The Latest Honor Addition - Honor 8X

Huawei is certainly a name/ brand to look out for in the smartphone industry nowadays. With its amazing specifications and priced affordably, Huawei garners more attention from the world of late.
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After launching honor 10 dan honor Play, Huawei just recently launched honor 8X, this mid-term segment phone from honor comes with flagship phone features and priced below RM1,000

And I superloving the tagline 'Beyond Limits'.

So, what's is packing?
Let the picture below explain the features in all its glory.
Huawei, honor 8X, Beyond Limits, For The Brave, Rawlins Tech, Rawlins Gadget, Rawlins GLAM

Here are detailed explanation of the features.
Display– 6.5-inch 2340p x 1080p LTPS display with 16,700,000 colors, 397 PPI
– 19.5:9 wide screen
– Multiple-point touch-sensitive screen
Size and Weight  – 160.4 mm (H) x 76.6 mm (W) x 7.8 mm (D)
– Approximately 175g (including the battery)
Operating SystemAndroidO + Huawei EMUI 8.2
ProcessorKirin 710, Octa-Core (4 x Cortex-A73 2.2 GHz + 4 x Cortex-A53 1.7 GHz)
GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)Mali G51  
Battery– Typical value: 3750 mAh battery
– Charging duration: approximately 150 minutes from supplied charger
– Airtime: 3G: 21 hours
– Standby time: GSM: 662 hours, WCDMA: 639 hours, LTE FDD: 675 hours, LTE TDD: 697 hours
Memory  – ROM: 128 GB RAM: 4 GB
– Expandable storage: microSD card (up to 400 GB)
Camera– 20-megapixel (F/1.8 aperture) + 2-megapixel dual-lens rear-facing camera with Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF)
  * Photo resolution: up to 5120 x 3840
  * Video resolution: up to 1920 x 1080 (1080P, 60fps)

– 16-megapixel (F/2.0 aperture) front-facing camera 
  * Photo resolution: up to 4608 x 3456
  * Video resolution: up to 1920 x 1080 (1080P, 30fps)
Audio/Video  – 1080P full HD video recording and video playback
– 3.5 mm headset jack
SIM card  3 card slots: nano-SIM card + nano-SIM card + microSD card
Sensors  – Gravity sensor
– Proximity sensor
– Ambient light sensor
– Gyroscope
– Fingerprint sensor
– Digital compass
ColorsBlue / Black
“We had a great year in 2018, and we would like to end the year on a positive note with the honor 8X,” said George Zhao Zhiwei, Head of honor Malaysia. 

“The honor 8X is an exceptional technological advancement towards a truly borderless FullView display. With a very competitive 20MP-strong rear camera and our latest GPU Turbo technology embedded into the device, honor 8X manages to cover all the bases of a day-to-day usage for any smartphone user, no matter the gender, profession, hobbies and interests,” added Zhao. 
Huawei, honor 8X, Beyond Limits, For The Brave, Rawlins Tech, Rawlins Gadget, Rawlins GLAM
Huawei, honor 8X, Beyond Limits, For The Brave, Rawlins Tech, Rawlins Gadget, Rawlins GLAM
Huawei, honor 8X, Beyond Limits, For The Brave, Rawlins Tech, Rawlins Gadget, Rawlins GLAM
SonaOne and Zizan Razak - the official brand ambassadors
In conjunction with the launch of honor 8X, the brand also took the opportunity to introduce a special collaboration with Suriana Welfare Society Malaysia, a non-government, not-for-profit child protection organization which promotes and protects the rights of children. The collaboration aims to empower and inspire the next generation to live the moment and achieve their dreams. This initiative is driven through collaborative art with the theme “The Braves”.

“Honor was created to meet the needs of digital natives through unrivalled products and unbeatable values, and is rapidly becoming a youthful, innovative, and trendsetting brand across the globe. To live up to our brand spirit and the tagline ‘Beyond Limits’, we want to co-create value and empower the youth through this meaningful collaboration. Together with Suriana, we urge members of the public join us in empowering the next generation to take their destinies into their own hands,” said Zhao.

So, what's the interesting features that you can expect from honor 8X?

A Powerful Performance| The honor 8X comes with a chipset that might sound familiar to everyone – the Kirin 710, which is a 64-bit octa-core mid-range performance mobile chipset. It is complemented with a 12nm Cortex-A73 generation-based SoC and a Mali G51 GPU that offers a 130% increase in GPU performance and 75% increase to the CPU single-core performance. Following in the footsteps of previous honor models, the honor 8X also comes with the spectacular GPU Turbo. The graphics-enhancing technology, which was previously only available on honor flagship devices, along with EMUI 8.2 system, will ensure better graphic-processing technology and less power consumption for your device, if the 3750mAh enhanced battery life was not already enough for you.

