The Prodigy [Movie Review]

I was waiting for my next appointment when I thought 'why not kill some time by watching a movie?'
Movie Review by Rawlins, The Prodigy, Horror, Thriller, Rawlins GLAM,
And just like that, I went to the counter and bought the ticket for 'The Prodigy'. 
Truth be told, I was not impressed by its trailer and do not actually have a plan to watch the movie in the cinema.

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  • Directed by: Nicholas McCarthy
  • Produced by: Tara Farney, Tripp Vinson
  • Production companies: Orion Pictures, Vinson Films
  • Distributed by: Orion Pictures
  • Running time: 92 minutes
  • Rating: 18 SG
  • Budget: $6 million
  • Box Office: $17.1 million
  • Metascore: 45
  • IMDb: 6.0/ 10
  • Tomatometer: 43%
The movie starts with a girl running away from a farmhouse and stops a passing-by car and shouted' He took my hand'. Later, a police raid manages to kill a deranged-looking man, Edward Scarka, at that farmhouse and discovered his past women victims. He collects their hands (only one hand from each victim and buried their bodies).

At the same time as the man's death, Sarah gave birth to a long-awaited first-time baby boy, Miles. Sarah and her husband, John realises that the baby boy, Miles, have different colors eyes (know as Heterochromia, a difference in coloration between both eyes)  and shows extreme wisdom and intelligence since he is a toddler. He even begins speaking fluently before he was 1 year old. 
Movie Review by Rawlins, The Prodigy, Horror, Thriller, Rawlins GLAM,
So Mum, that's where you keep all your happy drinks?
Taking his intelligence as a sign of genius kid, Sarah lists Miles in a school for bright kids. During a night with his babysitter, Miles plays a prank on the babysitter and ends up seriously injuring her. When question about the accident, Miles claims no memory of doing so. 

He then attacks a classmate with a wrench when his request to partner up with a girl was rejected by that classmate. Distraught by Miles violent behaviour and him not being able to socialize with other kids, on the advice of one of their doctors, Sarah meets with an unconventional therapist, Arthur. Arthur explains there might be a violent soul trapped in Miles body, waiting to take over the child's soul and make it his own. Sarah dismisses the explanation.

But Miles behaviour gets increasingly hostile and violent by the day. When he kills their house dog and stuffs the corpse in his father's carpentry cupboard, Sarah decides it is time to confront Arthur again and gets treatment for Miles' behaviour.
Movie Review by Rawlins, The Prodigy, Horror, Thriller, Rawlins GLAM,
I wonder if Rawlins gonna outdress and out-makeup me again this Halloween?
Will Sarah be able to save Miles' soul from being overtaken by the violent soul?

Plot: 4.0/ 5.0. You will know the plot of the story from the get-go. You'll know that the boy is being controlled by someone else to do the violent bits. The violent action, the gore scenes and also the twists throughout the movie will certainly get you shocked and awake! The movie will make you wanna bring your children to the doctor and get them checked whenever you see a similar behaviour as Miles'.

Cast: 4.8/ 5.0 I am amazed by Jackson Robert Scott as Miles. I just couldn't believe that such a young boy could be so violent!

Will I watch it again: I don't mind watching it again.
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  1. Alamak.. ada adegan potong-potong tangan ke Rawlins.. alaaaa.. seram.. ni yang takut nak tengok ni.. i takut tengok darah.. hahahaha.. tapi dalam takut-takut tu... ada hati jugak nak tengok filem ni.. hahah.. degil kan..

  2. Nampak macam scary je citer ni. Iza suka cerita hantu tapi cerita bunuh-bunuh macam ni tak sanggup nak tengok. Malam kang tak boleh tido pulak. Hahah

  3. alamak am not a fan of horror movie btw. like seriously to watch this kind of genre makes me went thru nightmare every night hahah..

  4. Cerita seram macam ni kalau saya memang takut nak tengok.. Ada adegan potong tangan tu lagilah seriau.. Yang suka tengok movie seram ni, kena cepat² ke pawagam

  5. Bonde peminat movie seram... yang ni memang dah masuk dalam list nak tengok nanti! terima kasih reviewkan movie nih...

  6. Amboi gambar budak yang kat bawah tu gengster sangat hehehehehe seram lak kita tengok bila yer Rawlins nak ajak kita tengok wayang rindu nak gelak-gelak dan jerit-jerit tengok cite seram macam ni hehehehhe

  7. Ala cerita scary-scary ni meme takut wak. Tapi nampak bg rating tinggi tu terus rasa nk kene tengok. Demi Rawlins. gituwww

  8. Wahh best gak cite ni..nak tengok lah nanti..cite suspen n seram memang best tgok walau hakikatnya sis ni penakut gak..hahaha

  9. Cerita scary ke ni. .Ceeita bunuh-bunuh ke. .Tengok mcm muka baik tapi jahat. .Uishhh. .Mesti bannyak aksi ganas. .Seram pulak nak tengoknyaa

  10. Nak kena tengok ni cerita ni. Tengok pada gaya cerita macam best. Genre dia memang kita suka. Ok masuk list.

  11. kita acah2 berani je klau tgk cite seram sorang2...tgk jeling2 je tp klau ada kwn otomatik jd berani. nanti nk tgk lg ajk kita tgk sama ek

  12. I am so jelous that you have so much time to go to movie! I cant even find a time to watch Netflix at home lol!

  13. Suka nyer baca ni. Nanti nak cari. Sementara byk masa ni, aida memang hunting for review movie. So that mudah nak filter movie best.

  14. Rawlins ni kan. Ishshhh berani betul tengok filem macam ni. Ruby baca dari penulisan Rawlins pun dah seram!

  15. Mampu baca review dari rawlins je.
    Sendiri nak layan movie ntah bila.
    Lagi lagi tempat sendiri takde wayang.

  16. Rajin la rawlin buat review filem. Emi suka betul baca. Tak tengok lagi cerita ni. Cun jugak kalau next weekend pi tengok the prodigy ni.

  17. Errr i m not a fan of horror movie but this one looks interesting though plus your rating is quite high also. If I have time I will watch it.

  18. Mouse mommy also don dare to watch horror movie, sure get nightmare!

  19. wah baca review macam best je review rawlins ni..ciktom memang suka movie genre horror..kena tonton jugak ni..thanks


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