Why I Use HIAS?

Why I Use HIAS? | I hope everyone knows a fact that sunscreen is to be worn anytime, whether you are out and about or even simply just chilling at home.

Even at home?
Is this true or just a marketing trick to get people buying more sunscreen?

According to KEK Medicine of USC, even when one has no intention of going outside of his/ her home - one may still be harming one's skin and upping the rates of skin cancer even one did not wear sunscreen, indoors!

But I have installed glass throughout my home - there's no way the any could get inside my home - one might say. The fact is while glass effectively blocks most UV rays, it does not block all of them in equal measure as there are 2 types of UV rays - UVA and UVB. 

UVB rays are the principal cause of sunburns and linked to most skin cancers - they are much stronger and can directly damage the DNA in skin cells. 

The glass that you though are protecting you (at home, office or car) is design to block most UVB rays - but it does not offer protection from all UVA rays. Even when one is at home, 'safely' indoors, whenever one is standing near the window, one still runs the risk of exposure to UVA rays and potential skin damage!

So there you have it guys. Wearing sunscreen even one is indoor is not a myth - it is a must!
HIAS, sunblock lotion, Beauty by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, whitening lotion, SPF 50
And me being a guy who loves running outdoor and any other outdoor activities, wearing sunscreen is a MUST. I have been going through the racks/ cabinets at the malls looking for the right sunscreen for me. So, what do I look for when I choose my sunscreen?
  • It could be scented, but mildly scented. I don't want to be a walking/ running perfume counter while doing outdoor activities
  • I prefer cream and could be used anywhere - face and body alike. Much cheaper as I don't have to buy different creams for different body parts
  • Preferably waterproof - I don't want to ruin my look and clothes with the cream running down my face and body when I sweat.
  • No white cast, please. This is another important factor - I have encountered some sunscreen that made my face two shades fairer than my neck! And people could spot the differences from miles away.
  • Fast absorbance - so that I will not be spending lots of time rubbing it off hahaha.
As if sensing that I have been looking for sunscreen lotions to stock up, I came across HIAS Whitening Lotion - a locally made product that checked all my checklist, and some!
HIAS, sunblock lotion, Beauty by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, whitening lotion, SPF 50
HIAS, sunblock lotion, Beauty by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, whitening lotion, SPF 50
Still skeptical, I decided to try the lotion during my walks, run, at home, and while outing. Did I like it? Was it any good?

Price: RM49.90/ pack of 50 ml. That's quite affordable for lotions with SPF50. 

Range of usage: Very versatile. I used it on my face, hands, and necks - any part that is visible when I was outside of my home. And when at home, I rub the lotion all over my face and body. As it absorbs fairly quickly, I like it that it does not leave any white cast upon application. 

Stickiness: Not sticky at all. It absorbs very quickly with no oily stain at all. 

Waterproof: Yes, it is. Now, I could run/ walk/ enjoy my outing in peace with no guilt that the lotion will stain my clothes. 

Scented: It is mildly scented with rose. The scent stays but I love it that the scent is not overpowering or strong. 

Will I use it as my makeup base: Probably no because I prefer to use my moisturizer as my makeup base - but that's my preference and also because of the fact that my skin is very sensitive and I don't want to suddenly introduce other skincare product onto my skin. But one can use it as one's makeup base as it also contains Vitamin C & Vitamin E. 

KKM approved: Yes, it is. 
HIAS, sunblock lotion, Beauty by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, whitening lotion, SPF 50
HIAS, sunblock lotion, Beauty by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, whitening lotion, SPF 50
Where to get HIAS Whitening Lotion: Just contact them via Whatsapp (+6017 2422 362) or view it's IG (HIAS)

HIAS Whitening Lotion could be your next skin best-friend. I know it is mine now - I bring HIAS everywhere in my bag.

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  1. Baru tau kena pakai sunblock even dalam rumah. Suka tekstur hias ni yang tak melekit dan senang absorp. Boleh cuba sebab sunblock Qiss nak habis dah ni.

  2. saya sentiasa pakai sunblock tak kira luar atau dalam rumah. selagi kulit menerima sinaran matahari. good choice untuk pembelian

  3. sekarang memang akan pastikan pakai sunblock sebelum keluar rumah. mana taknya jeragat makin bermaharajalela. Pastu pastikan beli spf paling tinggi

  4. I love sunscreen! Pakai sunscreen selalu boleh mengurangkan hypigmentasi tau, sebab tu perlu pakai. Even duduk rumah siang hari pun Fana pakai.

  5. Dalam rumah pun kena pakai sunblock? Baru tahu...

  6. Harga sunblock memang mahal laaa Rawlins, memana brand pun, tapi Sis plak pakaging HIAS ni, mesra wanita gitu, ala pink kann..
    Yang Sis suka gak review Rawlins dia mesra wuduk dan ada bauan rose, biasa sunblock ni xde bau.. boleh cubalah sebotol nanti..

  7. Banyak sekarang suncsreen ni, ikut kulit mana sesuai.. Ni macam best juga.. Ada bauan rose tu sedap tu

  8. Betul Rawlins, ramai xtahu even dekat rumah pon kita kena pakai sunscreen. Dorg ingat bila keluar kena matahari je. Kita tahu kena pakai tapi kita x pakai. Larikkkkk

  9. Bestnya pemutih tangan secara semulajadi. Nanti bolehlah cuba hehe

  10. yes, wearing sunscreen is a MUST. So nice that HIAS Whitening Lotion comes with SPF 50 for sun protection too

  11. Thanks for introducing this new product, i like their packaging and will check out soon.

  12. I like this type of sunscreen. Act as makeup base too.

  13. Kalu jenis yg x sticky memang jadi pilihan AM.. Boleh la sambar satu cuba.. Lagipun sun Block yg AM guna dah nak abis..


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