Gretel & Hansel [Movie Review]

Gretel & Hansel [Movie Review] | I grew up reading all these fairy tales from all over the world - Baba Yaga, Hansel & Gretel and many more. 
Gretel & Hansel, Movie Review by Rawlins, fairy tale, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
So when I see Gretel & Hansel is out in the nearest cinema, my friends and I decided to watch it, hoping to have some scary eerie time together. That's just we roll. Haha.

Gretel & Hansel Trivia
  • Directed by: Oz Perkins
  • Produced by: Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Fred Berger
  • Production companies: Orion Pictures, Automatik Entertainment, Bron Creative
  • Distributed by: United Artists Releasing
  • Running time: 87 minutes
  • Rating: PG-13 (For disturbing images/ thematic content and brief drug material)
  • The title was changed because this version focuses on Gretel. They wanted Gretel to be older so that it will be Gretel having to take Hansel everywhere.
  • Budget: $5 million
  • Box-Office: $6.1 million
  • Tomatometer: 55%
  • Metascore:64
  • IMDb: 5.7/ 10
The movie started with Gretel attending an interview, leaving his little brother outside the house. During the interview, she was asked if she is still a virgin. The question pisses her off and she storms back to her house with her little brother running after her behind her back.
Gretel & Hansel, Movie Review by Rawlins, fairy tale, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
At their home, her mother asks her about the outcome of the interview. When her mother learns that she failed the interview, she suddenly becomes aggressive and threatens to kill her and her brother if they did not run out of the house. 

'You'll die if you stay here. Dig yourselves some pretty little graves.' she says. Gretel would have stayed if not for her deranged mother put an ax on the dinner table. 

Together the siblings run out of the house, not knowing where to head. When they tried to look for shelter in an old house, they encountered a creature that was about to kill them, if not for the assistance from a huntsman, who later gave them shelter and food for the night. 
Gretel & Hansel, Movie Review by Rawlins, fairy tale, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Gretel & Hansel, Movie Review by Rawlins, fairy tale, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
The next day, he sends them on their way to the mountain people, reminding her, again and again, to keep to the tracks and do not wander off.

When Hansel smells the sweet smell of cake in the forest, there was nothing that Gretel could do to stop her brother. They broke inside the house where the smell originates from. There was food inside and Hansel, as the one who broke into the house, tried to steal some food. And then he got caught by the house-owner.

It turns out Holda is the old lady who owns the house and she offers them shelter and food if they stay with her. All seems good but when Gretel keeps on having bad dreams about the owner and the house, she started to question and look around. 
Gretel & Hansel, Movie Review by Rawlins, fairy tale, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
What will she find?
Is Holda all that she shows, or is there more to her than what she appears to be?

Plot: 2.0/ 5.0 Not that I was looking for the exact same fairy tale that I have been reading growing up as I know that production houses are shooting the fairy tales from different angles nowadays, most of the time, darker than dark. But this one totally got me confused with the storyline, who is what, and when. And the narrative didn't actually help to straighten it. Perhaps less is better - rather than putting too many elements into this one, they could have done better with just a bit here and there.

Cast: 3.5/ 5.0 The cast is quite great. So I think their skills were underused and underutilized.

Will I Watch It Again: No, thank you.
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  1. Hansel & Gratel ni pernah la dengar cerita ni masa kecik2 dengan derang makan rumah yang diperbuat daripada coklat tapi yg ni Gratel & Hansel pulak ye Rawlins?. Mungkin nak kena tonton juga ni.

  2. I memang nak tengok sangat cte ni sebab yg pertama dulu best! Dah la mmg dr kecil cte hasel n gratel ni antara favourite i hehe

  3. Haritu mcm nk hmpir tengok dh cite ni. Macam best je kan. Boleh la proceed. hehehe

  4. pernah tau kisah dua beradik ni masa kecik yang makan umah coklat smua tu.. tapi versi yang macam gini pergh nampak seram pun ada.. rasa best gak kalau tengok ni.. nnti leh pertimbangkan

  5. Will recommend to my friend who love scary movie.. Not for me.. I takut.. Btw thank you for your review.

  6. Ingatkan sekuel Hansel & Gretel..rupanya lain. Alaaa tak best ke? Nampak macam ok. Apa pun sis nak pergi jugalah tonton.

  7. macam pelik je jalan cerita dia plus what kind of interview Gretel has to sit sampai mak dia marah sangat? Tengok rating Rawlin, mungkin tak tengok plus horror movie hollywood sekarang merepek

  8. Macam menarik sgt..i memang suka cite hantu nie..bole pergi tengok nie..tq for your review :))

  9. kita belum tengok lagi. teringin jugak nak tengok movie ni sebelum ni. tapi ramai pulak kata jalan cerita dia slow.

    1. Saaaaannnnngggggggaaaaaatttttt sssssssllllllloooooowwwww

  10. Sinopsis cerita ni nampak menarik tetapi bila u kata tak nak tgk lg mesti boring kan?

  11. Cerita sram ke..banyak ceriat hollywood nad tertinggal ni..takpela nanti kita tengok..

  12. I used to watch n read about hensel n gratel... But yeah pretty sure i know why the call this as gratel n hensen... Sebab plot tunggang langgang n memeningkan kepala ya dak rawlin... Teringin nak tgk but after reading ur review.... Next la kita tgk free punya dekat astro nnt2

    1. Correct. Memang totally different from what we read. Worth tunggu kat Astro je ye

  13. menarik citer ni. ingat lagi dulu2 memang baca cerita ni kan. dari kindy lagi memang ada baca buku ni.

  14. Tau kisah dongeng fairy tale citer ni masa kekecik dulu la...blom pernah tgok film lagi..nanti boleh tgok ni

  15. Alaaa tak best ke? Baru tadi duk usha trailer dia. Ingat nak tengok.


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