. nice. i love movie involving court cases, investigations, judges... sebab suka nak tau apa hujahan yg mereka nak sampaikan. tq for sharing, rawlins.
    tapi tu la, kena tgk ni sendiri aje. anak2 minat citer horror or thriller je. selebihnya, dok la hadap drama kpop diorang hu hu hu...

  6. Mungkin kalau nak bandingkan dengan negara kita adalah petani haram kat Cameron Highland kot hehehehe.. Masa PKP ni dapat layan macam-macam movie pelik-pelik...

  7. Masih tidak begitu faham citenya mengenai apa, petani ya? Tapi sebab baja atau benih ke? Takpe nanti boleh masuk list, now tgh tgk Lupin ni..

  8. Banyak dah Rawlins share movie .. pelbagai genre . Suka sangat tapi tu la tak terlayan lagi sampai sekarang. Buat sementara waktu Sal masuk wishlist dulu nanti lapang sikit Sal layan. Btw jalan citer Percy ni not bad ...

  9. Ic.. Pasal GMO ni mmg issue skit kan world wide actually... Jahat Mosanto ni sebenarnya... Diorg buat GMO seeds ni actually pun x elok

  10. Jalan cerita macam menarik. Mesti sakit hati nanti tengok sebab ada unsur penindasan pada org susah. Nak ajak husband tgk sekali la. Dia suka cerita based on true story macam ni.


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