The Bravest [Movie Review]

When your friend gave the movie The Bravest a rate of 7/10 in his review, it is very hard to ignore that mark and not watching the movie. 
The Bravest, Movie Review by Rawlins, Lie huo ying xiong, Action, Drama, Rawlins GLAM, Mandarin, The Xingang Port Oil Spill
The movie is actually based on a true event, The Xingang Port Oil Spill that happened in 2010.

The Bravest Trivia
  • Directed by: Tony Chan
  • Produced by: Andrew Lau, Li Jinwen
  • Production companies: Bona Film Group, Asia-Pacific Chinese Film (Beijing) Pictures Co. Ltd. 
  • Running time: 120 minutes
  • Rating: PG13 (for intense disaster sequences and related injury images)
  • IMDb: 5.5/ 10
Captain Jiang Liwei was fired after a rookie firefighter died in a rescue mission led by him. Captain Ma Weiguo replaces him in the team. His father, a firefighter veteran, still thinks that his accomplishment is accidental and not worthy of a compliment.

When the oil pipeline of Xingang Oil Port exploded, all forces were called to assist in putting out the explosion as the pipeline was going to the largest tank. If the tank explodes, the explosion might causes the chemical tanks next to it explode too and it will causes a much bigger explosion (at least as big as a destruction causes by 20 atomic bombs - as estimated by Wang Lu). 
The Bravest, Movie Review by Rawlins, Lie huo ying xiong, Action, Drama, Rawlins GLAM, Mandarin, The Xingang Port Oil Spill
The Bravest, Movie Review by Rawlins, Lie huo ying xiong, Action, Drama, Rawlins GLAM, Mandarin, The Xingang Port Oil Spill
The fire keeps on getting bigger and it seems that all the odds were falling into pieces - making the rescue mission a hard and dangerous one. 

Will one sacrifices one's life to save other?
The Bravest, Movie Review by Rawlins, Lie huo ying xiong, Action, Drama, Rawlins GLAM, Mandarin, The Xingang Port Oil Spill

Plot: 3.9/ 5.0 It is a good movie to watch but when you kinda have some knowledge about science and how fire spreads, you will leave the hall feeling kinda 'I think there's something wrong with that movie'. Believe me that you'll shed some tears too and you'll laugh too (at some points - it might be funny or you know that's not how it works) but yes, mr friends and I left the hall with questions - lots and lots of it. The effects were magnificient!

Cast: 4.3/5.0 They all delivered, some might gave more and as a young kid, the boy have rooms for improvements.
Will I watch it again: Not in cinema, but at home, perhaps.
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  1. I do sometimes watch chinese movie though. This review is also not bad, will definitely go watch it !

  2. Wah quite a nice movie.. Can watch but at home also lah.. haha.. Thanks for sharing your review!

  3. jarang i tonton chinese movie ni..selalu tgok di rumah jer..if this movie dh ada dlm tv..bolehlah tonton sambil mkn homemad popcorn 😄

  4. Akan tgok chinese movie di wayang kalau pelakon nya Jackie Chan.hahaha

    macam saspens je filem ni. Tapi bagus cerita macam ni sebab buat kita tahu kerja bomba ni memang berisiko tinggi dan mereka sanggup gadaikan nyawa utk selamatkan nyawa lain..Semoga tuhan sentiasa rahmati ahli bomba..

  5. Sure effect gempak kan .. lama dah tak layan Chinese movie . Zaman muda dulu rajin gak , nak kalau ada action movie . Nanti nak throwback balik la movie mana yang penah tengok

  6. Ohh cite mandarin ker hehehehe kita kurang sikit tapi kalau menarik dan ada letop-letop ni macma kena pergi tonton jer menarik juga jangan banyak sembang sudahlah hehehehe ok lah nanti Rawlins belanja kita tonton yer wakakaka..

  7. selalu tengok cerita china dekat tv jarang..nampak best cerita dia ni..nampak banyak aksi ni..braviest , tajuk pun dah berani, mesti hero nya berani buat apa sahaja..gituu

  8. Wowww.....!! tak tahu pula ada movie nie...

    Nampak macam menarik je.. Kira lagi ok kan dari drama abang bomba dekat tv tue kan

  9. macam nice nk tgk ni. genre yang tak berapa sarat untuk fikir. ehehe. kalau keluar kat tv nanti boleh tengok. mesti teringat kat rawlins.

  10. Filem action ni.....mesti best jaln cerita dia...boleh nanti ajak ank bujang p tgk cerita ni...

  11. i watched this movie d... quite nice.. and touching.... worth a watch... bravo to all the heroes!

  12. TB suka gak cerita-cerita macam ni.. yang penting setiap jalan cerita dia kita faham dan ada pengajaran.. hehehe..

  13. Thanks for the review. Dah lama tak tonton filem mandarin. Tambah2 genre sebegini, mmg saya suka. Bolehlah tonton nnti dirumah.

  14. Cerita keluarga mmg susah nak tackle kat layar perak. Sesuai tontonan di tv sahaja. Btw tq for the review

  15. Kita jarang la nak layan movie chinesse.
    Kalau dah dibuka, kita layan aje.
    Kalau movie omputih tengok la jugak.

  16. Okay masuk cerita ni dalam list nak tengok. Seronok ni dapat layan dekat rumah dengan keluarga.

  17. Wow! Live or death in fire. This movie can really make me think on the important of a human life and really need to appreciate our family members. Nice movie review!

  18. i guess they didnt do enough research about fire kot sebab tu banyak benda kita boleh persoalkan. but anyway, suka jalan cerita dia. nampak best. nanti nak tonton jugaklah


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