Should I Stretch Before Walking?

Should I Stretch Before Walking? | During MCO, since everything was closed, I had to resort to exercise at home. I referred to Adidas Training app (downloadable via App Store) for the right exercise regime. I love the app as I dictate how many times a week I want to exercise and it structured the right regime for my aim.
Now that the gym is opened, I am still a bit nervous about exercising with a pack of people. I know that the gym is practicing the required SOP but I think I will only come in in July. 

In the meantime, I still have to exercise so I walk. 

Walking might be one of the most underrated forms of exercise. In addition to benefits like heart health and weight loss, walking can also improve one's mood and cognitive health. Walking might not be as intense as other endurance sports - but after a long hiatus and a sudden jump into walking, I ended up with stiff muscles and joints.

Is this common? According to My Fitness Pal, stiff muscles and joints at the beginning are common.  

So, to prevent further injuries, we are advised to stretch before we start any exercise

Why Stretching?
The primary purpose of stretching is for mobility ie the ability to move the joint actively through a range of motion. It could also improve flexibility

Stretching The Right Way
Is there a right way to stretch? 
There are two types of stretching - static and dynamic. And I found a dynamic stretching that could enhance every training session here [Dynamic Stretching]. 

Ideally, we are advised to dynamically stretch in order to temporarily increase range of motion, blood flow, and circulation and prep our body for activity that will reduce the risk of injury. 

An example of dynamic stretching? While performing a squat, hold down at the bottom or end-range for a few seconds. But, holding a stretch for a long period of time in a static manner can actually be harmful, particularly if you're stretching to pain or attempting to stretch an acute injury. 

Should I Stretch Before or After A Workout?
It is important to warm up the muscles dynamically and it can also be incorporated into the routine post-workout to improve mobility.

Research by Utah State University shows that static stretching downregulates the nervous system ie suitable as a cooldown, while dynamic stretching as warmup helps to increase speed, power and agility among participants of the research. 

Some Dynamic Stretches to Try
As I want to walk prior to coming back to the gym, I was advised to concentrate on warming up my entire lower body part prior to walking.

Some of the recommended dynamic stretches:
  • Hamstring scoops
  • Quadricep pulls
  • High-knee pulls
  • Glute pulls
  • 90/90 Hip Lift
  • Wall Ankle Mobilization
  • Lateral Squats
  • Walking Spiderman Lunges
  • Squat to Stand
90/90 Hip Lift
Wall Ankle Mobilization
Lateral Squats
Walking Spiderman Lunges
Squat to Stand
So, the conclusion is, it is necessary and important to stretch so that the muscles will be ready for the upcoming workout - any workout.

Remember: Stretching makes it easier to maintain proper form and increase walking speed/ training without risking injury. 

Be safe guys.

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  1. Chapter two is based on the subject matter of evolution and trends of sports management thought. vertical jump system

  2. Oh tak tahu pun sebelum berjalan ada streching bagai ni.

  3. squat to stand tu macam selalu buat je masa nak membuang hahaha sekarang ni selalu buat lateral squad pastu lompat bintang

  4. True......stretching is important before walking. That’s what Anna Renderer said. If you love stretching you should check out Anna Renderer workout videos on YouTube. She have loads of stretch workout videos. I followed her workout.

  5. Yes its better to warm up wirh dew stretches before tou perform other fornsbod exercise be it walking too.

  6. Baru tau nak walking pon kena stretching. Yg tahu sebelum workout je kena stretching

  7. Baru tau berjalan pun kena stretch. Biasa sblm bersenam je. Tapi kalau ikutkan berjalan pun 1 senaman jgk. Good info!

  8. Memang akan buat streching ni.. Sebab nak regangkn otot yang sakit2 ni..

  9. This is interesting... now only I know that even to perform walking would need some stretching... good info sharing indeed... I will definitely try this out...

  10. thanks for your tips. The Adidas Training app sounds good to download for the right exercise regime. I will check it out too

  11. It's important to learn the correct way of exercise to avoid injuries.


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