Let It Snow [Movie Review]

Let It Snow [Movie Review] | The poster is very inviting - bloody snow and all. Of course I couldn't resist the temptation to watch it.

Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Let It Snow, Horror, Thriller, Rawlins Lifestyle

Then I realised that those are rose petals - which made me even eager to watch the movie.


Let It Snow (2020) Trivia
  • Directed by: Stanislav Kapralov
  • Production companies: Solar media Entertainment, FishCorb Films
  • Distributed by: Film & TV House, Grindstone Entertainment Group, Black Sheep Films, Lionsgate Home Entertainment
  • Running time: 86 minutes
  • Rating: R (For some bloody/ violent images and brief language)
  • The legend of the girl came from an urban legend in a red river where a young girl died when snowboarding out of bounds. 
  • Ivanna Skahno was trained by professional snowboarder Andrew Fogerson
  • Country: Ukraine/ Georgia
  • Language: English
  • IMDb: 4.0/10

A snowboarder knocked down another surfer who is a little girl and decided to just leave her there. And naturally, she died. 

A more present scenario, an American couple and also avid snowboarders wanted to celebrate their love by surfing on the Black Ridge. The front office assistant of the hotel advised them against their intention as there have been fatal accidents on the site that led to the closure of the site.

Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Let It Snow, Horror, Thriller, Rawlins Lifestyle
Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Let It Snow, Horror, Thriller, Rawlins Lifestyle

The boyfriend, Max insisted on visiting the site despite all the warnings. So, he requested a helicopter to bring them to the site. Everything was as they have imagined - until when Mia was separated from Max during a fog storm. 

Thinking that it was one of Max's tactics and surprise, Mia kept on looking for Max until she saw Max being tied and dragged by a snowmobile - then she realised that Max is kidnapped. And the driver of the snowmobile is going after her next.

So, a chase ensues between Mia and the snowmobile driver. 

Will Mia be able to rescue Max, and herself?


Plot: 2.0/ 5.0 At first, I was so awed by the beautiful sceneries depicted in the movie. Georgia is such a beautiful place to visit - but I wouldn't because I hate cold weather. The movie was a bit slow but I was still hoping that there will be hope. Then the scene where the boyfriend is being kidnapped - and I was very excited. 

Then it was all going downhill from there on - very little action, silent movie and no direction whatsoever. 

And then I cursed myself for staying throughout the movie. I wasted 86 minutes of my time to watch a movie with no ending.

Cast: 3.0/ 5.0 For a movie with a very little script and non-popular casts, the cast was quite OK. That was it. 

Will I watch it again: No, thank you.

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  1. love indie and slow burn movies. this one sounds interesting but get mediocre reviews. nak tgk lah nanti

  2. baby ni cite kat mana? wayang ke Netflix? hahah tengok tajuk pun macam tak best lol hahaha

  3. Bila u punya komen x nak tengok lagi buat i fikir kenapalah pulak...so nak tahu juga nie jadi akan tonton juga dan akan tahu best atau tidak nanti

  4. biula baca review rawlins mesti terpengaruh, sama ada terpengaruh nak tonton, atau sebaliknya. dah lama jugak tak layan movie2 terbaru ni.

  5. Okay, jalan cerita dan poster sumpah nmpk menarik tp bila Rawlins review ckp mcm tu, terus xjadi nk tengok. Mmg benci tonton movie yg xde ending nie. Buang masa

  6. Boleh masuk watchlist ni.. kadang-kadang tak tahu nak tonton movie apa..

  7. Nampak poster macam menarik. Baca review, kalau movie slow sikit ni, bosan lak nak tengok

  8. Masa first tengok trailer pun agak confuse juga, not attractive bah... But the tajuk and poster memang mengundang 😊

  9. Ok.. skip aku malas nak tgk.. sbb aku percaya review ko hahhahaha

  10. you are right, Georgia is very beautiful. but it's hard to stand for cold weather all year round hehe

  11. Tonton tak ajak kita pun hehehehe filem ni seram tak hehehe nak jerit satu panggung nampak macam ada mistik sikit dalam cite ni hehehehe..

  12. Jalan cite okay pernah tgk jln cite mcm ni.. skrg jrg tgk. Movir

  13. terer la rawlins ni asyik review movie saja.. kita suka.. atleast kita tak yah la tengok yang merepek2 kalau ikut kan review uols.hihi

  14. tengok cover movie ni pun takde nafsu nak tengok. hahaha. nasib baca review ni dulu


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