'Tinder for Jobs' Offers 1 Million Job Opportunities

“Study hard. Get a degree. Find a good job. Live happily ever after.”

Sound familiar?

Every year, over 200,000 students graduate from institutions of higher learning. Shockingly, 1 out of 5 graduates remains unemployed, with the majority being Degree holders. These graduates make up 35% of those who are unemployed.

Here’s the hard truth — being a university graduate no longer guarantees you a job.

As the number of graduates continues to climb each year, students are facing tough competition amidst a shaky economy.
The statement above is taken from EduAdvisor.
Does it ring some bells?

Fret no more, parents and graduates alike. SlingApp has got you covered.

The fastest growing job-seeking app in Malaysia, SlingApp targets  more than one million  job matches across  10  industries for young job seekers between the age of 18-30  years old with its recent partnership with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, MDEC’s eRezeki, a national programme to help lower-income households to improve their livelihood by enabling them to participate in income opportunities offered via digital means.

Known as the ‘Tinder for jobs’SlingApp helps young job seekers to seek non-executive jobs either for full-time, part-time employment or internship placements easily. Users can now simply swipe left, right and get a ‘date’ with their potential employers from various industries such as the startup and tech sector, food and beverage, customer service, beauty and healthcare, retail, finance and so on via the app.

Co-Founder of SlingApp, Teh Tian Ji (郑天吉) said, “After our official appointment as a partner for the eRezeki progamme, a government initiative under the MDEC on 15 November 2018, we are launching various campaigns to reach out to the B40 group nationwide to encourage them to sign up and get job matches. We aim that by the end of 2019, there will be more than 1 million successful job matches through this initiative. This will ultimately create more digital income opportunities while filling up the existing void in various industries.”

Since its launch in 2017, SlingApp has successfully matched 40,000 job seekers to more than 2,000 companies including major global brands such as DiGi Communications, AEON, Mary Kay, Sushi King, Tony Roma’s and Public Mutual. These subscribing employers have posted more than 5,000 jobs. Interestingly, youngsters between the age of 21 and 26 contribute 58% of the growing database on SlingApp.

The first screening of the hiring process has been made easier since the introduction of its unique Auto-Interviu (AI) feature that helps employers to get more information by sending five (5) specially tailored questions to the applicants upon matching. More than 72% of applicants went through the AI process which cuts the usual interview time by more than 70% compared to the traditional recruitment approach.

According to Lucas Wong (黄鼎维), the co-founder of SlingApp, another unique feature is the location-based job searching set within 30km radius for travelling convenience.
“This location-based feature is very useful for not only job seekers but also students as our app also posts on internship placements available at various organizations. Imagine, skipping the long-winded process of sending letters and waiting for a response that may take weeks to something as simple as applying and getting a match located near your home or universities under one minute.”
In the coming months, SlingApp targets to include job opportunities outside Klang Valley, including Penang and Johor. The Malaysian based startup is also keen to expand within the countries in the Southeast Asia region such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

To learn more about SlingApp, visit [SlingApp]

SlingApp Trivia
  • Founded in 2016
  • Officially released on Apple App Stire and Google Play Store in Malaysia mid-2017 
  • Jobseekers are able to find non-executive jobs nearby, covering full time, part time and internship positions by just swiping ‘right’ to apply
  • SlingApp AI was introduced in August 2018 help employers interview applicants automatically if they match the job requirements
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  1. wow new app for job seeker. must try.

  2. Graduan atau yang tidak bekerja kalau malas nak mencari kerja, memang takkan la dapat kerja tu kan. Saya tertarik dengan graduan dari pelbagai bangsa dan agama. Mereka mencuba pelbagai pekerjaan. Sebab masa usia muda juga kita mencari pengalaman. Sedikit tips untuk graduan, sekarang dah banyak aplikasi membantu anda. Linkedin la SlingApp la, apply la kerja apa pun. Asalkan halal dan tidak membuatkan anda dalam status menganggur. Banyak syarikat menolak untuk ambil graduan yang tidak melakukan apa-apa selepas habis belajar. Anda boleh bekerja sebagai barista ke, buat event ke, join team entrepreneur ke. Sementara nak dapat kerja tetap. Ada juga graduan yang lepas habis belajar, belajar lagi, sambung lagi. kalau ada rezeki, nak jugek macam tu. hahahaha

  3. Banyak dah apps untuk tolong cari kerja. Kena tengok juga kerja yang macamana nak apply tu. Banyak la pilihan apps yang disediakan untuk mencari kerja. Dulu tau j**st**** je. Sekarang ni macam2 ada.

