The Spiral [Movie Review]

Hello all. So this time around I will be reviewing a locally made movie entitled The Spiral.
Movie Review by Rawlins. Science Fiction, Thriller, Siti Saleha, Peter Davies, The Spiral,
"What movie is that again?" some might asked.

I asked the same question too when I was invited by a friend to watch the movie. When I asked my sister to accompany me, she immediately became very interested to watch the movie. So, I went on ahead to watch The Spiral because when my sister states her interest in a movie, that could mean something.

As always, I went into the hall with an open mind.

The Spiral Trivia
  • Directed by: PF Wong
  • Distributed by: Mega Films Distribution Sdn Bhd
  • Running time: 90 minutes
  • Genre: Science Fiction/ Thriller
The movie starts with a killing scene - a guy killed in his sleep and his girlfriend/ wife was killed as she came out of the bathroom.

The killer then goes into a club - having a monologue when a beautiful girl enters the club and joins him for a drink. But somehow, the face of the girl agitates the killer and he kills her.

And then he goes to another cafe and kills everyone in it, just because a guy that bumps into him wouldn't apologise. Such an angry man!

When he was about to leave the crime scene, Detective Inspector Aleana battles him and manages to subdue him. 
Movie Review by Rawlins. Science Fiction, Thriller, Siti Saleha, Peter Davies, The Spiral,
Dr Melanie Surya is the psychologist assigned to interrogate the killer but that rages the killer even more. Puzzled by his reactions toward seeing her and upon hearing his threat to kill her boyfriend, Dr Melanie told her boyfriend about the interrogation. 

The killer is identified as Jon Caine, a respected lecturer who went missing for three months before he returns and starts killing everyone in sight. However, the puzzle becomes even more entangled when Detective Inspector Aleana's team found a badly decomposed body, identified as Jon Caine. So, who is the killer?
Movie Review by Rawlins. Science Fiction, Thriller, Siti Saleha, Peter Davies, The Spiral,
The killer, being very brutal and aggressive, manages to escape the asylum and captures Dr Melanie's boyfriend. While Dr Melanie tries to talk the killer out of his action, the killer kills the boyfriend to ascertain her feelings towards the boyfriend before disappearing into thin air, right in front of Dr Melanie's eyes.

Puzzled of such feat, Dr Melanie was left traumatised and at the brink of being crazy, trying to figure out the incidents. Only after she met with her professor who explains about the multiverse, Dr Melanie manages to calm herself a bit as she knows about a fact - the killer is a universe traveller and he is travelling all over the universe to erase his problem. And somehow his problem involves Dr Melanie. 
Movie Review by Rawlins. Science Fiction, Thriller, Siti Saleha, Peter Davies, The Spiral,
Why is the killer so determined to look for Dr Melanie?
Will Dr Melanie survives the ordeal? 

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Plot: 3.8/ 5.0 The movie revolves around so many universes/ multiverse that at times, one might get confused as to where exactly the scene is. I kinda like the twists thrown in the movie - the idea is great for a Malaysian movie. It keeps you guessing the real motive of the killer. Also, perhaps due to some limitations, the characters were not sufficiently built that I feel like half-satisfied with some of the characters. Considering all, I would say The Spiral has a gem in the making - a totally different kind of movie that one will not expect from a Malaysian movie. Not your usual movie here. And it wouldn't be fair to compare the technologies used with other countries. 

Cast: 4.0/ 5.0. Siti Saleha manages to uphold the movie with her emotions for different characters in the movie. Peter Davies also excels in his martial arts and applausable deliverance of heavy emotions. Some actors were just throwing lines - perhaps a better casting could have further livened the movie.  The martial arts choreography was ok - at times seems a bit rehearsed. And may I request for a better cast for the extra actors too? They need a little more work.

Will I watch it again: I don't mind watching it again, at my home. And I kinda looking forward to more movies from PF Wong and the group - you guys are a diamond in the rough - waiting to be discovered and to breathe in a new style of Malaysian movies.

Rawlins GLAM

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  1. interesting movie to watch, first time hear of this movie. Great to know of this now can inform my friends that like to watch movies. Support local Malaysian movies.

