Walking is the New Cross-Training

Walking is the New Cross-Training | I have been enjoying my walking routine, almost daily now, for almost a month now. I will be walking at least 3 - 5 km daily since I am still not ready to go back to the gym.

Thanks to a post by MyFitnessPal that further deepens my love towards walking - 5 Reasons Walking Is Your Cross-Training Secret Weapon.
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It is understood that when a workout becomes a routine, our body will not be making any more progress as the body has become resistant to the workout. That's a way our body telling us that we need a change form of movement. This is when cross-training is essential for our daily workout. 

What is cross-training?
It is athletic training in sports other than the athlete's usual sport. The goal is to improve overall performance. It takes advantage of the particular effectiveness of one training method to negate the shortcomings of another. 

Cross-training pairs different workouts as a whole to introduce our muscle to a new exercise and keep up our fitness thus making us a better athlete and even negate potential injuries. 

According to the article, there is no one perfect form of cross-training. A runner should try swimming and a cyclist should try yoga or even rowing. 

Walking should be heavily considered as another form of cross-training because of these benefits.

1) Strengthens Hips and Core
While walking, one is always generating (our hips) or absorbing force (our core). The faster one walks, the greater is the force that one generates. So, if done properly, walking provides a solid hip and core workout.

2) Low Impact
Walking is still weight-bearing, but it is gentler on the joints than running. A runner will find walking an attractive cross-training activity as it is qute similar. The more similar an activity resembles the one you're primarily training for, the more effective the cross-training will be. 
walking, health benefits, cross-training, health by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle

3) Very Interactive
This is another reason why I love walking in nature/ outdoor as I can enjoy my surroundings and meet new people. The view is always nicer as compared to walking on treadmills. Hey, you might find your better half there too (still hoping to meet one hahaha).

And it is quite hard to hold a conversation while swimming or doing zumba right? Haha.

4) 'No Excuse' Form of Exercise
There is no exact time for walking - it can be done as warmup, cooldown or even as a workout on its own. And can be done anywhere - at home, outdoor, while vacationing or when you need an excuse to get out from your house hahaha. 

As walking is a skill that people already have mastered, there is no chance one can say that one don't know how to do it. 

5) It Can Double as Recovery
It is a good form of cross-training. I usually walk during the weekends (before MCO) as a form of recovery after a week of cardio and other training in the gym. It gives my muscle, soft tissues, joints and mental well-being a break. 
walking, health benefits, cross-training, health by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle
What? Losing weight is not listed as a benefit of walking?
At my age now, losing weight is a much-desired bonus but being healthy is my main focus now. 
Walking is a no-fuss and no rush exercise that everyone can do, either alone or with family and friends. 

*Credit: The pictures are taken from sources on the Internet. Thank you.

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  1. Senaman senang, berjalan pun malas nak buat. Tapi nak sihat. Kena paksa diri buat cross training ni. Memula memang sakit badan la. Lepas tu dah sedap. Buat terus. Hehe

  2. berjalan senaman yang paling mudah tapi kadang ada jugak yang malas nak buat atau kekurangan masa. at least buat hujung minggu pun dah ok

  3. Kak melakukan senaman dengan memperbanyakkan berjalan sahaja sebab lebih ringan haha... ok la kan?

  4. Senaman yang permulaan kena step-step yang mudah dan ringan kerana tidak membebankan kita. Takut kita yang sakit sendi dan kejang urat. hehe

  5. Ada ek yang malas nak senam berjalan, makk aii dasar memang pemalas dah tu..
    Sis ko ni lagi le umur dah banyak, memang kena banyakkan senaman berjalan, kalau duduk aje manjang, yang rasa sakit lutut...

  6. Yeah walking can be quite effective and can bring us lots of benefits too. :) And it does help in reducing weight. :)

  7. yerlah..exercise paling simple yang orang master, berjalan. Kalau jalan pun malas, x tahu laaa.hahaha

  8. And yet, lots of people dont like to walk, even for just 5 minutes. Hahahaa. Walking is the easiest way to burn calories tau.

  9. Yep, walking is the best exercise ever. I also love walking. If not at the park, I will walk around my house. Hehehe.

  10. Betol tu no excuse. Ada je banyak cara senaman ringan. Paling mudah banyak berjalan. Terapi yang senang dan tenang je. Tak payah kusut kepala pikir nak push up. Haha

  11. Banya kelebihan senaman ni.. Tak smeestinya senaman tu buat yang berat2.. Ringan2 pun ada..

  12. Great sharing! And great activity! Hope I can have my walking routine as well!😊

  13. Senaman ni macam mana pun kena buat juga kan.
    Tak boleh malas malas. Kalau nanti dah sakit sakit badan tu macam mana.
    Good Rawlins..

  14. Walking is the simplest and best exercise we can do daily, keep it up

  15. jom rawlins nanti jalan2 sesama. saya pun suka jugak nak walking2 ni, tapi tulah, takda masa nak walking. :)

  16. Salam satu senaman yang mudah lagi simple. Akak parking kereta jauh sedikit dari sekolah anak just untuk aktiviti walking ni. Jadilah kan dari tak bersenam langsung.

  17. aku bab walking ni memang suka..sbb aku boleh berjalan satu mall setiap aras masih gegeh lagi hahaha

  18. Betul. Nak mulakan rutin exercise za selalu buat walking je dlu nak amk stamina lpastu baru buat senaman lain..

  19. tepat sekali. berjalan la puas puas dekat taman hehe. thanks ya for sharing


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