Hutan Puaka [Movie Review]

Hutan Puaka is not on my list of movies to watch. In fact, I didn't know of the movie until I was checking out the list of the movies in the cinema
Hutan Puaka, Alas Pati, Horror, Cerita Seram Indonesia, Seram, Movie Review by Rawlins,
As I have some time to kill before the next appointment and I kinda intrigued by its trailer, I decided to give it a go.

Hutan Puaka Trivia
  • Directed by: Jose Poernomo
  • Produced by: Neal H. Moritz, Ori Marmur
  • Production companies: MD Pictures, Pichouse Films
  • Distributed by: MD Pictures, Antenna Entertainments
  • Running time: 1 hr 23 minutes
  • Classification: P13
  • IMDb: 5.3/ 10
As per the other millennials, Raya, Vega, Jesi, Rendy dan Dito are a group of adrenaline-junkie video producers that are willing to go the furthest extent to get viewers for their online videos. When their latest video did not garner many views, Raya suggested for them to visit an allegedly the scariest burial ground in the forest, known to the locals as Alas Pati or Hutan Kematian (the forest of death). 
Hutan Puaka, Alas Pati, Horror, Cerita Seram Indonesia, Seram, Movie Review by Rawlins,
You need a little more colour to your face, man
Agreed to the experience, the group rides the boat along a river and hikes up hills to trace the burial ground. Rendy, the videographer of the group, sees a dark entity/ shadow follow the group along the trail but think nothing about it. Dito hears screams and cries via the microphone and headphone that he uses to capture the audio as they move deeper into the forest. 

When they finally reached the burial ground, they found out that the bodies are not buried in the earth, only left bare on elevated bamboo platforms. Intrigued by the scene, everyone takes pictures with the dead bodies and make funny remarks about the deads, except for Jesi who obviously think that they should pay some respect for the dead and not mock them. Raya becomes interested with a necklace on one of the dead body and decides to take it and keep it as a momento. 
Hutan Puaka, Alas Pati, Horror, Cerita Seram Indonesia, Seram, Movie Review by Rawlins,
No, this is not my idea of swimming. 
Hutan Puaka, Alas Pati, Horror, Cerita Seram Indonesia, Seram, Movie Review by Rawlins,
I hope this lighter will last the whole night - I forgotten to pay the bills
Seeing that Jesi is not into the programme, the rest urges Jesi to climb on one of the platforms and say a few words into the camera, for their video production. Unfortunately, the platform collapses and brings Jesi along leading to one of the wood pillars impales Jesi's body.

Frantic and clueless, the group runs out of Alas Pati, leaving Jesi's body impaled by the pillar. Nobody dares to talk about the death of Jesi. The group even lie when asking about Jesi's whereabouts by the school administration and the parents. Meanwhile, the foursome are being haunted by a dark entity and the shadow of Jesi. It was not until when Vega commits suicide that they start to talk to each other about the hauntings that have been happening to them. 

What is the cause of the hauntings - the unsettled ghost of Jesi or because they were not being respectful in the Alas Pati?

Plot: 3.6/ 5.0 Hurm. I am a bit conflicted about the movie. I love the cinematography of the movie. The plot is not bad and not great too. The storyline is quite straight forward with some twists in it that were left unexplained until the end of the movie. Scary? To my liking, it was not scary - the ghost was just shadow or appeared as a blurry vision. 

Cast: 3.8/ 5.0 The cast was quite commendable for the performance - not good and not bad at all. Just ok. 

Will I watch it again: No, thanks. 
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  1. Alamak..akak kalau citer2 macam ni memang takut la nak tengok, so not worth it to watch?okey then..nasib baik..akak dah la penakut kalau ada scene2 dalam air..mati ke..kena bunuh ke..Final destination pun akak tak tengok..buat sakit jantung je..

  2. Ohh~ selalunya cerita seram indo agak berbaloi ditonton macam cerita Suster Ngesot. Rupanya ada juga yang agak so-so gitu.

  3. tu tgk cite seram indonesia mmg best giler.

  4. Cerita indon ehhhh tapi dalam banyak2 citer indon aku plg suka lakonan suzana. Hantu giler seram menakutkan. Yang lain, oklaaaa hahha

  5. Alaaaaaaa, gantung la pula . Best baca dari awal.. mmmmmmmm rasa macam nak pergi tengok crita ni je.

  6. Rawlins cerita seram plakkk. Kita mmg tak laaa nak tgh horror movie. Ntah bila ntah last tgh horror movie xtau la. Tapi mmg dah berzaman sgt and tak gemar. Takuttttt!

  7. Okay fine, memang kena tengok movie nie. Sekarang nie tgh marathon tengok movie2 seram. Nanti nk cari dekat google. Hopefully adalah. Suka layan movie2 seram mcm nie sbb nak rungkai misteri tu

  8. Cerita seram macam ni memang taklah saya nak tenfok. Memang oenakut .Adik adik je yang berani tengok .Tenfok review Rawlins buat untuk movie ni nampak sangat tak best. Hahaha

  9. Boleh tengok ni. Dahlah suka cite² seram gini waima takut. Kah³. Boleh cari cerita ni dan tengok dgn famili. Bila baca review rawlins ni, rasa teruja nak tahu the whole story.

  10. Interesting. i am not a fan of horror movies. But, will try watch this one.

  11. Cerita seram!!...bonda sekeluarga memang peminat cerita seram....mmg xpernah ketinggalan utk tgk cerita seram...walaupun bonda ni penakut hantu degil..nk jugak tgk cerita seram...mesti tgk cerita ni...

  12. Thanks for review this movie, I ni penakut orang nyer so horror movie macam ni i skip je. Comedy or romance ngam saya.

  13. omg
    another horror movie?
    suka tapi iols penakut wehhh
    takut xleh tdo malam kalau tgk cte ni nnt hahaha

  14. setiap kali bc movie review, akan trus ke rating yg Rawlins bagi. Kl rating best, baru nak tengok..hehe..kl tak, No thanks jugalah hehe


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