IT Chapter Two [Movie Review]

IT Chapter Two [Movie Review] | IT Chapter Two was another horror movie that I have been looking forward to watching. And when I learnt that it will air for almost 3 hours, I was super happy and ecstatic to watch the end of IT.

My little brother was the one who discovered the novel IT and the IT miniseries in the 1990s, when we were younger. A few minutes into an espidose of IT, both of us decided not to watch it anymore and will stick to reading IT. And I was kinda scared of clowns after that.
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It was not until I was old enough and I think I was ready to watch IT, back in 2017. And I am no longer scared of clowns, except for the ugly ones.

Thanks to Screenbite for the invitation to the premiere. 

IT Chapter Two Trivia
  • Directed by: Andy Muschietti
  • Produced by: Barbara Muschietti, Dan Lin, Roy Lee
  • Production companies: New Line Cinema, Double Dream, Vertigo Entertainment, Rideback
  • Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Running time: 169 minutes
  • Rating: R (for disturbing violent content and bloody images throughout, pervasive language and some crude sexual material)
  • Bill Skarsgard can actually move his eyes in two different directions - it was not edited.
  • Running at 2 hours 49 minutes, IT Chapter Two is the longest horror movie ever. In total, both films (IT and IT Chapter Two) have a combined running time of 5 hours and 4 minutes, which is over an hour longer than the original 1990 miniseries adaptation of Stephen King's novel
  • Budget: $60-70 million
  • Metascore:60
  • IMDb: 8.3/ 10
  • Tomatometer: 79%
The movie starts with a gay couple being assaulted by some thugs of the city of Derry. When one of them was thrown into the river and was gasping for help, a clown appears and lends him a helping hand. And to his lover's dismay from the other side of the river, the clown suddenly digs his sharp and eerie teeth into his lover's body.
Movie Review by Rawlins, Horror, IT, Scary clown, IT Chapter Two, Derry, Screenbite
Why can't we have a meeting during the day, like all sensible human beings?
Movie Review by Rawlins, Horror, IT, Scary clown, IT Chapter Two, Derry, Screenbite
I think you might have overdrawn your lips, way too much, Sir
Mike, the only member of the Losers Club group that stays behind in Derry get wind of the story and visits the site of the scene. There, when he sees the writing 'Must Come Home' in blood on the walls, he knows that IT is back.
He starts calling the gang, one by one. All of them are now living far away from Derry, living their own personal lives to the fullest, with no memory at all about what has happened 27 years ago in their home town. And after each call, the memories of Derry and all the horror stories that they have left behind starts to come flooding back to their mind.
Movie Review by Rawlins, Horror, IT, Scary clown, IT Chapter Two, Derry, Screenbite
Oh damn. Your breath are gross - ever heard of flossing and going to the dentist?
All except one of them decided to meet up and uphold their promise to kill IT together if IT comes back. Stanley decides to kill himself as he could not face the memories and do not want to go through the experience again.

Mike shares with them the history of IT - how it comes to being and once, a tribe was almost successful in its effort to kill IT. In order to kill IT again, all of them have to find their personal artifact and bring it together in a Chud Ceremony - a ceremony to kill IT.

The now grown up Losers Club members will have to relive some of their most unpleasant memories to get their artifacts and here's where flashbacks of them growing up experiences explained their story. 

And IT will certainly appear in every single scene of that experience.

Will they be able to face their fears and kill IT, for real, this time?
Or will their fear get the best of them?
Movie Review by Rawlins, Horror, IT, Scary clown, IT Chapter Two, Derry, Screenbite
When one mirror is not enough to ensure that I will not be overdrawing the lips too much, again

Plot: 4.9/ 5.0. I would have given it 5/ 5 if not for the very long and winding history of the Losers Club members that at times became very slow and the movie lose its footing. And somehow, it managed to come back to the right track and keeps me entertained (and scared so many times). But all in all, the flashbacks serve its purpose in making us understand the story of each member.

And guys, be prepared to be scared. Heck. You will never know when you will be scared by IT. IT just comes out anytime, anywhere and it was all perfect timing.

