Every Breath You Take [Movie Review]

Every Breath You Take [Movie Review] |  The death of dear ones will affects you in a certain way and the movie explores the depth of the loss. 

I quickly clicked the movie on Netflix when I saw the label 'thriller'.

Every Breath You Take, Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Drama, Netflix, Family, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins Lifestyle, Rawlins GLAM


Every Breath You Take (2021) Trivia
  • Directed by: Vaughn Stein
  • Produced by: Richard B Lewis, Veronica Ferres, Morgan Emmery, Jean-Charles Levy
  • Production companies: Southpaw Entertainment, Construction Films, 13 Films, Fourward Entertainment, Trinity Film Financing, Vertical Entertainment
  • Distributed by: Vertical Entertainment
  • Starring: Casey Affleck, Sam Claflin, Veronica Ferres, India Eisley, Michell Monaghan
  • Release date: April 2, 2021
  • Running time: 105 minutes
  • Rating: R (for violence and language, and brief sexuality)
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Tomatometer: 57%
  • Metascore: 32%
  • IMDb: 5.0/10
  • Harrison Ford and Zac Efron were originally set to star.  
  • Was stuck in development since 2012. Went quiet until 2019 with a new title, director and cast. 

The movie start with Grace riding in a car with his son to a hockey tournament. They were sharing jokes inside the car before their car was hit by another vehicle. 

A few years later, the accident that claims his son's life put a strain on Grace's relationship with her psychiatrist husband, Dr Philip. Her stepdaughter, Lucy becomes a totally different person after that incident - from a top scorer student to being a rebellious teenager who jumps at any chance of misbehaving that leads her to being expelled from her prestigious boarding school. 

Dr. Philip's new technique in treating his patients was controversial but delivers great result. 

Every Breath You Take, Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Drama, Netflix, Family, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins Lifestyle, Rawlins GLAM
Every Breath You Take, Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Drama, Netflix, Family, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins Lifestyle, Rawlins GLAM

Dr Philip is treating Daphne, a patient who was suicidal but has managed to change her life and become a popular writer. Daphne has also mentioned to Dr Philip that she has left her abusive boyfriend and now leading a great life.

That was until one of her best friend and her support system died in an accident. Fearing that Daphne might become unstable again, Dr. Philip invites Daphne for more sessions with him. 

Later that night, when he was told that Daphne has committed suicide, Dr. Philip rushed to the scene and met Daphne's brother , James who was in town to visit her, all the way from the UK. 

Every Breath You Take, Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Drama, Netflix, Family, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins Lifestyle, Rawlins GLAM

Grace wants  to assist the distraught James through his sorrow times and offers her service to help sell Daphne's house. And the professional service evolves to something more intimate as her relationships with her husband were almost non-existence. 

Lucy falls in love at first sight when she saw James and when James seems to care for her a lot, more than her own father and her stepmother, Lucy sought comfort and more from James. 

Will Dr Philip allow James to interfere with his family's matter?


Plot: 4.0/ 5.0 The story premise was ok. The plot was quite predictable but it was a nice ride along the movie. 

Cast: 4.0/ 5.0 Everyone delivers - some might more than the other but still watchable. 

Will I watch it again: Not in the very near future. 

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  1. Wahhh nampak macam boleh tonton je movie ni. Rating Rawlins bagi pun tinggi ni. Boleh masuk dalam list.

  2. suka dengan filem filem drama dan dialogue heavy mcm ni. especially kalau ada casey affleck.

  3. Walaupun kurang suka dengan jalan ceritanya yang pasti banyak bermain dengan emosi tapi kalau dah rawlins kata ok means oklah . Paling tidak kena tonton sekali baru tahu kena dengan jiwa ke tak filem ni.

  4. walaupun jalan cerita (based on rawlins review) macam best jugak tapi bukan genre yang saya minat. hehe

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  6. Suka juga filem camni. Nanti nak tengok kat Netflix weekend ni. Menurut RawlinsReview macam best. In Rawlins we trust. Hahaha.

  7. Konflik sangat banyak ya Dalam cerita ni.. hahahaha. Tapi Aku mmg stress kalau Ada Bab curang. SBB Aku loyal tibehhh haha

  8. Nampak gayanya tengok sekali aje laa ya, then takde rasa nak tengok lagi.. ermmm takpe boleh cuba tengok nanti...

  9. Alaaa, kenapa mesti ada orang ketigaaa... eh, tiberr. hahaha, sis is kenot la kalau kisah konflik kekeluargaan macam ni. mesti meruntun jiwa.

  10. Boleh bikin stress ni rasa jalan cerita banyak konflik dalam family camni, tapi bagi saya lah. Thanks for sharing review nya.

  11. Wow, this movie pending for quite sometime also ya, but at the end finally it got released also.. (Y) Boleh tengok ni... interesting i would say..

  12. Kene tengok dulu baru tau best ke tak kan..hehee..Tapi mesti jalan cerita slow kan..Bab konflik2 ni memang boleh buat stress

  13. Hmm.. I love thrillers but I'm not sure if I like the storyline of this movie. Perhaps I'll give it a try anyway.

  14. okay boleh masuk dalam list untuk ditonton. banyak sangat filem dalam list skrng ni, tak sempat nk tonton :)

  15. thanks for the review. loving the unique plot that's going on and definitely need to watch this one soon!

  16. kalau rating tinggi ni boleh lah masuk dalam senarai nak tengok nanti bila bosan bosan takde keje nak buat kan :)

  17. wow i loikeee!hahaha cite ni best ke baby macam na pegi tengok je malam ni! sebab weekend kan

  18. Okayy kena masukkan movie ni dalam wishlist Netflix Faiq. Boleh layan hujung minggu


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