Horizon Line [Movie Review]

Horizon Line [Movie Review] | I watched this one right after I completed watching The Boat. And guess what? My fear of flying heightens when the movie ends. 

I remembered watching the trailer way back in 2019. It seems interesting then, so I gave it a go. 

Horizon Line, Movie Review by Rawlins, Thriller, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle


Horizon Line (2020) Trivia
  • Directed by: Mikael Marcimain
  • Produced by: Fredrik Wikstrom Nicastro
  • Production companies: SF Studios, Ombra Films, Subotica Entertainment
  • Distributed by: STX Films
  • Release date: Nov. 6, 2020
  • Running time: 92 minutes
  • Rating: PG-13 (for some strong language, bloody injury images, suggestive material/ partial nudity, smoking and brief drug use)
  • Country: Sweden
  • Language: English
  • Gross: $721,274 at global box office.
  • Tomatometer: NA
  • Metascore: NA
  • IMDb: 4.6/10

The movie started with Sara leaving Jackson for London without saying goodbye, as she hates goodbye. A few months later, she has to return to the same island where she left Jackson, this time to attend a friend's wedding. 

And there Jackson was, a scuba diving instructor at the island. And apparently, he still hates Sara for leaving him without any goodbye. Sara talks to Jackson as not to feel awkward during the wedding, which lead both of them spending the night together. 

Sara missed the ferry that will bring her to the wedding - an island about an hour's ferry ride from their current island. Not wanting to miss the wedding, she boards a local flight piloted by her old friend, Wyman. And coincidently, Jackson also booked the same flight. 

Horizon Line, Movie Review by Rawlins, Thriller, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle
Horizon Line, Movie Review by Rawlins, Thriller, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle

Jackson is mad at Sara for leaving without goodbye again that morning. Wyman invites Sara to be his co-pilot as he has taught Sara how to pilot a plane before. And suddenly, Wyman has a heart attack and passes away, sending the plane into a free-fall. 

Sara tries her best to manoeuvre the plane to safety. She managed to get assistance via the plane radio but was advised to fly through a storm. Somehow, Sara managed to get the plane through the storm.

Then they realised that the the radio is gone, the compass is damaged and the fuel tank is leaking - most probably damaged by the storm. Jackson climbs out of the plane to patch the fuel line. He succeeds to patch the line but breaks his arm in the process. 

Next, Sara tries to fuel the plane by some back-up fuel by climbing out of the window, and succeeds.

Horizon Line, Movie Review by Rawlins, Thriller, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle

Still losing fuel, they spots a small island and attempts to land the plane on the island. Sara fails in landing the plane safely and the plane crashes into the sea.

Sara manages to escape the plane and returns to save Jackson who was unconscious in the plane underwater. 

As they rests on the island, when the tide touches their feet, they realises that the island is just a sand bar that will submerge as the tide rises. 

Now with only a life-jacket on Jackson, both of them tries their best to keep their hopes up. 

Is their will to survive enough to keep them alive? 

Horizon Line, Movie Review by Rawlins, Thriller, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle


Plot: 4.9/ 5.0 Just when you think the situation couldn't gets any worse, the worse happened. Oh my. I was on my toes throughout the movie. And all my reasons for being afraid of flying justifies when watching this movie.

Sara is one tough girl and person - which I don't think I am. I will be the first to die if I was in her shoes. And the plot twists of the movie is sweet - you'll love it!

Cast: 4.8/ 5.0 I don't recognise any of the actors but man, they were committed to their parts. They delivered!

Will I watch it again: No because I don't want to be reminded again why I am afraid of flying. But the movie is really worth the watch. 

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  1. Wah setiap hari berapa filem you tonton ek...ada je review dari awak selalu...

    1. Saya tengok satu setiap malam sebelum tidur hehe

  2. Ruby rasa macam pernah tengok filem ni. Tapi bila tengok gambar, macam belom. Hahaha. Masalah betul kalau tekan Nerflix next movie tanpa sedar kita dah khatam beberapa filem. Hahaha. Next cerita apa Rawlins nak tengok? Akak tengok Sightless tu best betul. Takot tapi mcm puas. Hehehe

  3. kemain rajin sekarang eh review movie haha. mesti marathon movie. cite ni macam menarik je. rating tinggi tu

  4. rasa macam ada nampak kat NEtflix tapi nak kena cek balik betul ada ker tidak...by the way akak suka tengok cerita2 macam ni berbanding cerita hantu dan yang seram ....hahahaha

  5. Kita dah jarang tengok citer, movie2 ni. Kadang ade sehari tak on tv langsung. Bila baca review ni macam menarik. Nanti kita carikan masa utk layan movie n relax

  6. I think this movie is going to increase my stress level to 110%. Hahaha. I already have some phobia of flying following the plane crashes in 2014. I don't think I can sit through this movie. Great review though.

  7. Haa yaa Rawlins, semalam dah tengok separuh The Boat tu gan Suami dan anak-anak.. sebab Suami agak lewat balik, dah ngantuk, tutup tido.. nnti malam nak habiskan cite tu, then boleh tgk cite ni pulak...

  8. Perghhh.. Hebat rawlins. Rajin nonton. Sebelum tido ya? Kalau kak nina lepak sesaja pun dah tertido. HAhaa..
    Macam best movie ni, nak tonton laaa petang nanti

  9. thanks rawlin review movie ni. boleh la tengok nnt. sebab kadang2 blur nak pilih movie best apa yang di tonton .plot movie ni menarik, tapi tu la takut teringat2 kalau naik plane nnt

  10. Seramnya naik kapal pastu nak crush.. Paling lawk dia tak ucap goodbye kat kawn dia.. Hehee. Mesti ending ni selmaat kot.. Hehehe

  11. hahahahaha rawlin u ada misi untuk layan genre macam ni ke? I thought u akan tengok movie yang tenang lepas The Boat tu. Yang ni nasib baik pelakon dia dua orang

  12. Suspen gila baca sinopsis Horizon Line ni. Ending dia, both selamat lah kut kan? Pastu bercinta takde leaving without goodbye lagi dah hahahaha

  13. wow dont think i have ever watched a swedish movie before so this one is definitely on my list. the actor is so hensem omg!

  14. lama rasanya tak layan filem english yang latest. bole masuk dlm list to watch ni

  15. Dah lama tak layan movie, nanti nak check out coz nampak rating you pun tinggi.


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