Cast: 5.0/ 5.0 I read in one review that says' bringing all the big names was the only thing that keeps this afloat'. Well, I beg to differ. The actors and the storyline does HUGE to the movie. James McAvoy certainly plays his role as a stammering guy very successfully - talking about a guy who plays so many roles in a movie (Split & Glass). The others did their character justice. I couldn't imagine another actor taking the roles from them.

Will I watch it again: YES. I don't mind watching it again.
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  1. Rajin Rawlins layan movie ya..
    Movie ni nampak menarik la.
    Sayangnya kita tak sempat nak layan.
    Sesekali layan movie macam ni mesti teruja kan.

  2. looks very scary... i dun dare to watch leh.. hhahaha very timid one.. but a lot of ppl will like this kind of movie de...

  3. Nampak seram tapi jalan cerita menarik gak .. ada peluang nak gi tengok sebab lately ni terajin pulak layan movie. Tq sharing

  4. omg thank you so much rawlin! I nak pergi tengok malam ni and your review is very helpful indeed. Rasa macam chapter 2 lagi seram based on trailer & your review.

  5. Aduhhh tak sabar nak tengok ni. Berdasarkan review dr Rawlin ni..nampak cam menarik jln cerita dia dn seram. Sure byk part yg mendebarkan

  6. Haha, kalau scary2 movie ni, mmg tak mampu nak layan, penakut semacam padahal clowns ni bukan betul2 wujud pun.. Eh tak kisahlah, I is mengaku penakut cerita seram.

  7. OH noooo. Yaya memang tak kuat semangat nak tengok cerita seram and memang takut clowns sikit dari kecik! Lepas tu tak suka terkejut2 haha aduhh. Baca review Rawlins ni pun yaya rasa kecut perut XD

  8. memang kami satu family suka scary movie macam ni, hmm lepas tu memang sendiri mau ingatlah nak pergi toilet sensorang kan hahaha. review nmpak menarik movie ni, bolehla tengok bila ada masa nanti

  9. Seram plak tengok clown ni.. biasanya clown ni untuk hiburkan kanak-kanak dekat function2 je kan.. tapi clown dalam movie IT ni scary je.. rating 4.9/5, not bad.. rugi kalau tak tengok ni..


  11. Yes!! Saya suka filem IT yg first, and lepas baca review ni mmg nak tgok yg 2nd. Saya mmg suka tengok cerita seram2 ni.

  12. Aduh rawlin pic awal tu buat i terkejut je. Kalau dah bagi rating tinggi tu means baguslah kan betol2 seram. Memang taklah nak tengok kalau seram cmni 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Wow 4.9! Mesti best giler. Aku kalau cerita hantu mmg seram sikit nak tgk kat movie. Karang asyikla duk pejam mata hahaha

  14. It must be a great movie to watch! I love to watch horror movie. But I am also like you, during my kids' timezone, I was afraid of clown. Hehe they are soooo ugly and scared! Hahah but this time, i can watch all the horor movie. Thanks for sharing !

  15. wow. macam okei je cerita ni. tapi agak seram ye nak tengok. huhu. nanti kalau tersilau kat itunes boleh tengok nanti.

  16. tak sabaq nak tengok IT ni weekend nanti. haish nak ajak sapa lah nak teman xul menjerit dalam pawagam nanti. yang first memang best giler, so yang second ni wajib tengok!

  17. alamak, kalau clown ni jadi mcm ni,,memang takut na tengok..kang tengok clown dekat luar jadi takut..ahaha

  18. Anak eiza yang kecil sampai sekarang takut clown gara-gara tengok cite ni. Akak abang dia pula kuat mengusik. Lagi-lagilah tak hilang seram dia. Tapi cite ni memang best seram dia.

  19. dalam banyak2 movie baru yang disiarkan di pawagam , movie IT 2.0 nie paling rasa tak sabar nak tengok. emsti best. teringin tahu consequence daripada part 1 dulu. macam mana lah agaknya penghabisan movie nie.


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