Ready or Not [Movie Review]

Ready or Not [Movie Review] | Truth be told, I accidentally came across the movie trailer by accident. I was watching a movie in a cinema when the trailer came on and I was wondering 'Why am I not aware of this movie?'
Movie Review by Rawlins, Ready or Not, Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Adam Brody, Samara Weaving, Rawlins GLAM
So, during one of my outing by myself, I just bought the ticket and watched it all by myself.

Ready or Not Trivia
  • Directed by: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett
  • Produced by: Tripp Vinson, James Vanderbilt, Willem Sherak, Bradley J. Fischer
  • Production companies: Fox Searchlight Pictures, Mythology Entertainment, Vinson Films
  • Distributed by: Walt Disney Pictures, Motion Pictures
  • Running time: 95 minutes
  • Rating: R (for violence, bloody images, language throughout and some drug use)
  • Six of the methods of murder available in the various editions of the board game "Clue" were used in the film
  • With the exception of Grace, Daniel and Becky, the rest of the Le Domas including Fitch and the butler, Steven was played by Canadians. Grace is Australian
  • Budget: $6 million
  • Box-Office: $33.3 million
  • Metascore:63
  • IMDb: 7.2/ 10
  • Tomatometer: 87%
The movie starts with two boys witness the killing of a man who is married to their aunt. And one of the boys, Daniel actually assist in finding the man when he was trying to hide from a group of people, who apparently was looking for him and trying to kill the groom.
Movie Review by Rawlins, Ready or Not, Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Adam Brody, Samara Weaving, Rawlins GLAM
Please find your own hiding spot
Fast forward to years after, one of the boys, Alex is now grown up and ready to tie the knot with the girl of his dream, Grace. During the ceremony, Grace is spooked up by the stern look that Alex's aunt gives her.

During the midnight of her wedding, Grace was called upon together with her groom to assemble in the family hall to play a family tradition. There, Grace draws a card from a mysterious wooden box that has been in the family for generations. Tony, Alex's father explains that his great-grandfather, Victor Le Domas, made a deal with a man named Mr. Le Baik where Le Bail would help create Le Domas fortune if the Le Domas family established the aforementioned tradition.

Grace draws a card that has 'hide and seek' written on it. Although Alex wants her out and not participating in the 'game', believing that the 'game' is harmless, Grace willingly participates. Furthermore, one the 'game' is done, she'll become a part of the tradition too, soon.
Movie Review by Rawlins, Ready or Not, Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Adam Brody, Samara Weaving, Rawlins GLAM
We are supposed to hunt our own food, in these formal dresses?
Movie Review by Rawlins, Ready or Not, Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Adam Brody, Samara Weaving, Rawlins GLAM
I guess a typical wedding dress and jewellery are out of question now
Once Grace was out from the room looking for a place to hide, the Le Domas starts to select their antique weapon of choice. Alex sneaks out from the hall via the secret passage that runs through the Le Domas' mansion and manages to catch Grace in their bedroom. In the midst of him explaining the truth about the game, Emilie (Alex's eldest sister) comes into the room and accidentally kill one of the maids. Hiding beside the bed, the pair hears all about the objective of the game of 'hide and seek' which is to find Grace and have her killed before sunrise.

Realising that her groom has lied to her all this while and that her life is at stake, Grace tries her best to find the best hiding place and stay alive until sunrise. 

What will Grace do when hiding is not the best option in staying alive?
Movie Review by Rawlins, Ready or Not, Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Adam Brody, Samara Weaving, Rawlins GLAM
Am not complaining, but is this the latest trend for wedding make up?

Plot: 4.9/ 5.0 When I first watched the trailer, I had my hunch of who is the villain in the movie. There were curveballs in the movie that totally shattered all my guesses. And when the movie ends, you'll leave the cinema hall with more questions and I have a hunch that there'll be a sequel soon. 

There will be lots of bloody scenes and please don't bring your young and tender kids to this one. 

Cast: 4.8/ 5.0 The cast delivered their parts beautifully. No complain whatsoever here. The cast was not popular but there were some faces that are very familiar. 

Will I watch it again: Yes, I don't mind watching it again with the right companion. 
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  1. suka tgk citer yang thriller macam ni..suspense...

  2. Wah!! Mcm menarik.. Leh la AM ajak adik AM tgk filem nie kat wayang hujung mggu nie. Thanks atas info ya rawlin.. 😍😍😍

  3. alamak! cerita saspens & thriller .rate 4.9/5 star memang betul2 boleh menggocang jantung eh..kalau orang belanja pun saya tak nak tengok.takut.hahahah

  4. saya memang suka cerita thriller macam ni, baru tak bosan dan dan jemu menontonnya. boleh tahan kos nak buat cerita ni ya, sure jalan ceritanya best. yup betul tu rawlins, saya pun kalau dah suka cerita tu memang akan tengok berkali kali

  5. Yeah. Already watch. Boleh tahan nerves layan dia punya jalan cerita ni. Baru ingat nak happy ending. Sekali haha. Yang belom layan, meh layan cerita ni. Worth it

  6. Ramai cakap plot twist cerita ni, macam kena tengok jugak ni

  7. Wah, ni kalau tengok mmg tak senang nak duduk ni ... Mesti plot twist best ni.. Tak kisah femea ke tak pelakon tu asalkan boleh bawa watak dgn baik, mesti syok layan.

  8. Suspen nya.. dah lama x tengok movie thriller macam ni.. sure banyak suspen dan nebes nak tunggu next day tu..

  9. Wahhh!! Nak kena tonton ni. Nampak menarik jalan ceritanya. Tak klisye & sgt berbeza dgn apaa yg ada sebelum2 ni. Thanks for the review.

  10. Mesti suspen cerita dia ni kan.. Nak tau juga apae dibuatnya.. Nampak berbeza cerita ni.. Kisah family in law kan..

  11. Ayat last What will Grace do when hiding is not the best option in staying alive tu bikin penasaran sgt tau. Dgn rating pun 4.9 & 4.8,mmg mesti tengok movie ready or not ni...

  12. hahaha gilerrr ...tengok teaser pun dah sakit jantung ...orang baru khawin ajak main game bunuh2...such a crazy family.....

  13. uih. suspen ni. kalau dah ada kat tv nnt boleh layan. kalau nk ke pawagam rasanya dengan sound tu boleh luruh jantung.

  14. Wowowo. Nmpak macam best je citer ni. Mesti byk giler suspen ni. Macam nak tengok je. Iza suka jugak tgk cerita sakit jantung ni.

  15. cerita movie paling scary BBL tengok tahun ni. bapak ah game pelik macam ni boleh wujud. balik tu terus mengigau. hahaha suspen & scary tahap dewa


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