Great photography quality |The new honor 8X is equipped with not only a dual-lens, 20M + 2M, F/1.8 aperture rear camera, but also a modern AI Camera Technology which recognizes 22 different categories and 500 scenarios in real-time, then optimizes camera settings and enhances photo quality based on what you are shooting. Furthermore, the honor 8X also features the 3D portrait lighting technology that allows users to further beautify photos that already has an accurate ‘bokeh’ effect from the 3D portrait lighting technology. Combined with the 16MP front camera that has an enhanced-ISO with 4 Cell fusion technology and multi-frame image processing, the new device will promise users for covering every aspect of photography. 
Huawei, honor 8X, Beyond Limits, For The Brave, Rawlins Tech, Rawlins Gadget, Rawlins GLAM
Huawei, honor 8X, Beyond Limits, For The Brave, Rawlins Tech, Rawlins Gadget, Rawlins GLAM
Huawei, honor 8X, Beyond Limits, For The Brave, Rawlins Tech, Rawlins Gadget, Rawlins GLAM
Customers could also receive free gifts worth up to RM266 that includes an honor Band 3 and an honor 8X Flip Cover in selected honor stores nationwide, limited to 20 units per store*. To find out more, please visit this link:

For more information on the new honor 8X, its promotions and other innovative gadgets, please visit honor’s official e-commerce website and information portal at, or drop by or drop by their official shop on Shopee at, or follow their official Facebook page at for more exciting updates

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  1. I used to own a Samsung Note 3 and recently bought a Pocophone F1 by Huawei smartphone. I agree that Huawei is a brand to look out for...the camera is very good with an affordable price tag...

  2. Wowwww..murahnyaaa...nak.kena ushar jugak la n put honor in my list...mcm best ja

  3. phone baru lagi.boleh ushar la pahni hehehe sebab mencari phone baru utk mak amni ni.
    ram pun nampak besar ni hehehehe.

  4. ok.. my is jeles tgk produk huawei yg awesome ni. features memang cantik.. lagi2 bila shot video and pic.. superb. internet juga lebih laju guna phone huawei dr brand phonw2 yg lain. thia is true..

  5. Wahh.. Phone android yg baru.. Specs mmg power kena pulak dengan harga.. Tapi baru jer lepas beli vivo baru.. Takkan nak tukar lg ni.. Hahaa

  6. Untunglah orang tu sebab dah menang telefon baru hehehe bestnya bila nak belanja selfie guna fone baru tu hehehehe. Tapi yang ni Honor8x memang cantik dan menarik tetarik kau memang the boom....

  7. Good specs. i heard Honor is not bad. The design super sleek. I dont mind to own one of this. Love the color too. Too bad I just change my phone recently.

  8. Wah dah ada honor 8x pula sekarang ye. Bila tengok spec yang superb tu tak sangka pula harga dia baaah rm1k. Memang affordable sangat lah pada yang tercari2 hp baru.

  9. Wahh ada phone baru lagi ye!! Tapi model yang ni murah sikit dari model-model Huawei yang lain. Macam tahu-tahu kita nak beli phone baru ni.

  10. Minat jugak dengan phone ni, murah pun murah, tapi sis dah lama pakai phone yang ada skrg dan blom terfikir lagi nak tukar pada brand lain. Kalu belikan utk anak boleh gak ni..:D

  11. Nad dah beli telefon baru keluar yang ni..hahaa..sabar jela..takpela..cantik juga telefon ni..dahla murah ..hanya beberapa puluh je nak smpi 1000..okla tu..mesti fungsinya canggih juga..fuh

  12. Honor.. Erm.. Belum pernah pakai brand ni. Rasanya husband ada cerita pasal jenama ni. Dia berkenan. Hehe.
    Tapi nak tukar phone pun, phone yang ada ok lagi. Takpe.. Masuk list dulu. Hehe

  13. Honor 8 X baharu ni mmg cun sangat.. Suami dah minat brand honor ni sejak guna honor 7s yang biasa tu. Suami nak beli yang ni pulak.. Nnt nak share dengan dia info ni terima kasih sharing

  14. Bestnya kalau dpt memiliki honor 8 nie. Spesifikasinya sangat terbaik dan warnanya sangat memukau. Dengar cerita, Rawlins menang photo contest Honor 8 nie. Betul k ? Wahhh! Kalau betul, tahniah yaaa

  15. this honor 8x really looks classy and elegant. really makes me wanna to have one of it. lol.
    feature not bad as well and overall it looks good

  16. AM memang gunakan hp huawei.. tgh berkira2 samada nak trade in tukar ke huawei honor yg terkini nie.. cantik plak tgk kamera dia kelebihanan yg ada skrg..

  17. Wah sekarang bawah 1k dah dapat beli smartphone dengan spec yang paling best. Memang mampu milik betul. Rasanya dah ramai menggunakan jenama Honor sekarang ini.


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