Rambo: Last Blood [Movie Review]

I grew up watching Rambo on VCR, VCD and DVD with my father and my uncles. They are so into the action and soldier flicks and Rambo was kinda a hero that everyone loves watching.
Action, Sylvester Stallone, John Rambo, Rambo Last Blood, Rambo, Movie Review by Rawlins,
When I read rave reviews about Rambo: Last Blood, I know that I have to watch it for myself. 

Rambo: Last Blood Trivia
  • Directed by: Adrien Grunberg
  • Produced by: Avi Lerner, Kevin King Templeton, Yariv Lerner, Les Welcon
  • Production companies: Millenium Media, Balboa Productions, Templeton Media
  • Distributed by: Lionsgate
  • Running time: 89 minutes
  • Rating: R (for strong graphic violence, grisly images, drug use and language)
  • At 89 minutes, this is the shortest film in 'Rambo' series.
  • The first Rambo movie where Sylvester doesn't have long hair.
  • Budget: $50 million
  • Metascore:29
  • IMDb: 7.1/ 10
  • Tomatometer: 30%
John Rambo (John) resides on a ranch with his friend, Maria and her granddaughter, Gabrielle. In his free time, he sometimes assists with the search and rescue party around the area and teaches Gabrielle how to ride horses. It seems that he keeps himself occupied with all these activities to silent the guilt of not being able to save his friends during his war era.

Gabrielle found out from her friend, Jezel that her father, Miguel resides in Mexico. After her request to look for her father being denied by Maria and John, Gabrielle decides to still search for her father - just to know why he left she and her mother. Heartbroken after being told by her father, face to face, that he left because she and her mother meant nothing to him, Gabrielle lets Jezel takes her to the local night club. There she was drugged and kidnapped.
Action, Sylvester Stallone, John Rambo, Rambo Last Blood, Rambo, Movie Review by Rawlins,
When John and Maria learns about Gabrielle being kidnapped, John drives to Mexico and confronts Miguel and Jezel. Jezel brings him to meet with El Flako, the last man that talked to Gabrielle. El Flako brings him to Gabrielle's location, where he was ambushed and beaten by the cartel's member. Carmen, an independent journalist who has been tailing John, brings the almost dead John to her house to treat his injuries.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle is now being treated miserably by the heads of the cartel, Victor and Hugo Martinez as an example to the other kidnapped girls. She was drugged and used as much as the cartel wants. 

When John regains his consciousness, he learns that Carmel's sister was also kidnapped and murdered by the cartel. Not wanting the same fate befalls on Gabrielle, John raids one of the brothels owned by the cartel and brings the heavily drugged Gabrielle home. On the way, Gabrielle dies of overdose.
Action, Sylvester Stallone, John Rambo, Rambo Last Blood, Rambo, Movie Review by Rawlins,
Action, Sylvester Stallone, John Rambo, Rambo Last Blood, Rambo, Movie Review by Rawlins,
After setting up traps and sending Maria away from the Ranch, John returns to Mexico and raids Victor's house - leaving his decapitated body for his brother Hugo to find in the morning. Of course, Hugo wants revenge.

At his age, will John be able to defend his family?

Plot: 4.8/ 5.0 This one is much better written and directed than the ones before this. I truly enjoyed watching this one. 

Be warned that there are gory scenes and blood everywhere. 

Cast: 4.8/ 5.0 Thumbs up to the actors. Sylvester manages to bring tears to my eyes - the Martinez brothers really make me mad.

Will I watch it again: I don't mind watching it again with the right crowd.
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  1. uihhh...dah lama Rambo x berlakon. ini muncul movie pulak tu. Nampak sangat muka dia dah tua. still kuat berlawan..fuh..

  2. Lama nya tak tgk movie. Kalau ada peluang nak tgk juga ni.

  3. Fuhhh Rambo dah kembali? Ni citer zaman saya kanak-kanak dulu nihh. Selalu layan dolu2 sebab ayah saya minat cerita action lawan2 cam Rambo. Mesti best. Tinggi markah plot tu hehe.

  4. Rambo ni pernah tengok cerita dia dan paling sinonim dengan pelakon Sly ni. Larat lagi Sly berlakon dari zaman saya kecik lagi. Dah namanya Sly ni hero selalu dia akan berjaya dalam pertarungan.

  5. wah rawlins dah tengok rambo eh? BBL belum sempat lagi nak tengok. ingat lagi waktu kecik memang hujung minggu selalu pergi rumah sedara tengok movie rambo.. acah jadi rambo gituh

  6. Fuhh lama tak tengok movie. Rambo ni citer zaman dulu and buat comeback ke? Masa kecik, tak penah tahu pulak cerita ni. Macam menarik juga cite ni.

  7. Wow!!! Rambo is back in action sehhhh... cerita otai ni... masa tengok dulu kecik lagi, belum sekolah gitu... the storyline nampak menarik... memang membantu review Rawlins ni... nanti cuti nak cari masa pergi tengok...

  8. Memang nak tgk Movie ni hari tu, tapi time tu bawak anak dara tak lepas masuk umur bwh 18 jadi tak ada rezeki... ada masa nanti nak gak tgk kalau masih ditayangkan.. suka movie Rambo sejak kecil lagi.

  9. Aku tak
    Pernah lagi tgk cerita rambo. Tapi cerita ni mmg terkenal dgn skill lawan2 yg hebat. Tapi yg latest nmpk menarikla

  10. Mesti penuh panggung kalau gini. Nak gi tengok jugaklah.

  11. Wahhhhh first blood berakhir dgn last blood. Kene ajak suami tengok ni. Sbb suami nur peminat tegar cerita rambo dari 1st blood lagi. Yg kelakarnya suami percaya dgn cerita/gosip rambo (real life) dah mati. Hahaha

  12. Fuhh lama dh tak tgok lakonan dia ni. Still badan mantap lagi ekk.Minat gak lakonan dia ni. Nanti nk tgok gak lah

  13. mek memang minat cerita rambo. dua series nya memang mek ikuti. pergi terengganu tempoh hari terasa jugak nak tengok yang ni tapi tak tertengok sebab kekangan masa. kena tunggu keluar di tv je lah.

  14. Muka dia masih garang ye wlaaupun dh berusia..muka maintain macm muda..ehhee..teringat dulu tgk ramboo zaman muda dia, memng ganas..main bunuh je orang..yang ni mesti best juga..

  15. Fullamak.... Rambo! Kita minat seyhh dia berlakon. Dulu masa kecik tak pernah miss citer dia. Tak sabar nak nonton. Masih hensem dia walau dah tua

  16. Dulu2 masa kecik selalu jugak tgok dgn family. Wahh, macam best je. Thanks for the review. Nk tgok lah nnti.

  17. Dengar cerita ini adalah last eposid Rambo kan yer lah sebab pelakonnya pun dah tua sangat mungkin ada pengganti tapi tiada yang sesuai dengan beliau. Tak tonton lagi cite ni nanti nak pergi sebab tak pernah miss Rambo ni dari dulu lagi hehehehe...

  18. Cerita sekarang makin ganas. Criminal case everywhere. Really hope that more positive message movie / drama will be up soon. Looking forward.

  19. Mcm best he review rawlins ni...mesti kena tgk ni filem ni...filem otai ni...


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