Shopee x honor Malaysia Launches the new honor 9 Lite (and the price is so affordable)

Is that price for real?
That was my very first impression when I first learned about its price - in my opinion, the most affordable smartphone yet.
And when I learned about its specification, it really gets on my attention that I think I might possibly want to have one of this equally beautiful honor 9 Lite.

  • Features a dual-lens 13MP+2MP camera and both the front and rear, allowing users to capture crystal clear and stunning images anytime, anywhere and anyway. With its upgraded, customisable, in-depth beautification feature, and hardware-level bokeh effects, this is no doubt the   perfect device for selfie enthusiast
  • It boasts a bezel-less 5.65-inch FullView HD Display screen and mirror-like glass finish with a high screen-to-body ratio, promising to give users a device with a luxe design - a device that is equally beautiful on design and functions
  • powered by the Kirin 659 processor and is equipped with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage (expandable up to 256GB). It also packs a 3,000mAh battery which is able to provide users with a day’s usage even on heavy use
  • Measures 151 x 71.9 x 7.6mm, weighs 149g
  • Features fingerprint scanner, power saving mode and supports 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi, 4.2 Bluetooth
With such great specifications, I was equally amazed that the price is very affordable. 
And it comes in two stunning colors - Sapphire Blue and Glacier Gray.

Only on 9 March 2018 (ie TODAY ONLY | ONE DAY ONLY) the price for honor  9 Lite, only on Shopee is RM699 whereas its normal price is RM749.

Where to get it? HERE!
So, grab it while you still can!

“We are excited to partner with Shopee to introduce our very first four-camera phone, the honor 9 Lite to the Malaysia market. As a global leading smartphone e-brand, there is a lot of potential for us to partner with Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. This partnership is a starting point for us, and there are many other avenues we can collaborate on,” said Zhao Zhiwei, Head of honor Malaysia.
 Zhao further added, “honor promises continued excitement for our fans and customers. Malaysia was the first global market to introduce our Crush Red honor View10 and we are now proud to introduce the honor Lite series for the very first time locally – usually only introduced in the European and Indian market. By introducing the honor 9 Lite locally, we believe this would continue to strengthen our presence and commitment here in Malaysia. The honor 9 Lite will be the perfect companion for selfie enthusiast with its front dual-camera setup.”

And of course Shopee is very delighted to be chosen as the exclusive platform for the launch of honor 9 Lite and this leads to an official partnership between honor Malaysia and Shopee.
“We are delighted to partner with honor for this exclusive honor 9 Lite launch. In the past few years we have witnessed tremendous growth in the number of consumers buying electronics, and in particular, smartphones, online. We are delighted to partner with honor to provide a greater variety of choices for consumers,” said Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director of Shopee. “In line with our 2018 plans, we aim to forge more strategic partnerships with established brands to start selling their products on our platform. Being a major e-commerce player in the region, we aim to assist more brands to expand their reach online and to further grow their businesses by tapping on a wider customer base.”

And to further spark the craze over the launch of honor 9 Lite, Shopee is also having a selfie contest on Instragram from 12 to 31 March. The prize? Of course it involves the all new and equally beautiful honor 9 Lite. Two lucky winners will be picked and the best part is, their BFFs will also win an honor 9 Lite! So, grab your BFF now and put on your best game face to win an honor 9 Lite each!
And from 7 until 9 March 2018, one can also try to unlock the Code of Honor, via Facebook Live Game to win an honor 9 Lite daily! There's still time to win it, so hurry up!

For more information, visit or
To shop the exclusive launch deal, visit 

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  1. Laku keras kan Honor ni..kat shopee dah sold out dah kena tempah..amboi mentang2 spec dia bagus..terus laju jer orang sambar sebab murah kan...

  2. wah. dah sold out di shopee??!!! must be great la honor ni.
    price pun affordable. tu yg jadik sold out tu kan.
    nowadays, phone dah lebih kurang aje. just branding tu aje buat mahal.
    janji bleh pakai. take beautiful photos. ok la kan...

  3. Oh noo.. Kamera dia 13mp depan tu... Dahla harga pon berbaloi.. Dgn spesifikasi dia ada... Rasa macam nk tambah 1 hp lagi lah.. Warna yang ada pon lawa juga.. Lagi2 biru... Bolehlah nak usha2 kat shopee nanti... Msti laku keras .

  4. Hari ni je kan? Wahh cepat cepat beli sebelum terlepas..spec pon bagus mesti terbaik lah..harga pon mampu milik

  5. It is indeed affordable. I like their functions too and fulfill all my needs.

  6. Cantiknya design handphone ni.and affordable gak harga and benefit dia!!!

  7. Macam tak percaya jugak harga dia rm699. Mesti ramai yang takkan lepaskan peluang untuk dapatkan honor 9 ni.. dahla tu warna biru dia tu cantik sangat..
    contest bfff selfie tu menarik! Macam nak joinlah :)

  8. memang mampu milik tapi i tengok kapasiti bateri dia tak seperti xiaomie baru yang redmi note 4 tu nampak lebih tahan lama baterinya... tu yang i tak prefer yang ni ahahahah sama juga harga pengenalan rm699

  9. Nampak smart dan canik honor 9 lite ni.warna birunya memang memukau tau. Harganya pun mampu milik.

  10. Tengok spesifik info not bad handphone ni. camera pon terang. bateri pon not bad. design pun cantik. harga sangat mampu milik

  11. Yer memang dah sold out. Kawan yg selalu dok cerita pasal henpon pun bagitahu dah sold out! Seriously dengan harga mcam tu boleh dapat smartphone dgn spec yang meletop. Nasiblah dah beli hp lain. Kalau tak sambat=r jugak Honor9 ni

  12. Hate to buy the Honor 9 Lite phone today when it's gone when it's open Shopee is a bit of cheap stuff to do...

  13. I nak join bff contest tu la. Mana tahu ada rezeki dapat hadiah hp free

  14. Masa pelancaran tempoh hari, tertarik dengan harga dan juga specnya.. Nak angkat sebiji tapi tabung rimau tengah nazak hahahah

    But,BFF contest tue, macam nak join je... Tapi kita xde BFF

  15. Letak je nama honor dan dijual murah. Pasti ramai nak beli kat shopee. Giler murah. Mana ada henfon RM 700 ke bawah dah. Betul tak?

  16. wow the specs are nicee, i love it that they make the same mp on both camera! the price is really affordable too. i never tried honor before so don’t know much about it but it does seems good 😃

  17. Alarrrr...if the mp was higher confirm dah beli! but this would work really well as a second hand hp too!

  18. Might get this phone for my children to use. It's very affordable and specifications seem good.

  19. This is a yes! The colour is the thing that caught my attention though, it feels so speacial and unique! Definitely grabbing my bff to Join this contest with me. So cool! 😎

  20. I'm really, really, really keen on this Honor model but the only thing that's holding me back is its hybrid SIM slot. I need two SIM slots AND a memory card slot. Huhuhu!!!!

  21. Memang berbaloi la that special price, i tried their phone and camera depan belakang also good for that price range.

  22. A new hp for me again? Lolz. I saw this promo in shopee apps and I really got attracted by this. Day by day im putting away my DSLR a side... hahaha...


  23. I always cannot catch up with all the new tech and gadget release in the market! This Honor phone is so sleek and cantik!


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