Smallfoot [Movie Review]

How would you feel if everything taboo that you have been taught your whole life, suddenly become not so taboo anymore?
Smallfoot, Warner Bros. Pictures, Movie Review by Rawlins, Cartoon, Klips Malaysia,
And turns out that everything that you know was a lie from day 1?

Thanks to Klips for inviting me to the premiere of Smallfoot. Looking forward to receiving more invitations from Klips soon. 

Migo has been looking forward to the day when he will be stepping in for his father as the second most important person in the village - the person that will knock the gong every day to wake up the 'Big Snail' and everyone in the village. Their lives in the village are determined by the rules that are written in stones and wore as a cape by the village head, known as the Stonekeeper. 

Oh. And their village is a floating mountain and beneath the cloud, there is only nothingness - as to what the stone says.
They are taught not to question the rules, every single one. And so far, everybody is happy.
Smallfoot, Warner Bros. Pictures, Movie Review by Rawlins, Cartoon, Klips Malaysia,
Is this a toothpick?
Until one day when Migo accidentally overshoot from the gong and landed on the other side of the village. There, Migo met with a guy that survives a plane crash and this discovery contradicts what has been taught - there is no smallfoot aka human. When he returns to his village and shares his findings, he immediately banished from the village for questioning the Stones.  

Smallfoot Trivia
  • Directed by: Karey Kirkpatrick
  • Produced by: Bonne Radford, Glenn Ficarra , John Requa
  • Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Running Time: 96 minutes
  • Budget: $80 million
Walking around outside the village, he meets a group of 'smallfoot believer' and the funny thing is, the daughter of the Stonekeeper (and Migo's secret crush since forever), Meechee is the leader of the organization. The organization questions all the logic of the Stones' regulations and believe that there is something more beneath their village.
Smallfoot, Warner Bros. Pictures, Movie Review by Rawlins, Cartoon, Klips Malaysia,
The truth is out there
Determined with her theory, everyone agrees to send Migo to track the 'smallfoot', underneath the village.

Migo manages to find the 'smallfoot', Percy Patterson, a failing TV host that is in need of a great story to redeem his broadcasting career. Migo brings (read: kidnaps) Percy to the village to prove to the Stonekeeper that the Stone is wrong and he is not lying, just so that he can come back to the village.
Smallfoot, Warner Bros. Pictures, Movie Review by Rawlins, Cartoon, Klips Malaysia,
Not the same as I look in my Tinder profile pic?
Will he succeeds in convincing the Stonekeeper and the whole village about the existence of Smallfoot?

Plot: 4.3/ 5.0. Please do not expect a grand plot as this is a cartoon and it is supposed to be fun so it is a fun and easy watching movie. Just be ready to be laughing out loud throughout the movie.

Cast: 4.6/ 5.0. No complaint whatsoever. 

Will I watch it again: I will, probably with my nephews and nieces as it is such a funny and kid-friendly movie.

All pictures are taken from Google. Thank you.
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  1. Wahhh menarik ni hahah sebab kak min memang suka tonton cte kartun hahha..sejenis yang dah tua pun suka kartun2 sebab comel n menghiburkan

  2. I wanna bring my kiddos go watch this movie liao.. looks very nice... Not only kids gonna love it, I gonna love it too!

  3. Wah, new kid-friendly movie is in my list for family time. Tq for sharing this awesome movie review

  4. Boleh bawak semua anak buat tengok cerita ni nanti la..menarik sangat..Dania sure berzikir kat telinga SA nak tgok citer ni..

  5. This movie looks interesting. Will bring my children to watch it at MBO soon.

  6. Wah tak tau pun ada kartun baru...tgh main dekat cinema eh rawlin..boleh ajak husband dis weekn p tengok dengan anak2

  7. macam best cartoon ni rawlins.boleh bwk anak ni g tengok hahaha.thank you rawlins share!

  8. wow..nak bawa anak tonton..sure happy !!

  9. macam best jer. nak pergi tengok la citer nih! lagi pon i memang suka citer kartun haha.

  10. Ahaa nice sharing Rawlins! I’ve watched the trailer yet not sure the whole synopsis of the movie, hence, this is good! I think my kids (and of course me!) will enjoy this movie! 😍

  11. Nanti sis suh anak sis tgok cite ni..sure dia suka. Kalau sis mmg bukan minat sgt kartun2 ni..hehee

  12. kadang-kadang layan gak citer kartun kat wayang. Ni kalau bawak anak buah mesti diorg suka ni. Last bawak diorg masa citer Ice Age dulu.. haha. Lama tak???

  13. Tuan rawlin ni kaki wayang ya. semua cerita baru tuan akan review dulu. Kami sekeluarga jarang tengok wayang, terutama sebab anak anak ni susah nak duduk diam

  14. Lama tak layan tengok kartun. Cantik je kan grafik dalam movie ni . Nanti nak tengok juga Small foot nak bawa semua adik2.

  15. Comelnya charactor giant2 dlm tu.. xnampak pulak ada promosi about this movie. If my kids nampak mmg diaorg ajak tgk sbb diaorg suka sgt cartoon yg ada beast ni..

  16. Wow.. Mesti budak budak suka kan kalau bagi tengok kartun ni. Agak agaknya anak kta ni suka ke tak ye? Mama dia layankan je. Hrhe

  17. Rawlins selalu advance dapat tgk movie hahahhaha. Ingat nak bawa anak2 tgk movie ni weekend ni hehe

  18. filem ni kurang promosi la.. macam tak aware sgt. Lepas tu voice actor pun tak famous. hehe

  19. Oh dah keluar ya. Nanti nak ajak budak-budak ni pergi tengok la. Dah lama tak tengok citer kartoon kat pawagam

  20. macam sedap aje cerita ni, tgk sinopsis pun boleh tahan, tak sabar nk bawak adira tgk hehe


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