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One of my best memories is to receive a bouquet of flowers from my parents during my graduations. Each bouquet marked a new beginning in my life and I love the flowers to bits (until it withered).
Then I remembered going to Kajang's wet market to look for flowers and have them arranged by the florist for my business partners on their achievement's gala dinner. It was quite a hassle as I don't know which flower complement other flower and how to arrange them - so my flower arrangement was at the hands of the florist.

Once, I have literally stopped the florist in the midst of her arranging the bouquet and requested her to add in some other flowers and re-arrange the arrangement. She replied to me with this exact words 'You the expert or me?' to which I just let her be as she is the expert. Hahaha.

So now, when I am in doubt, or in trouble and I need the expert's opinion in what flowers to give, I will spend my time online - reading reviews on the best and most reliable florist in town (and also cheapest hahaha who doesn't value spending less). It gets harder when I need to send flowers to friends and family who live in other states, I have to start searching for the local florists and stalk the reviews. Then there will be calling to give instructions to the florist as to how I want the arrangement to be. This will also lead to lots of pictures-receiving from the florist (or video-call), showing the arrangement until I am satisfied.

I have always hit it right, after spending almost three-quarter of the day reading and choosing the right florist and the right arrangement. And I will be so exhausted after each feat that I need to have a vacation right after, just to reenergize myself. Hahaha.

But that is not the case anymore with Flower Chimp.
I was introduced to Flower Chimp by a friend, who also loves showering the people she loves with flowers, and she is also a flower-crazy person. 

Flower Chimp have just secured an investment of MYR 6 million from its investors including Asia Venture Group (AVG), a private company that sees the promising potential Flower Chimp offers through its unique business model and marketing strategies. Currently, Flower Chimp is operating in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. In the near future, the two ambitious entrepreneurs will launch their platform in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries.

So, it happens that my mum and my youngest niece's birthdays are coming up (September 2018). Since I am in Selangor and they are in Sarawak, I will not be able to join them for the celebration. Instead, I want to surprise them with a bouquet from Flower Chimp.
The menu is super friendly 
In doubt? Go the Favorite Collections for ideas
Still clueless? Use Quick Flower Finder for suggestion according to occasion and budget
I love how easy it is to choose for gifts from the website. I just browse through the menu on the top of the website for whatever occasion that I want the gift for. Or, whenever I am in doubt, I will go straight to the Quick Flower Finder section or the Favorite Collections. I am so in love with the Quick Flower Finder as it helps you to decide the right flower for the occasion within your budget. 

So, I entered my budget for the birthday and here's some of the suggestion made by the 'florist'. Easy peasy! 
Occasion: Birthday | Budget: RM100 - 200
From there on, it was super breezy. I choose a Chocolate Joy bouquet and add on a Teddy Bear, which I know my niece will super love. And then I get to write some messages on the card for them. And if you are having a writer's block and do not know what to write, just head here for some ideas. 
I know that my mum and niece will surely enjoy this bouquet
I also get to choose the delivery date and time too!
 And to make it even much easier, there is a vast choice for payment mode too!  They have Maybank, CIMB, RHB and even Bank Islam listed on the payment methods. Yo! They also accept payment via 7 -Eleven, Mol Wallet and B-Card points too!
Savings with RAWLINS15 discount code
And on top of that, I get 15% discount using the code RAWLINS15!
Yeay! Super savings again!

Psst: You can use my code too, with no minimum purchase required. Hurry now.
OK Mum and Abby. Just wait for the bouquet to arrive soon.
Luckily Sibu is also in the list of the most popular locations for Flower Chimp delivery service.
I am one happy son and uncle that Flower Chimp delivers nationwide with free shipping and guaranteed same day delivery for orders placed before 1 pm! 
So, ladies and gentlemen, whenever you are in doubt or in trouble and looking for the right way to calm the troubled waters, just visit Flower Chimp and choose away! 
In fact, just choose away for no matter what the occasion is.
Flower Chimp @ Malaysia: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Flower Chimp @ Indonesia: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Flower Chimp @ the Philippines : Website | Facebook | Instagram
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  1. Saya sangat sangat sukakan jambangan bunga yang begini.
    Nampak exclusive. Beruntung kalau ada yang hadiahkan hadiah macam ni.

  2. Chocolate bouquets! That looks awesome and much enjoyable. Would be nice to received fresh roses everyday :D

  3. The thing I like about online florists is that it is so hassle-free to order bouquets. I always get confused with the variety of flowers and gifts when I am at a physical florist shop. Online stores saves me this hassle.

  4. I should ask my husband to give me this bouquet masa birthday 2 sept last weekend tsktsk so beautiful. next time masa birthday husband la I give this one

  5. I wish to receive beautiful bunch of flowers like all these flowers... So lovely and sweet..

  6. Flower is the Best gift for any occasions. So nice and convenient!

  7. wah hantar bunga kat siapa tuh? untunglah orang tuh siap dapat teddy bear lagi kan

  8. Oh, ingatkan ada bunga je. Rupanya teddy bear dan coklat pun ada sekali? Baru best kalau macam ni

  9. The flowers look fresh and beautiful. Will ask my husband to use your code to buy for me. ��

  10. wah menariknya service dia, nampak cantik semua. senangoder online je kan. eh ada diskaun la

  11. it is so easy these days to send flowers to loved ones but flower chimp bouquet and decorations are so nice. Wish there is someone to send me flowers too..

  12. pernah survey flower kat website flower chimp ni. seriusly canti-cantik deco jambangan bunga dia. exclusive.

  13. Dah lama tak dapat jambangan bunga cecantik. Dah tak ada orang nak bagi kat kita..huhuhu.
    Kalau kita order n hantar kat diri sendiri aci tak..hehehe

  14. lucky you. my parents never gave me flowers. lol. but i'd rather get chocolate bouquet

  15. aku suka bunga-bunga kat sini semuanya cantikdan menarik..hargapun takdelah mahal sangat...sedang elok untuk rakyat marhaen

  16. Cantik-cantik bunga dari flower Chimp ni. Nak order pun senang. Guna online jer jimat masa dan tenaga nak pergi ke kedai bunga

  17. Wah...happylah your mum & Abby dpt jambangan Bunga Dari you, l xpernah dpt jambangan bunga

  18. Beli secara je online dengan hadiah hari jadi. Tak perlu fikir panjang nak bersesak dalam traik cari kedai bunga .Dah jimat kos kan .

  19. Hantar satu bouquet untuk I Rawlins!!! lol...Nama flower chimp ni memang terkenal kot untuk flower delivery. I know they are my trusted online flower delivery when I need one for my client.

  20. nowadays kan, beli jambangan bunga pon online kan. memang mudah ebtul. bestnya ada inisiatif seperti ini. boleh buat kejutan buat mereka yang etrsayang. Rawlins tak nak hantar bunga untuk saya ke ?

  21. Thanks for the code! Wanna belikan for my girlfriends!

  22. Suka beli bila dah tengok design sendiri. Memang florist expert, tapi kebanyakannya syok sendiri. Haha


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