The Predator [Movie Review]

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So what did you guys do during the long weekend? I attended a glorious wedding and watched The Predator afterwards with my friends. We were actually planning to watch Peppermint but due to the time constraint (the next Peppermint show was almost 5 hours away) so we agreed to watch The Predator.
The Predator, science fiction movie, alien action movie, Movie Review by Rawlins,  Rawlins GLAM

An alien ship crash-landed on earth, nearing a rescue mission location led by Capt. McKenna. A fight ensues between McKenna and the alien, in which Mckenna wins and incapacitates the Predator and takes off the armour from the Predator. He mails the armour to his home so that he will have an evidence, in case he ever gets capture later.
The Predator, science fiction movie, alien action movie, Movie Review by Rawlins,  Rawlins GLAM
Never ever comment on a girl's bad hair/ makeup or she will go Predator on you
The Predator Trivia
  • Directed by: Shane Black
  • Produced by: John Davis
  • Distributed by: 20th Century Fox
  • Running Time: 107 minutes
  • Budget: $88 million 
  • The 4th installment in the Predator film series (the sixth if you are counting the two Alien vs. Predator films)
  • There are some gory & bloody scenes and some languages that might not be suitable for children. It has been classified as 18 by LPF (require an accompanying adult for those who are underage)
Meanwhile, Agent Traeger takes the bleeding Predator to his lab for experimentation and observation. He then recruits Dr Bracket to study the Predator. Before she gets to study the Predator, it wakes up and kills the entire lab, spares Dr Bracket and runs out of the facility. 

Meanwhile, Capt. McKenna was captured, questioned and bussed off to a prison before the bus was requested to make its way to another location, which happens to be the lab where experiments were being done to the Predator. Upon arrival at the facility, Capt. McKenna immediately recognizes the Predator that was fleeing the facility and with the assistance of the 'loonies' in the bus, they takes over the bus and tries to kill the Predator. 
The Predator, science fiction movie, alien action movie, Movie Review by Rawlins,  Rawlins GLAM
The Loonies that save the day (Earth)
The Predator, science fiction movie, alien action movie, Movie Review by Rawlins,  Rawlins GLAM
I choose to play with the normal toys and not my smartphone
Failing to kill the Predator, they save Dr Bracket and heads over to McKenna's home, where he sends the armour to Capt. McKenna's autistic son, Rory, has opened the package and somehow has managed to operate the armour and uses it as his Halloween costume.

The Predator uses the tracking device on the armour to track down Rory.
The 'loonies' try their best to save the boy and everything was going quite well until a second and much larger Predator arrives and kills the first and much smaller Predator.
The Predator, science fiction movie, alien action movie, Movie Review by Rawlins,  Rawlins GLAM
Do you guys think I should wear this for my next 'Best Dressed' event?
Why have the Predators been coming to Earth?
Why did they kill each other?

Plot: 3.4/ 5.0. I am not an avid fan of the Predator series. But we all know the plot - they come, they try to conquer the Earth but some bad-a*s human manage to stop them in their track. But there is a twist in this one - you better be alert throughout the movie to learn their motives of keep on coming back to Earth.

Cast: 4.6/ 5.0. Everybody carries their part fairly well. I love how well Jacob Tremblay (Rory McKenna) plays the autistic child. The 'Loonies' as I love to call them, did justice to their parts too.

Will I watch it again: As am not an avid fan of the series, I will not watch it again in the cinema but I don't mind doing a marathon of the series at home. Hehe.

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  1. sama la kita.
    citer predator ni aida tgk, tapi tak minat lah.
    mcm tiap kali, sama aje plot nyer.
    kekadang on citer ni kalau ada kat tv, sebab anak-anak suka la citer gini kan.
    terutama Izzat. mcm ada alien. gaduh2.

  2. Wow , dulu selalu layan movie , dah ada anak ni dah lama tak jejak panggung , huwaaa rindu nak tgk movie2 best mcm ni

  3. Yup, dari awal semuanya lebih kurang jerk jalan cerita. Tapi yang terbaru memang tak pernah tengok lagi.

  4. Baru tengok semalam. Walaupun tak tengok movie yang sebelum ni tapi this time Predator best jugak. Nampak macam akan ada lagi next Predator.. hehe

  5. Cam best pulak baca review movie predator ni. Nak pergi tengok jugak lah

  6. Suami ajak tengok,then i said' pa tgk rumah je.jangan mimpi nak p wayang'hahaha.maka kami donload je predator mmg best wpun watak dia mengerikan hahaha

  7. Filem predator baru eh. Oh tak tau diaorang ada buat yang baru. Rasa dulu lama dah ade satu filem predator jugak kan?

  8. Cerita cerita makluk asing ni ibu tak suka sangat tengok sebab selalunya ganas melampau. takut pula rasanya

  9. same here. not a fan of predator movie but if suami pilih nak tengok so layankan aje. Gerun tengok rupa dia then ganas bunuh-bunuh. Sejenis jiwa cintakan cerita romantic + comedy sahaja.

  10. Wahhh ada sequel yg terbaru ya. Nak kena tengok nie since zharif mmg minat betul cter2 predator nie. Seram tp best.

  11. Tengok iklan dia..wah macam lagi gempak tau..baca rawlins punya entry ni mesti lagi hebat..tapi cerita ni suka dalam gelap..hahaha..

  12. Hmm, nak komen pun mama tak tahu sebab cerita ni sains fiksyen. cintan cintun oklah untuk mama. Lainlah. bayangkan cerita hindustan, heronya muka predator. cinta antara dunia. haha

  13. Uuuu macam menarik je movie ni. Emi dah lama tal tengok filem2 berunsurkan macam ni. Sains fiksyen gitu.

  14. Dulu masa en anol susanaeja jadi pelakon cerita ni, meletup nama dia. walaupun penggambaran cerita ni banyak masalahnya

  15. predator ni memang legend dari dulu lagi. cuma lia x berapa minat sekali sekala tengok lah. kagum dengan costume dia yang unik tu.

  16. Predator bru ekk rawlins? Husband kita minatlah tgk cte2 cmni.. Tp tgk plotnye cm sama je lps2 cuma lain skit la.. Tp xsure yg bru ni... Klo husband ajk tgk bru join tgk..hehehe..

  17. this film is getting bad reviews from critics, some says they missed the opportunity to shine. i guess i have to see it my self.. love the casts espcially trembley and munn.

    1. Betul la tu. I pun bagi rating rendah (4/5) utk plot. Actually script writing dia pun quite flimsy la.

  18. Wahhh!! Rawlins dah tgk filem terbaru predator nie.. AM belum lagi.. tgk trailer dia cam menarik gak..

  19. Whoa, ingtakan bosan. Tapi review Rawlins cakap ada plot twist sikit. Ini yang kena ajak husband tengok esok malam.


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