  2. I already watched this too! I honestly so eager and curious to know what actually happening to Jon Caine, kinda psychotic aite haha. But it sure need extra focus and attention when they start travelling the dimension, i'm a bit confused also but managed to keep up. True! Not a usual Malaysian movie :)

  3. the plot kind of interesting maybe I should watch this movie too but never heard any promo or marketing about this movie

  4. Sounds like a movie that is about angry people. Ha :D I can't imagine if we have a lot of such lunatics roaming our streets while brandishing weapons to hurt and kill innocent lives...

  5. The story line kind of interesting. I would love to watch this movie if I don't have anything else to watch. I like something cheerful and lively. Great review from your Rawlin.,

  6. Wow! Such an amazing and interesting movie. It must be exciting to watch it when it comes with the killing people all the time. We must be like why and why all the story rolling. No wonder people said that the spiral is quite a good movie and we must watch it.

  7. this movie looks interesting.. recently really got a lot of good movie.. time to go cinema more often.. hehehehe

  8. Wah siti saleha antara plakonnya dlm movie ni..xprasan plak ada movie ni...ada juga contest bole join tu..tq for sharing review this movie

  9. Local movie ker tak tahu pun tak pernah dengar tentang movie kurang promosi kot heheheh tapi cite pembunuhan ni menarik juga bila lah Rawlins nak ajak kita tengok movie hehehehe..

  10. Tengok trailer kat youtube macam menarik.. ni siapa minat genre bunuh-bunuh sesuai la. BBL kalu tengok risau balik rumah mengigau je nanti. kan basah tilam katil hahaha

  11. nice movie with great plott....thanks for sharing...will find time to watch it!

  12. eh rasa cam rugi tak pergi waktu ada chance to watch on the last saturday... tapi thanks for this review.. rasa macam nak tengok dan alami confusion tu.. mesti kena guna akal untuk berfikir ada tak ala ala shutter island... huhuhuh... nice plot i should watch it !!!

  13. Tgk jalan plot dia mcm best je... Ada siti saleha lagi.. Hehhe.. Kalau dia berlakon xpenah xmiss tgk... Watak dia menjadi tp xsure la dlm cite ni.. Ada masa nk tgk la nntu

  14. Wow, Malaysia punya movie ke ni. Nampak macam hebat je. Bukan selalu malaysia nak keluarkan movie movie macam ni.

  15. Lah The Spiral ni lical movie rupanya. Ingatkan negara luar sebab promosinya kurang kalau compare dengan movie sebelum ni .Kalau cerita libatkan oembunuhan ni antara sanggup dengan tak sanggup je nak tengok sebab saya ni agak penakut sikit . hahaha

  16. Rawlins, cerita ni berat tak nak faham? ruby macam risau je nak tengok kisah pembunuhan ni. hahahaha. takut!!!!

  17. Sis suka juga cerita cerita pembunuhan ni..selalu nak tahu kenapa diaorg jd pembunuh dn cam manaa cara diorg membunuh...nanti nak tengok lah cerita ni

  18. Lolz lambat i perasan heronnya Siti Saleha. Erm kalau movie local i memang skeptikal sikit. So movie ni dalam English language ke? Rasa mcm best pula nak tonton.

    1. Kalau anda seorang penonton filem 'tak kisah macamana filem ini dihasilkan asal faham jalan cerita', mungkin anda sebahagian dari mereka yg asal aksi lebih, itu filem yg bagus.

  19. Cerita pasal pembunuhan ke..
    Dengar macam seram je nak tengok.
    Tapi kalau dah tengok, pastinya akan layan dengan kusyuk sampai ending nya kan. Hehe
    Tajuk omputih. Rupanya heroinnya melayu ye..

  20. Intro filem ni lebih bagus dari keseluruhan filem. Filem ni lebih bagus dibukukan dari menjadi bahan tontonan. Kalau nak suruh fahami Jalan cerita filem ni, baik, difahami. Namun sayangnya untuk menikmati filem ni, rasa seperti ada sesuatu yang tersangkut di halkum. Secara total, mood anda pada hari itu lebih redup dari mendung.


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