Jeonghwa [EXID] Loves My Skincare Products Too

How was your weekend so far?
Has it been relaxing?
Did you manage to pamper yourself during the weekend?
Most of us tried to but couldn't find the time to just unwind and pamper ourselves because the regime takes time to prepare and finish.

What if there is a product that will allow you to unwind and pamper yourself within 10 seconds?
Wait! There is.
A fruit of collaboration between the two huge beauty giants in Korea, Althea Korea and Get It Beauty, a beauty regime collection that showcases real, fresh ingredients and incorporates them into a system that allows a deep, clarifying cleanse while boosting the skin with nutrients and goodness was born. A simplified, nourishing and efficient beauty regime name The Real Skin Detoxer.
The collection was sent to us, Althea Angels in accordance with the 3rd Althea Korea's birthday. 
And here is my post about the introduction of the beauty regime into the world [The Real Skin Detoxer]. 

A super-GLAM fact is that the collaboration is super successful and huge that Jeonghwa, a mega K-Pop star from the group EXID is also a fan of these amazing fruits of collaboration

I have been using the two magnificent masks alternately every weekend and I love both of them equally. The masks were super fast, easy to use and the best thing is, they do not irritate my super sensitive skin.
In the past, I have a tried a few masks and it made my skin itchy and the worst was, I have red spots all over my face. Alhamdulilah, with these two. my skin is happy and glowing. Hehe.
Want to be just like Jeonghwa?
Get yours today here
Rawlins GLAM

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  1. The answer is NO. Penat melayan anak, rush kesana kemari. Hehe. Kalau Green Tea scent mesti segar kalau dah kena air. Textur dia ada bead yg kasar or just macam gel?

  2. I like the Green Tea one! Feels so refreshing and cool! I love how it only takes seconds to use as honestly who has so much time to mask everyday

  3. Macam menarik yg green tea tu. Very calming kan. Kalau muka berparut boleh hilang x parut?

  4. Ever since Althea keluarkan produk yang ni syira dah suka dengan Green Tea punya. Nanti nak beli jugak. Nak try.

  5. Korea memang terkenal dgn kualitu product kosmetik dan jenama Althea ni antara jenama yang tak asing lagi.

    Saya pun ke Korea beberapa bulan lepas, tak lupa beli product kosmetik mereka

  6. Suka produk Althea ni. Nanti nak beli di sana. Nampak ramai review dan selebriti Korean pun suka.


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