  4. terbaru yg boleh bantu graduan cari kerja.
    now, kena mencari. dpt yg mana dulu, grab, meskipun gaji mcm tak lawa, kan.
    bcoz is better bekerja dgn gaji yg rendah than tak bekerja.
    how long nak tunggu, kan. then 1-2 years experience, baru la hunting for another job.
    then, jual la experience tu. baru la up gaji, kan.
    aplikasi sebegini memudahkan. jimat masa, tenaga dan duit kot.
    zaman dulu, kena merayau berjalan mencari, call here and there...
    untung la generasi sekarang...

  5. wah bagusnya..jadi graduan yang tengah mencari pekerjaan cepat2 download apps ini..mana tau rezeki korang ada disini

  6. To me this is a good opportunity for everyone since having job is important to earns and make a living. At the same time I am a bit worried this kind of platform will be a place where all those scammer offer bad job. Hope they have some kind of security to filter the job advertisement too.

  7. Bagus nya apps ni tempat kerja ikut lokasi yang paling dekat dengan tempat tinggal kita. Wow! Inilah masanya para jobseeker dapatkan peluang keemasan ni.

  8. Menarik betul apps ni. Memudahkan hehe. Dulu waktu master saya buat kajian pasal halatuju pelajar lpasan universiti. Baca artikel ni tetiba ingat balik semua tu

  9. Finally i get to know the right medium to get a job. Since i just finish my studies, i keep looking for job using any platform but no feedback and keep received rejection. Thanks Rawlins. I done upload and will use it soon. hehehe

  10. Bagus perkongsian ni, nanti bolehlah sis suruh anak sis masuk apps ni untuk cari kerja bila dia dah lepas kolej. Risau jugak kalau lepas belajar dia tak dapat kerja yang sesuai

  11. pergh bgus giler apps ni..mudah dan senang sekarang orang nak cari kerja. Kalau dulu cari kat suratkhabar, internet..sekrg dah ade apps dia..hah cari je sini..

  12. Bagus la apps ni jadi dah tak ada alasan lagi untuk graduan2 kita tak bekerja dengan alasan tak dpt kerja hehe kena usaha la sikit kan Insyallah dapat keje asalkan tak memilih

  13. Good to know that there is such an app to make our easier for people to look for jobs. But then again how does it compare to jobstreets? Can't wait to try it. 😁

  14. mudah ada app yang memudahkan graduan cari kerja.lagi banyak lagi yang boleh dapat dariappsini.. bagus jugak semua dalam satu apps..apalagi yang penting? cuma keinginan nak cari kerja walaupun gaji kecil diawal pekerjaan..

  15. Zaman sekarang ni makin maju. Nak cari kerja pun guna apps je kan. Betul betul "segalanya dihujung jari"..
    Bagus la kan. Dapat jimatkan masa dan tenaga juga ni.

  16. Wah, apps yang sangat bagus. semoga ia dapat memudahkan graduan mencari kerja dan pengalaman dari pelbagai bidang. Nak kongsi apps ni kat adik huda yang tengah cari kerja tu

  17. I suka la apps ni. Makin senang lah orang sekarang nak cari kerja pakai handphone je. Nice gila tagline tinder untuk pekerjaan tu. Haha

  18. Bagi saya lah zaman sekarang ni semua teknologi kalau graduan yang kata susah nak cari kerja atau nak dapatkan pendapatan saya rasa mereka memang menipu dan pemalas sebab sekarang ni melalui sosial media orang dah boleh kaya raya malah siap kena bayar cukai kat LHDN tau jadai kenapa kita nak bagi alasan tiada kerja... tak faham....

  19. Good platform for fresh graduate. . Sad but truth kadang2 kena la kerja dalam bukan bidang yg kita belajar. But at least stil a job n earn for. Living kan


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