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Hye guys. As any other normal human beings, I turned to Netflix to kill time during the CMCO (I stay in Selangor).

Movie Review by Rawlins, Visions, Horror, Isla Fisher, Rawlins Lifestyle, Rawlins GLAM, Netflix

The movie was suggested by Netflix as I have watched The Hauntings of Bly Manor. 


Visions (2015) Trivia
  • Directed by: Kevin Greutert
  • Produced by: Jason Blum, Matthew Kaplan, Robyn Marshall, Seth William Meier
  • Production companies: Blumhouse Productions, Chapter One Films
  • Distributed by: Universal Pictures
  • Running time: 82 minutes
  • Rating: R (For violence and some bloody scenes)
  • Box-Office: $1 million
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Tomatometer: 19%
  • IMDb: 5.3/10

Eveleigh wakes up in a hospital and remembers that she was in an accident, and the kid in the other kid was either injured or killed, before her husband consoles her to rest. 

A year later, Eveleigh and David moves to the country and reopens a vineyard. During the housewarming party, Helena Knoll, the top wine distributor in the area seems to be possessed in the couple's bedroom before storming out of the house when Eve tries to console her. 

Movie Review by Rawlins, Visions, Horror, Isla Fisher, Rawlins Lifestyle, Rawlins GLAM, Netflix
Movie Review by Rawlins, Visions, Horror, Isla Fisher, Rawlins Lifestyle, Rawlins GLAM, Netflix

When she starts to have nightmares and hallucinations around the house, David suspects it was because of the pregnancy. The doctor confirms David's suspicions and tries to give her medication to which Eveleigh refuses, afraid that it might harm her pregnancy. 

She then attend a yoga class for expecting mums where she quickly befriends another expecting mum, Sadie. 

When her visions intensifies, she reluctantly agrees to taking the medications and the visions stop. A few months later, Eveleigh stops taking the medication after Sadie advises her not to. And her visions return.

Movie Review by Rawlins, Visions, Horror, Isla Fisher, Rawlins Lifestyle, Rawlins GLAM, Netflix

Putting her visions together, Eveleigh suspects that David is in cohorts with others against her and her pregnancy. She visits the previous vineyard owner where she learns that her visions are premonitions and was predicted years before by the great-grandmother of the vineyard owner.

What are Eveleigh's premonitions about and will she survive the predictions?

Movie Review by Rawlins, Visions, Horror, Isla Fisher, Rawlins Lifestyle, Rawlins GLAM, Netflix


Plot: 4.0 / 5.0 It is a clever twist about the visions. Instead of visions, it was actually premonitions. Clever!

Cast: 4.3/ 5.0 I just love Isla. Sorry if that seems biased. But the cast delivered in the movie. Eva Longoria also stars in the movie. 

Will I watch it again: It is in Netflix - I might watch it again. 

The pictures are taken from multiple sources on the Internet. Thank you.

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  1. Issshhh horror giler tengok footage tu. Berani ya Rawlins. Patutlah Rawlins macam Fierce je jeling jeling. Hahaha

  2. okay kalau baby bagi markah almost full maksudnya memang best! okay nak tengklah jap lagi

  3. Alah takut lak nak tengok cerita ini. Tapi cerita dia macam best jew.

  4. Weii genre cte cam ni mmg jiwa i sangat i tak Netflix alaaa..nnt nk carik la cte ni

  5. haha i feel you, netflix is my best friend during the cmco too. thanks for sharing about this film!

  6. Kalo cerita seram, sisyat awal2 dah surrender. Tak mampuuu nak tgk 😅

  7. macam menarik je. nanti nak cari lah. alang2 wfh ni kan haha. thanks review

  8. yes! macam best cerita ni. tapi tak pernah jumpa pulak dkt netflix. okay nnti nak tgok. thanks rawlins for the review :)

  9. Menarik ni. Nanti nak tgk. Masuk dalam list yeszaa.. nanti aku inform best ke idok

  10. Ala suka sgt review horror movie so seram je baca taw. Almost 5rate makna memang seram btol ni

  11. Nice! This sounds more like a thriller than horror though. The bad guy is a person, not a ghost, is it? I personally like thrillers more, so this might be next on my list. :-)

  12. Menarik juga jalan ceritanya. Ada masa lapang nanti boleh tonton bersama keluarga.

  13. Baca pulak malam2.. Hahaha.. Nasib gmbr tak berapa nak seram sngt.. Cerita org putih horror mcm ni mesti best. Hey kene ade org teman la kalau nak tengok

  14. Rrview macam best je. Sonoknye boleh layan movie kat netflix. Tengah pk lg ni nak masukkan netflix

  15. Mygad,,, the poster looks scary tho.. Okay, I will need to include this in my Netflix list for this weekend then. Popcorn time..

  16. Menarik ni, kebetulan anak sulung tu ada, boleh ajdi teman nengok cite gini..kalau tak..memang payah nak fokus kalau layan sorang..

  17. Teringin nak tengok cerita ni tapi penakut. Baca review u pun okaylah at least ada gambaran sikit. Hehe

  18. Best klu tgk cite2 seram ni nti blhlah tgk, jln cerita pun dah seram mmg syok tgk ni.


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